#Excerpt “Burning Desire (The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes, Part I)” by M.L. Stark


The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes, Part I


Fiction, Drama


Publisher: ‎Xlibris

Mary, is an established woman. Her lifespan is a petrifying mess. This is about dating a truly creepy sociopath, one who swindled himself through life. A self-absorbed, lying person using people.
He presents himself with a public persona of normalcy. She could not see what lay behind the dark shade of Drake Lucifer Bates. He was inappropriately flirting with her; he was a doctor and she was his patient. During a treatment session, he goes too far. Does he get hard when he treats patients? It was too late for her to escape. 

 Unintended she becomes captured in his mean spider web. Drake won her compassion with his enormous intellect and glimmering charm. Something vastly magical happened around him. She begins a passionate love affair with him. Their life seemed blissful on the outside. Behind his malicious plan, it was chilling. 

 Trusting him with her fragile life, she don’t see he is like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Believing him was fatal. Swindle wealthy patients, was his primary target. His manipulative behavior and scams, ends disastrous for Mary. She is a character in his horror movie. He sinks into his mania of deceives and lies. He is a predator! She don’t know anything about psychopaths. How does she figure out what she can expect from such people? Her life was never the same, but she learned from his evilness.




The Shady Lizard and the Woman

It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book.

—Friedrich Nietzsche

It’s more than difficult to get this all down on paper, because I want it to be authentic. I wish to rationally sense life as Mary experienced it with her ‘lounge room lizard’. All the names of the characters, the establishments, and the places have been changed. The story is fictional, but it contains ideas based on real events.

There is merely one problem! How to tell it in ten sentences? It can’t be told in a few words. Sorry, friends! However, ten sentences might be easy to read. So, let’s jump to it. A wise man once wrote, ‘Screw it.

Let’s do it.’1 So I did it! In my new process of life, I can add one more quote by the same man: ‘Do not be embarrassed by your failures. Learn from them and start again.’ Thank you for the push. It gave me a new beginning.

Living near the beach and walking it day and night, is my dream.

Falling peacefully asleep with the windows open to the gentle sound of the waves crashing on the beach. Letting the blue moonlight shine through the window and watching the glittering stars in the clear night sky, while relaxing in my bed. My decision to finish the story began when I moved into my new apartment, in the first row of homes facing the impressive sea of the English Channel. It provides a striking view from the vast balcony and is barely fifty metres from the dark blue sea and the golden sand, presenting its many small colourful typical British beach huts. Each hut has its own precise shade ranging from burnished orange to icy blue, to depict a ‘sunrise to sunset’ scheme.

The first night is wonderful peaceful and as I wake up to a warm August summer morning on the south coast of the United Kingdom.

The Sun is shining through my window as it awakens me at ten o’clock in the morning, while I’m still resting in my silky white sheets, warmly tucked around my naked body, and stretching my limbs as a lazy cat, because I have no desire to get up. After rubbing my eyes, I sit upon my bed to let the blood flow through all my veins, and I look around in the room in confusion. Oh, my goodness! Boxes in every corner. The balcony door is open, and I sense a pleasant fresh and cool sea breeze sneaks into the room, while I’m listening to the sound of the crashing waves reaching my inner ear with a pleasing calmness, and I think, Why not?

Leave the boxes and start writing a new book or finish the other ones I’m working on. I know my life is rather unreal, because I was heartbroken for a long time, and have not had the time or psyche to finish them. Being loved one day and completely upset the next turned my life drastically upside down. The man I love often tells me, ‘Trust me. I love only you. We are meant to be’ or ‘We will be together for the rest of our lives’. I’m devastated because it’s not as he promised. It’s all a lie! The many red flags slipped past my attention about him being a dangerous person. It’s difficult to imagine and comprehend if I’m going to have a life without him, because he is the best thing that I believe has happened to me. Too late, I figured out the meaning of the phrase

‘lounge room lizard’, but I believed him and trusted him with my life.

That could be the biggest mistake I ever made in my life, pondering if he behaves like this to every woman he meets on his path. What gruesome things will I eventually be able to reveal?

Why is it so important to use the expression ‘lounge room lizard’?

This expression is usually a reference to lounge musicians, but most often in a negative sense. Such a person has the character of a medieval, ordinary man, who looks charmingly good, and resembles a dehydrated, oppressed lizard, which romantically is involved with a wealthy woman.

He is typically shown as a well-dressed man and frequents surroundings where the rich and famous gather. He is the type of man who will seduce a wealthy woman with his flattery and deceptive charm. Oh, golly gosh! Do you believe it? He has so much charisma and is extremely convincing and pretends to be a first-class trustworthy charming person. I have never met any person so full of good ideas as his. It’s amazing how the chap can captivate people in front of an assembly, by being so enchanting with his skills and high energy.

Trust me!

Those were the main words during our time together. Later, various problems began to arise, with his many calculating plans, when his professional approach or his projects usually started to awaken a great deal of speculation—though often, it was too late to see through the disguise. So, did I do all my research too late? Was I excruciatingly conned, because I loved him blindly? A Russian proverb says, ‘Love is evil. You can fall in love with a goat.’ In other words, love is so blind, and the pretty headless chick becomes blinded.

The phrase ‘lizard’ presumably relates to the cold and insinuating quality of the reptile. It has sharp claws like an eagle, which is unscrupulous when snatching the next victim. It’s usually a distressed woman, whom he wants to lure into marriage, and maybe Mary was such a sorrowful pretty little doll. He eagerly tries at the early stage to seek some benefit from her, because he never married the previous one. Will he succeed? The woman usually has valuable possessions and money that the lizard man can profit from, and the more naive, unhappy, and helpless she is, the better for him. Then he strikes with his nasty sharp claws into her vulnerability and misuses her to the last drop, without any empathy or remorse. He chillingly torments her until she is severely wounded, like a helpless animal lying in the gutter, abandoned and helpless in its misery! Why does such a person so? Will she discover if he is a maliciously cunning narcissistic artist, an evil psychopath? A bloodsucking leech who sucks the last blood out of others. Has he done so through his entire life? Some say he is a person who completely lack of self-discipline and respect for obligations, rules, and social norms. Others say his speech patterns are repeated lies, with mood swings that are almost impossible to see through. Though, Mary trust this stunning man, even she sometimes sees that he has the flawless ability to bend the facts, and often he says it always someone else’s fault. That is his best play, so no matter what, that’s how it’s done.

It’s never his fault!



Other books in the Burning Desire Series:

Burning Desire Fades

The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes – Part 2

Publisher: ‎Xlibris

Part 2 presents the continuation of the maliciously agenda of Doctor Bates and will leave you in a trance of shock with its vigorous narrative. A moment ago, it seemed, it was yesterday full of happiness. Tomorrow it is a matter of survival for Mary as her life is on the brink of insanity to her Knight in Shining Armor. Loving him was all she ever had.

As she meets Drake again she becomes a slave in the madness of love. Before Mary notice the dangerous life, she gets deeply trapped in Drake’s dodgy mesh. It’s too late for her to escape. Fraud, lies, dominance, torment and the complexity of an abusive relationship evolve, and will unexpectedly be a new part of Mary’s life. Drake’s sinister betrayal sneaks slowly in as he lures Mary like a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Mary will experience love, hatred and deception; however, will she continue to be Drake’s victim in his mystiques and hefty deceptions he gets during the nights? On the outside, it seems Drake is loving and has a high IQ, above normal. On the inside, he is a devious psychopath. The story will drastically unfold to a complexity of a love drama, crime, fraud and Drake’s delusions of grandeur.

At a secluded area outside Hong Kong, the mafia attempt to kill Drake. We will follow the two sweethearts in how they try to escape from the difficulties with the Asian Mafia. With lightning speed, three creepy guys and the mafia boss run into the Hotel to search for Drake.

Not only once, but several times the two lovebirds are on the run in the shadowy darkness of the night, because Drake steal and frauds his business associates.



About the Author

M. L. Stark has been married for over 20 years and has adult children and grandchildren. She based certain elements of the story on real-life events. When Stark was middle-aged, she underwent a divorce and met a new man who mentally abused her. These experiences and her survival have empowered her to write stories about surviving cruelty and abuse.

“I am telling the story not of what I thought I was meant to be born into, but as the survivor I have become after abuse. I am also hoping to connect with people and deter them from facing a toxic relationship in their lives by sharing my own real-life events.” Stark says.

M. L. Stark dares to discuss what it is like to be in an abusive relationship, and shows the power in embracing the experience, prevailing and ultimately recovering from the abuse, escaping the psychopath and helping others tap into their empathy and prevail over similar hazards.

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