#Free “Just a Simple Little Holiday (Just a Simple Little series Book 1)” by bea kendall


Fern wants a second chance at a normal life

Following a hit-and-run, she has mastered the art of being invisible from the comfort of her wheelchair.

But it’s time to live again.

Months into a new job, and with a reputation as The Ice Queen, making friends hasn’t been easy.

In fact, she can count the number of them on one finger.

When that friend – Nessa – invites her on a girly holiday in a luxury Portuguese villa, Fern’s first panicked thought is to refuse.

But Nessa is very persuasive, so much so that Fern pulls on her big girl pants and eventually agrees.

Is this her chance to prove the old Fern still exists?

After all, it’s Just a Simple Little Holiday.

What could possibly go wrong?

Women’s Fiction with a mystery thread and a hint of psychopath


(originally published as the Fifth Wheel by L.S. Fellows. Same story, same author, but with just a simple little makeover)

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