#PromoTour ‘n’ #BookReview “Soul Deep: Perspectives on Race, Relationships, Social Justice, and Hope” by Various Authors

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Soul Deep— Perspectives on Race, Relationships, Social Justice, and Hope – offers a soul-baring excavation into the lives of eight African American women. Born, raised, and educated in the United States, the authors currently live in eight states and three countries. Despite differences in personality, lifestyle, skin color, hair texture, regional vernacular, and geographic location, they share a significant and life changing common bond—Their ethnicity.

At one or more points in each woman’s life, she found herself in toxic environments teeming with an undeniable message. This language was spoken in a manner they will never forget— The language of hate.

Authors involved:

S.M. Troye

Raven Banks

Angela Kay Austin

Kim Golden

Delizhia Jenkins

N.D. Jones

Lee Mariano

Tracey Wooden-Carlisle

These women—mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, musicians, artists, professors, educators, and entrepreneurs share a collective, intense desire to make a difference with their truth. Personal experiences that only they can share. Experiences that are often painful, vile, confusing, hurtful, and deeply rooted not only in the fabric of who they are, but in the ongoing, systematic practices of our society and repercussions of our past – the perpetuation of exploitation, greed, denial, and a criminal sense of misguided entitlement.

In this compilation of short essays and memoirs, these writers, including USA Today bestselling and award-winning authors, re-examine their hearts and minds under the microscope of racism. If you have ever felt marginalized or oppressed, their voices will enlighten and resonate with you.




5/5 Stars!

The further I read Soul Deep: Perspectives on Race, Relationships, Social Justice, and Hope, the more I found myself nodding in agreement, and at similar experiences. I was also angry at how my parents and grandparents were filled with joy, a sense of accomplishment, and dreams of a better future after having beaten Jim Crow laws and seeing the Civil Rights Act signed and seeing what we’ve regressed to in 2021.

From Academia to the workplace to relationships to even inside the family home, these memoirs speak not just to the struggle of Black America to exist and thrive, but to the sometimes solitary existence of the Black woman, who often only has other Black women to support her… until she doesn’t.

While thought-provoking and insightful, this is not a long or difficult read, and I not only recommend it, I also challenge others to read it. Take a short walk in someone else’s shoes. It will be a walk you never forget.




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