#BookSale “Marrying For Fame” by Carol D. Styron



This lighthearted romance story is about two young, ambitious singers. Janet Ashby and David Villa are different from each other in every way. Janet is a shy, African-American woman, and David is an outgoing, Hispanic ladies man. They have just one thing in common: outspoken, opportunistic talent agent Charlie Wilson.While on a summer tour, these ambitious singers find themselves performing together as a duo, only to become a surprise hit with the audience. Seeing their potential, Charlie convinces Janet and David that they will become even more successful as a full-time duo. There’s only one catch. Charlie wants them to be married.Having agreed to Charlie’s plan, Janet and David must now stay married for at least one year in order to become the superstars they yearn to be. Can the duo survive this marriage of convenience, or will their deception be discovered? Will their families accept their intercultural relationship? Can they overcome the obstacles of marrying for fame? Will their arrangement remain a business relationship, or will they stay together and marry for love?

99c for a limited time!

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