#NewRelease “No Greater Love (The Hero Reservist Book 3)” by Tina Martin


Atlas had one job – to save Bria’s life, not fall in love with her. But he does love her. She’s his. In his heart, he knows the love is real. It’s something he never felt before and something he doesn’t want to let go of. Now, he has himself in quite the dilemma. If Bria is to live, he has to die. If only there could be another way…

Bria has ignored and accepted Atlas’ weird ways since the beginning, but she can no longer ignore certain things she learns about the man she loves. It has her asking who he really is and this time, she wants some real answers. But can she handle the truth of knowing that Atlas’ sole responsibility is to save her life, no matter the cost?

*No Greater Love is book three of a three-book series. For the best reading experience, these books should be read in order.

Book 1 – Acquainted With Atlas

Book 2 – Falling For Bria

Book 3 – No Greater Love

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