#KindleCountdown “An Incubus Only Calls Your Name Once: Call Your Name Quartet Book One” by A.M. Boone



To escape an abusive relationship, I jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire…

I’m at my breaking point. Between hiding an abusive relationship and trying to survive my filthy rich and politically powerful in-laws, I’m this close to cracking.

Then three supernaturals walk into my dead-end life—or rather, I walk into them.

Vincent. Incubus. Billionaire. Hotter than hell and with a temper to match.
Feli. Cubi. Vincent’s closest friend. As fluid as the oceans and just as mysterious.
Santiago. Esper. My best friend. Would move mountains to protect me.

Vincent offers me a deal: he murders my scumbag husband, and I work for him as his debt collector and walking, talking lunch bag for the next ten years. And at first, it’s great, even as Santiago begs me not to get involved. I get a new car, a new apartment, and even all my student loans are paid off, all on Vincent’s dime. Doesn’t hurt that the sex is scorching hot too. I just have to fend off my increasingly suspicious in-laws and not catch feelings. Easy enough, right?

Wrong. As the collections become more and more dangerous, Feli and Vincent pull me into a web of secrets, and Santiago and Vincent’s rivalry turns to outright malice, I have to tap into powers I never knew I had, or risk losing my life—in both the mundane and supernatural worlds.

An Incubus Only Calls Your Name Once is a diverse queer reverse harem paranormal romance between one kickass witch, three sizzling hot men, and a genderfluid shapeshifter. This is the first book of four, and is for mature audiences only.

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