#NewRelease “Mic Drop: A Cozy Mini-Mystery” by Jwyan C. Johnson


All rise for the cozy murder mystery case of The Mic Drop. Controversial rap star Flex switches lawyers for courtroom war king Miles Turner with The Jury Whisperer sidekick to beat this all-or-nothing charge.

Judge Mintall presides with a whodunit range from Flex to his rap rival, a mysteriously revealing song, The Shenanigans, a Rebellious Shadow, the Clue Queen herself, and an unusual delivery service for couples breaking up!

With an extra bet, and a unique plea deal offer, can an equally matched prosecutor rhyme “guilty” with “he’ll be?” Or will this ‘street fight on a chessboard’ defense team once again prevail with an unorthodox lawyer’s audacity to manipulate manipulation itself?

“When awareness wins, we don’t have to lose each other” – Jwyan C. Johnson

*Although this book functions as a stand-alone mystery, The Mic Drop is also a spinoff story line elaborating between Books 4 and Book 5 of the Karma’s Revenge series in cozy mini-mystery.

FREE for a limited time!

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