#CoverReveal “Guarding Temptation” by Talia Hibbert




COVER REVEAL and celebratory 0.99 SALE!

GUARDING TEMPTATION is a quick and steamy, brother’s best friend, bodyguard romance.



Protective. Obsessive. And rough around the edges.

James Foster knows the rules: you don’t fall for your best friend’s little sister. Nina is too young, too reckless, and too busy saving the world to be tied down by the commitment he craves.

If he was smart, he’d stop wanting her. But she’s the one thing on earth James just can’t quit.

Fierce. Principled. And impossible to resist.

Political campaigner Nina Chapman is sick of one-time things. She wants forever, and she wants it with her brother’s best friend—but James still sees her as a child to be coddled.

So when a controversial article lands Nina in hot water, she finds herself under his protection and under his roof. It’s a shame James doesn’t want her in his bed, too.

…Or does he?





James was biting his lower lip in concentration as he strode—yes, strode, with impressive balance—onto the springy platform, his expression as suspicious as his steps were aggressive.

“I don’t think you can dominate the trampoline, James,” she called over the sound of her own tentative bounces.

He looked up at her, dark eyes gleaming as he arched a wicked eyebrow. “Can’t I?”

And God, that gravel voice and that solid jaw, and his shirt sleeves rolled up to expose those thick, tattooed forearms of his… She was dizzy. She was absolutely dizzy. She moved forward, everything about him hooking into her and dragging her closer. He was so goddamn sweet, this man, doing whatever it took to calm and entertain her. 

Maybe that was why he’d let them cross the line again, last night. Maybe he could tell she needed it. After all, James was protective enough to take his ‘look after Nina’ mission really, really far.

She should probably be upset by that idea—that they’d essentially had pity sex. Or therapy sex. Or something like that. But whenever she thought about it, all she could focus on was how horrifically hot he’d looked: sprawled naked on that sofa like a huge, lusty god. 

He was just as handsome now, too, even fully clothed. Watching her with a fading smile, awareness creeping into his gaze, resistance written in the curl of his fists and the regretful curve of his mouth.

Ah, that mouth. Gorgeous and infuriatingly responsible and so determined to reject her.




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Amazon US https://amzn.to/2yXbuj3

Amazon UK https://amzn.to/34uyh1m

Apple https://apple.co/2wzKrcE

Kobo https://bit.ly/GuardKobo

Nook https://bit.ly/GuardBN

Google https://bit.ly/GuardGoog

Read the first chapters https://wp.me/paMzJE-Dv



Talia Hibbert is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who lives in a bedroom full of books. Supposedly, there is a world beyond that room, but she has yet to drum up enough interest to investigate.

She writes steamy, diverse romance because she believes that people of marginalised identities need honest and positive representation. Her interests include makeup, junk food, and unnecessary sarcasm. Talia and her many books reside in the English Midlands.




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