#BookReview “Borrowed Treasure” by Jessica Tastet

Borrowed Treasure Cover


4/5 Stars!

Full of family drama and dysfunctional relationships, this cozy mystery is filled with complicated characters.

Sissy Ames, a struggling young bistro owner. Hunter Wells, the scion of a local wealthy family, and the man Sissy walked away from without an explanation. Cecelia Domangue, selfish and arrogant high school mean girl who never grew up… and Hunter’s current fiancée. And Hunter and Cecelia’s parents, who all appear to have missed more than a few parenting classes.

The story’s bright spots are Grams and Granddaddy, Sissy’s grandparents. They’re a strong loving support network even though her grandfather’s dementia grows worse. She cherishes her time with him, especially his lucid moments.

Thibodaux, Louisiana is one of those small towns where everyone knows everyone else… and their business, but long-held secrets will come to light, along with questionable business practices, an abduction, and the origins—and current whereabouts—of Sissy’s great-grandmother’s ring.

While I enjoyed this read, it loses a star because the Sissy/Hunter past issues didn’t gel for me. Though both were manipulated, a quick conversation would have cleared up everything. But, by allowing the wedge to be driven between them, they appeared childish and immature.

However, good writing and pacing keep this drama moving as Sissy and Hunter realize working together is the only way they’ll find the answers they need to more than one mystery, and maybe even find a way back to each other.



Borrowed Treasure

Publication Date: April 13th, 2021

Genre: Womens Fiction/ Clean Romance

Publisher: Dandelion Wish Publishing

Sissy Ames has been driven to succeed her entire life. On her own, she’s turned her Bittersweet Café into a success, and she’s rebuilt a friendship with her cousin Harper after years of going it alone, but her past bad judgement in trusting Hunter Wells during their relationship continues to cast shadows on the future she’s trying to build for herself.

Hunter Wells has been coasting through life, working at the family business and creating the life that his family expects for him. He’d once hoped for a different existence, but he’d been forced to move on and make do after Sissy Ames had ended their three-year relationship without an explanation.

Even in their small town, the two have managed to avoid each other, but then Hunter’s fiancée, Sissy’s nemesis, disappears after a suspicious confrontation, leaving them both looking like likely suspects. The only hope they have of clearing their names and figuring out what led to the disappearance is to find the one item that drove them apart two years ago: The Ames BORROWED TREASURE.

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About the Author


Born and raised in Raceland, Louisiana, near Bayou Lafourche, Jessica Tastet uses the places and people of her childhood to create the backdrop of her fictional South Louisiana town in her Raleigh Cheramie series as well as her Treasure Trilogy.

An avid reader, she began writing stories in the sixth grade. The result was a mystery story she promptly shared with all her family and whoever she could convince to read it. She learned the first of many valuable writing lessons with this endeavor: don’t draw your characters too close to real-life people. Since then. she has earned her editing certification from the University of California and an MFA in Creative Writing from National University in California. Presently, she resides in her hometown with her husband and five teenagers where she works with Curriculum for the local school district.

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