#FREE “Math Riddles for Smart Kids: 400+ Math Riddles and Brain Teasers Your Whole Family Will Love” by Cooper the Pooper


Who knew solving math problems could be this much fun?

Do you get protests and whining every time your child has to do some math exercises?

Do you hear, “I give up!” more often when they’re doing math homework compared to their other school subjects?

Do you want to make study time more exciting and something your child will actually look forward to?

Many kids struggle with math, especially as they move on to more and more abstract concepts.

It’s harder to understand an idea when you can’t visualize it and see how it applies to you.

By making math concepts more relatable, children may find that math can actually be enjoyable and relevant.

If you want to help your child become a math whiz, or even just to become more receptive to this unpopular subject, you don’t need to look any further.

With this collection of math riddles and brain teasers, carefully created by Cooper the Pooper, you won’t get the same old math problems that only cover what’s taught in school.

You’ll get unique problems that require your child to think beyond basic mathematical concepts and actually apply problem-solving and analytical skills.

Plus, wouldn’t your child be more inclined to answer questions from a dog?

In Math Riddles for Smart Kids, you’ll discover over 400 of these stimulating questions, including:

  • A fun way for your child to get some mental exercise without feeling like they’re doing homework
  • Intellectually stimulating puzzles that stretch the mind and test your child’s logical skills
  • An assortment of math riddles that everyone can appreciate, ranging from scary to completely mind boggling
  • Interesting scenarios with real-world relevance so your kid will never say, “I’ll never use this in real life,” ever again
  • Tricky questions that go beyond mere calculations and involve creative reasoning and critical thinking
  • Perplexing brain twisters for the whole family that even you will have to think twice (or more!) about
  • An alternative activity your child can do alone, with family, or with friends, that doesn’t involve their phones or your television

And much more.

These riddles can be done in short spurts of time, so your child’s brain can get a workout, even when they’re playing.

They’re also in varying ranges of difficulty, which your child can grow into as their mental abilities develop further.

Whether your child’s a born math whiz and you want to further develop their talent for numbers, or they’re struggling with arithmetic and you want to encourage a love for math, these entertaining riddles are sure to be tackled and enjoyed.

Take the struggle away from math and bring back the fun in learning.

FREE at time of posting!

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