#ReleaseBlitz “The Captain’s Kidnapped Bride (The Welsh Gift Series Book 1)” by Abby Rice

The Captain’s Kidnapped Bride debuts October 1 at the discount price of 99c on Kindle (regular price $7.99)

About the Book

Title: The Captain’s Kidnapped Bride

Author: Abby Rice

Genre: Historical Romance

The last thing Hetty Pritchard ever wanted was a husband. Until a joke-gone-wrong lands her aboard an unfamiliar schooner headed for Jamaica — with the Captain himself snoring in the bunk beside her.

Now a ruined woman, Hetty has no choice but to accept the grouchy mariner’s reluctant solution: a temporary fake “marriage.” Purely for show, of course.

And if navigating a ship-full of men, pulling off a fake relationship with a total stranger, and making her way back home weren’t troubles enough? Add in troubling wisps of ‘second sight.’ And an unexpected simmering attraction to her new, fake husband.

A stand-alone sweet historical with touches of the paranormal, and a heart-tugging HEA ending.


Author Bio

Adventure really ought to be my middle name. I’ve ridden cross-country on a motorcycle; crewed on a real-life square-rigged ship; built and rehabbed houses/apartments; and helped seek justice for crime victims as a District Attorney.

Nonfiction is where I cut my writing teeth, in over 200 magazine stories. (As you probably guessed, natural health was one of my fave topics!) That led me into books. Take a peek at those and my rollicking history blog on www.Clairitage.com.

These days when I’m not dreaming up new stories about heroines, health, or history, I’m lending a hand to my garden-crazy husband, or scanning 1860s newspapers for bits of forgotten gossip.

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#NewRelease “Buried Lies (“Lies” Mystery Thriller Series Book 6)” by Andrew Cunningham

Del Honeycutt and Sabrina Spencer are back!



In 1982, eight teens disappeared from the Crater Lake School for Boys. Forty years later, a mass grave is found, containing the remains of seven of the boys. What happened to the eighth?

Del Honeycutt and bestselling mystery author Sabrina Spencer have carved out a quiet life on seventeen acres in New Hampshire. A construction crew breaking ground for a guest house comes across the mass grave. It plunges Del and Sabrina into a deadly game of cat and mouse, involving murder, a secret project, a lost diamond, and, of course, lies.

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#BookTour “Laugh Clown Laugh” by Penny Haavig


 Missionary to the Oddballs Series


Historical Fiction


Date Published: 10-31-2018

Publisher: Book Baby


Insecurity, grief, and scars of the past nip at Violet Pearl’s heels through four decades. The colorful vaudeville stage bolts this riveting story forward. An invisible mask covers the anguish in her heart. A history of mental illness haunts her. Will Violet escape a nervous breakdown?



“Wake up, Violet Pearl! Wake up! Mama screams. She pulls the covers off me and yanks my arm. I can feel anger building inside of me. I hate this nightmare.”

I feel a grip on my arm, firm and solid.

“Ouch! You’re hurting me!” I say, trying to open my eyes. I try to free myself.

“Get up child. Now.”

My body hitting the floor, wakes me up. Weeping Daisy is in Mama’s arms. “What are you doing, Mama? It’s in the middle of the night.”

“We Have to go, now. Come on, this instant.” Mama cries.

She yanks me up. “Come on. Do you hear me?” She says forcefully as she bolts out the door and down the steps. I feel like I’m sleepwalking.

I manage to get on my slippers; pull on my robe; literally run down the steps after her; and grab my sister’s hat, coat and boots on the way. No one is around, but I quickly glance at my mother. She’s in a slip and barefoot.



About The Author

Penny N Haavig was born in New York City. She lived in upstate, New York for many years. Penny has two grown daughters, and five grandchildren. She resides in Minnesota with her husband, Tom.

Penny loves horses and continues to ride when she can.


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#NewAudiobookRelease “Fallen Angel 1 & 2” by Tracie Podger

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Fallen Angel Part 1 & 2, A Mafia Romance

by Tracie Podger

Narrated by Kitty Kelly

On the first day of her holiday, Brooke Stiles meets the dark-eyed and dangerous Robert Stone.

Stone has never had a normal relationship for fear of his past being exposed. Not knowing how to love or respect, he struggles with his overwhelming feelings for a woman who makes him question everything he believes in.

This is a story about an extraordinary woman who meets a remarkable man and has to discover if she is strong enough to take on his life.

Fallen Angel, Part 1 is a Mafia Romance and intended for readers over the age of 18. Contains graphic scenes of a sexual nature. This series is complete.

Part 1: mybook.to/FA1Audio

Part 2: mybook.to/FA2Audio

Also Available with #KindleUnlimited

eBook: mybook.to/FallenAngelPart1


5*Stars, Nail Biting Suspense – Amazon Reviewer

5*Stars, Really enjoyed this book, so much so I brought the whole series, fantastic read. – Amazon Reviewer

4*Stars, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a book that will keep them hooked from the very first page. – Amazon Reviewer

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