#NewRelease “Ridge: Day One (Ridge Series Book 1)” by Shawn P.B. Robinson


The darkest hour is just before dawn. But with bloodthirsty Beasts cutting brief lives shorter, can one man beat the ticking clock?

Rezin Hamel will protect his people until his dying breath. Resolving to carry on past every dearly departed loved one, the forty-four-year-old General has no idea how he’s lived over a decade beyond the average life expectancy. But when he’s shamed and cast out for an out-of-character act, he sets out to end the constant attacks from creatures staining the walls with death.

Searching for answers in society’s seedy underbelly, Hamel is shocked by the conditions ravaging the lower rungs of the city. But the strategic genius’s quest takes a staggering turn when he’s blindsided by a secret that could tear his tight-knit community to shreds.

Can Hamel restore his honor and stop the carnage before he’s the next one taken by the Dusk?

Ridge: Day One is the action-packed first book in the Ridge dystopian thriller series. If you like fantastic worlds, heart-trembling suspense, and twisted surprises, then you’ll love Shawn P. B. Robinson’s peek behind the Ridge veil.

Buy Ridge: Day One to mark the calendar of doom today!

“Ridge: Day One is a startling adult debut written with excellent style and stunning precision. Not a mark is missed, not a page lets you down.” Nathaniel Luscombe, hecticreadinglife

“WOW, this is a fantasy thriller filled with action and surprises. I really felt for General Rezin Hamel. His love for his people and family as well as everything he goes through in the story makes me respect his position in the story. I thought the Epilogue was perfect and left me wanting book 2 to be out now.” Delphia, Goodreads Reviewer

“The plot of Ridge is clever and exciting with lots of twists and turns and colorful characters including friends, enemies, and a race of deadly beasts. Ridge: Day One is an intelligent dark fantasy that gives its readers a true hero on a quest worth cheering for.” Scott Cahan, Author of Caged Animals and the Glazed Man series

“I enjoyed this book alot. It captivated my attention within the first few pages, it has a great storyline. The cultures are interesting and theres lots of action. I’m waiting for book 2 excited to see how it all unfolds.” Jordan Mitchel, Kickboxer Extreme

99c at time of posting!



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