#Featured “Shadow Purgers (2 book series)” by N. Phillips

Shadows of Our Sins: (Shadow Purgers Series, Book 1)


What is your deepest desire?

An unknown phenomenon has given people the power to manifest their deepest desires at will. However, the blessing of instant gratification comes with a curse: demons that manipulate aspirations into sin.

After losing her brother to a school shooter under demonic influence, seventeen-year-old Aliyah Dawn yearns for a better tomorrow in a city of violence and corruption. In hopes of protecting her family, friends, and her boyfriend, she is given the power to purge demons and undo the curse before humanity succumbs to its own sins.

Kindle Unlimited



Shadows of Our Society: (Shadow Purgers Series, Book 1.5)


The curse continues.

The negative desires of humanity have manifested into reality, causing savagery, destruction, and sin.

For sixteen-year-old Zayn Campbell, this reality is nothing new.

Haunted by the traumatic death of his father, Zayn lives in a nightmare where dreams cannot exist. With only his love for music and aspirations for change, he will attempt to battle the demons in his head and purge the Shadows of our society.

Kindle Unlimited



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