#BookReview “Hard Way Home” by Dana Fraser



5/5 Stars!

Having to abandon his semi in Illinois because of mechanical problems, Cash Bishop just wants to get home to his family in Tennessee. Hitchhiking and catching rides with other truckers, his impatience turns to fear and confusion when he reaches his dispatch office in time to witness a power failure.

Gritty and realistic, Hard Way Home reads like a playbook, showing how quickly the country can fall into chaos and terror when all power is lost in the United States. No communication. No fresh water. No food. No gas, and no idea what is happening and who’s responsible.

There is also no one to trust. It’s survival of the fittest—or most heavily armed—and that includes law enforcement and the military. Everyone has gone rogue.

Prepared for this unexpected journey by his time in the military, Cash continues his journey home on foot, but the distance isn’t as daunting and the danger he isn’t always able to avoid. When he meets up with Hannah Carter, a young scientist, and her brother, they try to piece together what little information they have about drug cartels and jihadists taking over major cities and slaughtering their residents. Cash finds it hard to believe criminals are responsible for such an apocalyptic attack.

And he’s right.

Not only are those responsible watching their plan play out, but they are also pleased with the pillaging and looting… and death. The only thing the group’s director wants now is Hannah. And he’ll do anything, and kill anyone to bring the scientist back into the fold she isn’t even aware she’s part of.

Told from multiple points of view, this read delivers the fear, angst, anger, frustration, and yes, even the evil. Cash is the reluctant hero to cheer for, but the supporting characters are no less heroic and intent on survival. They rise to the occasion a do what has to be done. Special props to Cash’s mom, Evelyn!

The story ends on an upbeat note with our small, determined group safe for now, but the story is far from over. Start the Deep State Down journey today!



Hard Way Home (Deep Down State #1)

Publication Date: June 1st, 2021

Genre: Post- Apocalyptic/ Survivor Thriller

Two strangers. Almost no chance of survival. Even less hope. When a massive cyber breach hits every U.S. hydroelectric station just as the Gulf Coast refineries are decimated by a volatile storm, the attack knocks out the nation’s entire power supply, instantly throwing America into a deadly new dark age.

For Army veteran Cash Bishop, getting back to his family before it’s too late becomes a fight to survive in a race against time. His only ally? A brilliant energy scientist who may be the only person still alive with more things to be afraid of than the impending apocalypse.

Dr. Hannah Carter doesn’t know who’s after her or when she became a target. But getting captured is not an option. Seems the stranger she meets on her dangerous cross-country trek is the only person she can trust now to help get her home. And keep her alive.

With chaos escalating and the country on the brink of collapse, Cash and Hannah need to figure out who executed the attacks on the U.S. power grid, and why these people are so willing to kill him to get to her.


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