#FREE “Lost on the Other Side” by D. N. Meinster

Lost cover


Jim Hoyer is dead but that’s not the worst of it. He was only two days away from witnessing the series finale of his favorite television show, Lost, before his untimely expiration. After a post-life awakening in a land called Interamissa, he learns of the Looking Glass, which would let him see any place and time on Earth. As he sets out to cross this strange purgatory and find it, he is conflicted on whether to use it to watch the episode he missed or find out the reason behind his premature death.

While making his way through the unpredictable landscape, Jim encounters other lost souls in desperate need of their own closure. Cadence Corazon has to find out if her murderer was ever arrested. Brian Tiranov hopes to learn that his novels brought him posthumous success. And Omar Abed wants to check up on his family to see how they got by without him. Together, the four of them seek out the Looking Glass to find their answers while dealing with each new test and challenge that Interamissa puts in their way.

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