#BookReview “Feral Breed (Wolves of Chaos Valley)” by Nikki Landis


4/5 Stars!


It’s not unusual for tensions to run high in the tiny town of Morningstar where humans and wolf shifters reside together. Nothing and no one has been able to overcome the years of mistrust, hate, and attacks, and recent murders of humans, along with the approaching Chaos—the wolves’ mating season—is only making the situation worse.

Quinn, head alpha of four packs, keeps his clans in line, but it’s the rogue wolves living on the town’s periphery, that are the problem. This includes Vandal Reid; the wolf Quinn has been on a nine-year mission to kill.  Vandal is responsible for the death of Quinn’s father and the scaring of his mother. He has no thoughts of mating or raising a family… only revenge.

Until his hunt for the killer wolf leads him to Tess Warner.

This quick, steamy paranormal romance takes familiar elements of the shifter world and spins them just enough to make this read unique!

Loved the well-written characters of gruff, frustrated Quinn and laid-back, free-spirit Teague, Tess’s kid brother. They’re the perfect blend of push and pull in the story that kept Tess off-center. But it’s Tess who gets the favorite character nod. The young herbalist runs the successful family business handed down to her and takes care of Teague. Period. She walks the fine line between humans and shifters and will not be bullied or bossed around.

I would like to have known more about her background that Quinn senses, but to be fair, this is the only book in the Wolves of Chaos Valley series I’ve read, so I don’t know if characters/story lines are interconnected in previous books. I was also annoyed by her one TSTL moment, but she was being a good big sister and friend and quickly won me back over with her fight-to-the-end spirit.

It’s a good read that has me considering the rest of the series and Haunted Wolf. Don’t miss the sneak peek of this one after Feral Breed.



The Chaos is coming . . .


Humans and werewolves don’t mix.

We don’t share drinks at the bar, shop at the same stores, or even live in the same part of town.

There’s no trust, just decades of superstition and haunting rumors of a dark night only spoken about in hushed whispers.

I know what everyone fears.

After all, my shop is located in the center of the city.

When people want natural and herbal remedies, they come to me.

My family has helped the people of Morningstar for generations.

I hate the shifters as much as they do.

When the handsome alpha breaks into my shop and hurls accusations, I’m determined to set him straight . . . until all hell breaks loose.


I’m the Alpha.

It’s my responsibility to ensure my clan is protected from the humans.

Four packs that rely on the Hogan brothers to keep their secrets and families safe.

Years of mistrust, lies, and carnage have placed a wedge between my kind and the humans.

Just when I have it all under control a new threat emerges.

It’s not just my people that are in danger.

To top it off, the need for a mate surges in my blood as the Chaos approaches.

I had it all figured out until I recognized a new and tantalizing scent and the female it belongs to:

A human with a special gift, a sexy smile, and an aura that calls to me in a way I can’t seem to resist.


#FREE “An Invitation To Murder (Lady Katherine Regency Mysteries Book 1)” by Leighann Dobbs, Harmony Williams



Lady Katherine only has one week to catch the Pink-Ribbon Killer. Not only to stop the killing, but also to prove her skills at detection to her father and win her dowry and independence.

There’s only one catch—she has to take one last matchmaking job to do it. Never mind that the match is impossible—all the better because if she fails, then no one will seek her services again. The job provides the perfect cover, especially when her peculiar investigatory techniques are mistaken for unconventional matchmaking attempts.

Things would go a lot smoother if she weren’t knee-deep in suspects and thwarted at every turn by a rival matchmaker. But when the killer strikes again, Katherine’s investigation leads down a dangerous path. Too late, she discovers that she has a lot more to lose than her dowry.

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#BookTour “The Shepherd’s Burden” by Ryan Young

The ShepherdsBurden copy

Welcome to the book tour for award-winning novel, The Shepherd’s Burden by Ryan Young. Read on for more info and a chance to win a signed copy of the book (North America) or a digital edition if your are international!

ebook 1 withcaption

The Shepherd’s Burden

Publication Date: June 18th, 2020

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

1st Place Winner, 2020 Chanticleer International Book Awards, Paranormal Awards for Supernatural Fiction Category

Staff Sergeant Daniel Jefferies has returned home to upstate NY after nearly being killed in an ambush in Iraq. Plagued by the trauma of war, he struggles to find his place in a world that he no longer recognizes. He feels disconnected from his family and friends. But, none of his burdens are heavier than the terrifying secret that he has kept about a mysterious encounter from his youth. When a suspicious murder occurs, he will discover that he has been chosen for a purpose that transcends life and death, forcing him to confront his past. In order to stop the killer, he will have to make choices that will change the fate of the people he loves the most. Can Daniel summon the strength of mind and body, that he once had as a soldier, to face the most profound and consequential challenge of his life?


Daniel took the main route out of town. It took them through the city center and back to the site of Nella’s murder. As they approached the site, they saw a man and his young son crossing the road with their donkey. The donkey was towing a wooden cart full of produce. There was an open-air market in the city center. People traveled there to sell their goods. For many of them, it was their only source of income. The boy was four or five years old and the cart was fully loaded, so they were moving slowly. Daniel pulled to a complete stop to allow them to cross.

“Keep an eye out,” Keith yelled up to Aashirya.

It was always dangerous to be stopped in the middle of a road in Iraq. Instead of the vehicle being a moving target, which could be hard to hit, it became a stationary target, which was much easier to hit. The chances of an ambush greatly increased.

It was Keith’s job to keep his team on alert, but the heightened state of awareness didn’t change his demeanor. He was perfectly calm. He pulled out another cigarette and lit it while they waited for the man and his son to cross the road. He offered one to Daniel, but he turned it down.

“I can’t understand how nothing seems to bother you. I’ve been doing this just as long as you have. No matter how many times I’m out here, I still get nervous. I wish I knew your secret,” Daniel said.

Keith laughed it off.

“There is no secret, Danny. I told you before, nothing lasts forever. Everyone dies at some point. It’s a foregone conclusion. It’s not a question of if, but when. What’s the difference if we die now or fifty years from now? We shouldn’t fear death. We should embrace it.”

“I think you have been out here too long. You are really starting to trip me out. I think you need a long nap and a cold beer. After that, you need to get laid and seriously rethink that no-fear, embrace death bullshit. Personally, I would much rather be afraid and alive than calm and dead.”

Daniel turned his attention back towards the road. The man and his son were now directly in front of the vehicle. The boy stopped walking and turned to look at him. When they made eye contact, Daniel got an eerie feeling that something was wrong. Before he could react, a large explosion went off underneath the Humvee. The blast tossed the vehicle fifteen feet into the air, landing it on its side.



About the Author

Author Pic

Ryan Young is a former Army Captain and Iraq War Veteran. He is a lover of all things fantasy and sci-fi. A native of Utica, NY, he now calls New England home.

Facebook | Goodreads | Instagram | Amazon

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#GuestBlog Behind the Scenes: Beauty & the Bigfoot (A Paranormal Romance) By Kelli A. Wilkins

This “Behind the Scenes” blog is part of a series examining my romance novels. In each blog, I’ll talk about why I wrote the book, share my thoughts on the plot and/or characters, and reveal what I loved most (or least) about writing the book. Warning: Blogs may contain spoilers.

coverBeauty & the Bigfoot is a contemporary paranormal romance—and it’s one of the most controversial books I’ve written. Why? Because the heroine, Tara, falls in love with a creature commonly known as Bigfoot. (In the book, Tara names him Joe.) The story blends sensual love scenes with a healthy dose of offbeat humor. Readers aren’t supposed to take the story seriously, because the characters don’t take the story seriously.

However, when the book came out, several reviewers were appalled at the premise and had an issue with the love scenes. (Yes, Tara and Bigfoot/Joe consummate their relationship—several times.) Some ebook retailers wouldn’t sell the book because it was classified as “erotica” and a few readers reported the book to sellers, calling it “bestiality” (among other things).

Yeah, this little story certainly caused some controversy. What’s interesting is that in addition to everything else, the book could also be categorized as… (Spoiler Alert!) a shapeshifter romance. I never saw shapeshifter romances featuring werewolves, werebears, werepanthers, etc. called out for bestiality or labeled morally reprehensible, but then again, I don’t read too many reviews.

Maybe the negative reviewers of my book just hated the idea of a woman falling in love with a “Bigfoot”—although that’s not exactly who—or what—Joe is. Or maybe they never bothered to read the whole book and never learned Joe’s true identity at the end… who knows?

But I’m happy to say most reviewers and readers LOVED the book. They called it “a hoot” and understood the premise, the humor, and read all the way to the end to discover the “twist” ending that truly makes this a love story.

When I got the idea for the story, I knew I had to write it with tongue-in-cheek humor, otherwise the story wouldn’t work. Nobody would take a Bigfoot romance seriously. So right from the start, I incorporated humor into as many scenes as possible. When the book opens, Tara doesn’t believe Bigfoot exists and thinks her Bigfoot-hunter father is crazy. But she soon learns that things aren’t always what they seem…

I loved creating the wacky scenes between Tara and her oddball father. They were a lot of fun to write, and I just kept up the strangeness as the story unfolded. I added in zany secondary characters (the mob of people, the sheriff) to add more conflict and take the story to another level.

As I wrote the romantic scenes, I knew there had to be a reason Tara is attracted to Joe, and a reason Joe is in love with Tara. I won’t give away the plot twist here, but I can say that Tara and Joe have a long history together, and they knew each other before the story started.

Believe it or not, this book required a lot of research. Since Tara’s father is a Bigfoot expert, I had to become a Bigfoot expert to write his scenes. I went to the library and read a lot of books about Bigfoot before I started writing. (Yes, the librarian thought I was crazy, so I know how Charlie felt!) All the things Charlie says about Bigfoot (the historical legends, the size of his footprints, the nests, his hair, the Patterson film) are accurate.

Beauty & the Bigfoot is one of my favorite contemporary romances. It’s certainly got an unusual plot, interesting characters, and blends wacky humor with a love story. Here’s the summary and few of those positive reviews…


Can true love exist between the species?

Tara’s world is anything but normal. Her father is known as the resident crackpot—just because he’s on a personal mission to catch a Sasquatch. Despite all of the “Bigfoot evidence” cluttering their house, Tara never really believed in Bigfoot—until the day her father brought him home.

She affectionately names her father’s prized catch ‘Joe’ and discovers there’s something oddly familiar—and erotic—about him. With a media circus descending on her father’s ranch and a showdown brewing with the local sheriff, Tara risks her life to save Joe.

When Tara finally succumbs to her animalistic urges, she learns that Joe is not exactly who—or what—he seems. Joe is more than a Sasquatch… he’s her soul mate!


Order Beauty & the Bigfoot here:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075SL9WT2

All other platforms: https://books2read.com/u/4Dog0Q

A few positive reviews…

“I could use a lot of words to describe Beauty & the Bigfoot, but if I had to narrow it down to just one word, it would be this: fun. I knew I was going to be in for a treat when I picked this novella up; there was just no way a story with a title such as this could take itself seriously. This story was a hoot and a half, and Ms. Wilkins has definitely been placed on my “authors to be watched” list because of it.” – Bobby, Reviewer, Bookwenches.com

“An erotic twist on the classic bigfoot tale! Beauty & the Bigfoot is a thoroughly entertaining read on a classic legend that I found enjoyable and sexy! Ms. Wilkins puts a twist on the Bigfoot myth that left me pleased with the ending. Beauty & the Bigfoot was a well thought out, erotic, and downright fun read to the end. If you are looking for an entertaining read, Ms. Wilkins delivers.” – Missy Brown, Reviewer, Paranormalromance.org

“4 Coffee Cups! I thought this story was going to take a weird and strange turn when I first started reading it… but I discovered it to be a regular love story with an odd twist. I enjoyed this book a lot. This is one story where you will laugh and sigh all in one reading.” – Kimberly, Reviewer, Coffee Time Romance & More

I hope you enjoyed this “Behind the Scenes” look at the making of this fun romance. I welcome questions and comments from readers and other authors. Contact me via the form on my site or on social media.

Happy Reading,

Kelli A. Wilkins



Kelli A Wilkins

Kelli A. Wilkins is an award-winning author who has published more than 100 short stories, 20+ romance novels, 7 non-fiction books, and 5 horror ebooks. Her romances span many genres and settings, and she likes to scare readers with her horror stories.

Her non-fiction tale, “The Dog That Wouldn’t Bark” recently appeared in the Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Hilarious, Heroic, Human Dog anthology.

She also released two horror shorts, More Than I Bargained For and Silent Sentinel in 2021.

In January 2021, Kelli published Journaling Every Week: 52 Topics to Get You Writing. This fun and innovative guide to journaling is filled with hundreds of thought-provoking prompts designed to get you writing about your feelings and emotions.

Kelli posts on her Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorKelliWilkins and Twitter: www.Twitter.com/KWilkinsauthor.

Visit her website/blog www.KelliWilkins.com for a full title list and to find all her social media links.

#BlogTour “Where Are We Tomorrow” by Tavi Taylor Black

tour banner

I am so happy to share this novel with you all today. It’s called Where Are We Tomorrow by Tavi Taylor Black. Read on for more info and a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift card!

56929822._SY475_Where We Are Tomorrow

Publication Date: May 31st, 2021

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/ Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Touch Point Press

Alex Evans, a thirty-six year old touring electrician, discovers through an accidental pregnancy and then the pain of miscarriage that she truly wants a family. But to attempt another pregnancy, she’ll have to change both her career and her relationship; her partner Connor, ten years her senior, isn’t prepared to become a father again.

When Alex is implicated in an accident involving the female pop star she works for, she and three other women on tour rent a house together in Tuscany. While the tour regroups, confessions are made, secrets are spilled: the guitar tech conceals a forbidden love, the production assistant’s ambition knows no limits, and the personal assistant battles mental issues.

Through arguments and accidents, combating drug use and religion, the women help each other look back on the choices they’ve made, eventually buoying each other, offering up strength to face tough decisions ahead.


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Inside the concrete arena, programmed lights whirred and spun in rhythm; eleven thousand fans watched, mesmerized, as vibrant magenta and violet beams sliced through midnight black. On stage, the band regurgitated the same set as the night before, and the night before that. They’d performed the set in Mexico City and Guadalajara. As far south as Santiago and Lima. The road crew for Sadie Estrada’s Home Remedy tour knew each dip in volume, each drop in the beat. They knew exactly, down to the second, how much time it required to step outside and suck down a Marlboro. These time-zone travelers planned bathroom breaks by the songs’ measures; no one missed a cue to mute the stage mics, to hand out room-temp bottled water for set breaks, to pull up house lights.

Behind heavy velvet curtains, separated from the frenzied pace of the show, Alex unscrewed the cover of a moving light to expose the core: circuit boards and capacitors, motors connected to color wheels. Deep bass, feedback, and the fevered pitch of collective voices penetrated the curtain, the familiar, almost comforting reverberations of life on the road. Alex continued her diagnosis, removing the light harness as a mother removes a soiled diaper— routinely, with a touch of tenderness. While she located and replaced the broken part, she kept an ear to the music, alert to the final measure of the set, ready to repack her multi-wheeled toolbox, move on to the next city, set up again.

Alex ran the light through all its functions, testing and retesting once she’d replaced the gobo wheel. The body of the light panned and tilted, working fine. A small victory.

“Sure you know what you’re doing, little lady?” Alex turned at the familiar voice of the tour’s production manager.

“Funny,” she said. “Very original. For that, you get to help me put it away.” Alex waited for another barb, one about her not being able to lift the seventy pounds by herself, but Joe simply helped her flip and crate the unit, a harder task for him at 5’2” than it was for Alex, a good five inches taller.

The arena crackled in anticipation of the show’s climax. Thousands of voices swelled and surged, a unified congregation. The body of the moving light settled into the carved Styrofoam, and Alex tucked its tail inside the handle. As she slammed the case shut, Joe’s laminate got caught inside the box, and he was jerked down by the lanyard around his neck. He freed the latches and yanked it clear, smoothing the wrinkles from the photo of his two young children, a wallet-sized clipping he’d taped behind his backstage pass. Joe caught Alex eyeing the photo.

“When are you gonna give in and pop out a few yourself?” Joe asked.

Alex breathed slowly, letting a brief sadness settle into her body, though her face wore a practiced, blank expression. She gestured into the smothering dark, into the roar of the crowd and sweat-filled air. “And give up all this?”

Available on Amazon, Bookshop, IndieBound and Barnes & Noble

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About the Author


Tavi Black lives on an island near Seattle where she designs sets for the ballet, works as the tour manager for a musical mantra group, and has founded an anti-domestic violence non-profit organization. Before earning an MFA from Lesley University, Tavi spent 14 years touring with rock bands. Several of Tavi’s short stories have been shortlisted for prizes, including Aesthetica Magazine’s Competition, and the Donald Barthelme Prize for Short Prose.

Tavi Taylor Black | Instagram | Kirkus Reviews | Indie Reader

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#FREE “Lost on the Other Side” by D. N. Meinster

Lost cover


Jim Hoyer is dead but that’s not the worst of it. He was only two days away from witnessing the series finale of his favorite television show, Lost, before his untimely expiration. After a post-life awakening in a land called Interamissa, he learns of the Looking Glass, which would let him see any place and time on Earth. As he sets out to cross this strange purgatory and find it, he is conflicted on whether to use it to watch the episode he missed or find out the reason behind his premature death.

While making his way through the unpredictable landscape, Jim encounters other lost souls in desperate need of their own closure. Cadence Corazon has to find out if her murderer was ever arrested. Brian Tiranov hopes to learn that his novels brought him posthumous success. And Omar Abed wants to check up on his family to see how they got by without him. Together, the four of them seek out the Looking Glass to find their answers while dealing with each new test and challenge that Interamissa puts in their way.

FREE for a limited time!

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