#NewRelease “Murderer At Heart: Julliete Clark Book 1” by Gomer Joseph


A deranged killer is on the loose. And only one girl can stop them…

Sixteen-year-old Haitian American Julliete Clark has made a name for herself as a popular True Crime YouTuber. But despite her online success, she’s a girl who stands by her conservative Christian beliefs. So she’s shocked and appalled when she discovers that her US history teacher, Mr. Hill, has been murdered.

When it seems like the police have no leads, Julliete decides it’s time for her to step up. She’s determined to put her sleuthing skills to the ultimate test. Sure, she’s researched cases for her YouTube channel before. But she’s never put herself in harm’s way before. And the killer is still out there…

If she isn’t careful, Julliette might just become the next victim…

Can this teen detective figure out who killed her teacher, before it’s too late? Or will her investigation put her in the crosshairs of a deadly murderer?

Kindle Unlimited



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