#BookTour “Death Opens a Window (Mourning Dove Mysteries, Book 2)” by Mikel J. Wilson


Mourning Dove Mysteries, Book 2

Mystery, Crime Fiction, LGBTQ

Publisher: Acorn Publishing

Date Published: Oct 19, 2019


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The Mourning Dove Mysteries series includes:



3. A LIGHT TO KILL BY (coming August 3)


Emory Rome is back in DEATH OPENS A WINDOW, Book 2 of the Mourning Dove Mysteries and the follow-up to the international bestseller MURDER ON THE LAKE OF FIRE.

As he struggles with the consequences of his last case, Emory must unravel the inexplicable death of a federal employee in a Knoxville high-rise. But while the reticent investigator is mired in a deep pool of suspects – from an old mountain witch to the powerful Tennessee Valley Authority – he misses a greater danger creeping from the shadows. The man in the ski mask returns to reveal himself, and the shocking crime of someone close is unearthed.



At thirty-two stories, the Godfrey Tower jutted from the Knoxville skyline like a shark fin in the Tennessee River. Unseen through the frameless exterior walls of silvery, reflective glass, a young woman on the twenty-ninth floor sat with a phone held to her ear, pretending to be on a business call as she stared out the floor-to-ceiling window behind her desk. While her colleagues busied themselves on phones or computers at the dozens of cubicles throughout the large, open office space, Angie was not contributing to the organization’s productivity.

If she had looked down and across the street, the attractive brunette would’ve seen the unremarkable roof of the area’s next-tallest building fourteen floors below her. Instead she focused on the unobstructed view of downtown and the hazy, snow-peaked mountains beyond. She imagined herself hiking below the snowline with her new lumbersexual boyfriend and lying with him on a blanket before a tantric campfire. Angie could almost hear the crackling wood, until she realized the sound was coming from behind her.

She turned her chair around to see her boss tapping her desk with his pen. The hoary goat of a man stared her down, his pinched eyes straining to scold her through spotted glasses. “You’re having a rather one-sided conversation.”

Angie held up a silencing finger to her boss and made up something to say to her imaginary caller. “Thank you so much for your feedback, Mr. Watkins. We always appreciate hearing about good customer service, and I’ll be sure to pass along your kudos. Okay. Take care now.” She hung up the phone and greeted her boss with a smile. “I’m sorry, but I didn’t hear what you said.” She mimed a talking mouth with her hand. “He was talking my ear off.”

Mr. Ramsey, however, did not return her smile. In fact, a look of horror sprinted across his face as something behind her snatched his attention. Before Angie could turn around to see what it was, she heard a great shattering, followed by the pelting of glass on her back and right cheek.

A dark-haired man in a brown suit flew through the window headfirst and thudded faceup onto the floor beside her. The impact against the man’s back shoved the air from his lungs. He gurgled as he struggled to regain his breath – although no one could hear it over the screams of Angie and several of her co-workers. Shards of glass protruded from his head and neck, one at the base of an erratic fountain of blood that sprang from his carotid artery.

Angie, now shocked into silence, tore her eyes from the dying man and toward the broken window through which she had daydreamed just a moment earlier. Oblivious to the blood trickling from the small cuts on her own face, she took a step toward the large hole the man’s body had punched into the glass wall. She poked her head outside and looked all around.

Her boss grabbed her and pulled her away from the precarious opening. “Angie, what are you doing? It’s not safe!”

The young woman turned a confused face to him. “Where did he come from?”



About the Author

Award-winning mystery author Mikel J. Wilson draws on his Southern roots for the international bestselling Mourning Dove Mysteries, a series of novels featuring bizarre murders in the Smoky Mountains region of Tennessee.

Wilson adheres to a “no guns or knives” policy for the instigating murders in the series.


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#BookTour “One Night Pass” by Tiye Love

One Night Pass banner copy


One Night Pass Cover File



Revenge sex is so much more fun.

The love of my life just asked me to marry him.
I should be the happiest woman in the world.
I can’t forget that he cheated on me.
How does he get to have me as a prize when he took my love for granted?
My mama says I should let it go and just be happy because men will be men.
Using that logic, women should be women and act on our carnal desires and impulses.
Even if we hurt the men who love us.
That’s what men have been doing for ages.
While women are expected to forgive and continue to love them no matter what.
Maybe I don’t want to just forgive.
Maybe I want to get even.
Today I met NFL star, Michael Carson, this sinfully delicious man who only wants one night with me.
And maybe it’s time for a little poetic justice before I get to my happily ever after…








He knew exactly what I needed. He had served his purpose.  Now it was over.

Those were the first thoughts as I slowly opened my eyes, my heart pounding at what I’d done all night with the man next to me. I’d actually had a fling, a one-night stand. I snuck a glance over my shoulder at his naked, muscled body, only partially covered by the dark sheets.  His face and chest were turned away from me though I could hear his even breathing. I reached down between my legs, sore and sticky from his unrelenting, powerful, multiple orgasm thrusting. He had me in so many positions, some I didn’t think possible. My nipples puckered at the memory of his mouth, his lips, his teeth’s rapturous attention. I gingerly touched the passionate bruising around my areolas that I would have to hide for the next couple of days. Thinking of who waited for me at home, I expected at least a twinge of guilt, and all I felt was vindicated. We were finally even.

I watched him sleeping, wondering if I could survive the intensity that being with him, being his woman, would require. I’d only met him two nights ago, and he’d left his mark, an indelible tattoo on the most intimate part of me. If I spent any more time with him, my heart and soul would be impossibly in peril. I needed to go before he opened his beautiful brown eyes and used his sexy, persuasive smile to entice me to do…well, anything.

I had to leave this tempting bed of sinful pleasures.  I eased out of his large bed, only finding my purple satin panties near his oversized chair in the corner of his massive bedroom. I searched the area and noticed my blue dress on the bed that blended with the sheets. Damn it. I tiptoed back to the bed and gently pulled the dress from under his firm thigh. Suddenly a large hand clasped my wrist and pulled me back in the bed, flush on top of him, my breasts pressed against his hard chest. 

“Ooh,” I exclaimed more at the sensuous feel of his skin against mine than his sudden, quick movements. 

Eyes still closed, his voice gruff and deep with sleep, he said, “You gave me a day.”

I reminded him, “I gave you a night.”

Michael opened his eyes with a devilish dimpled smile. “I rarely listen when I want something.”

He quickly flipped me over, spread my legs, and soon I forgot again about my fiancé waiting for me back home.


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Tiye Love

I recalled reading romance ever since I was a young child and would sneak and read the Western love stories my grandmother kept on her bedside table. Although I didn’t understand half of the words, I read at the time, something about those books captured my attention. As I grew older, my love of romance expanded to other genres. I became a fan of anything remotely related to reading and books, such as libraries, bookstores, and the coffee shop around the corner. I love dancing with my family, traveling and romance movies. I have lived in several cities, including New Orleans, Washington D.C., and Houston, and I find inspiration for my stories from every place I’ve had the fortune to visit or inhabit.

I want my readers to escape their realities and embark on a journey of self-exploration and love when they delve into my books. I’ve loved reading fiction, thrillers, and romance for years. Although my original (and still) writing interest was YA and self-help books, I received a surprise text on Valentine’s Day and wrote the first chapter of a romance novel. And I became forever inspired to write spicy love stories – with a twist.

Please take a ride with me, Tiye Love, and hold on to your hearts! I invite you to check out my website, join my newsletter at http://www.tiyelovebooks.com, follow me on FB @Tiye Love Books, and/or on my IG @tiye28always.






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#BookBlitz “Rising Wind: Ice and Bone (Rising Wind Series, Book Two)” by Diane Olson


Rising Wind Series, Book Two

Action / Suspense / Mystery Cross Genre

Date Published: May 2021

Paleontologist Dr. Secora James is still reeling from injuries sustained in the previous summer’s mountain top battle and the adoption of Monta, an Andean orphan. Her best friend, Gideon Yellow Thunder, has something important to discuss. Still, before she can listen, Secora receives a desperate call from a fellow paleontologist, Billy Riggins, who’s under attack at a mammoth site in Western Washington.

Secora travels from Montana with Monta to find out if Billy is dead. Will her growing knowledge of his taboo discovery and the accumulation of indisputable proof also threaten her life and that of her tiny daughter? Where is the skeleton? Gideon, shaken by the realization Secora will always be rushing away from him, leaves town to help a client solve a mystery in remote Western Montana. There he meets Kamal, the owner’s son, and caretaker Jake Lansing.

The three men are attacked by a dead-eyed assassin who wounds Kamal, then seals them inside a cold, wet mine. Jimmy Lizardeye, a Lakota Wichasha Wakan and Gideon’s close friend and mentor, asks Secora to meet him near West Glacier. Jimmy is worried; he is unable to reach Gideon by phone or in spirit. If he and Secora can track the victims down, can any of them rebound from the cave-in and hypothermia?

A few days later, Secora hears from the university’s Anthropology department; her sister, Iris, and good friend Jane have disappeared with their team of students into the Peruvian Yungas. She must leave for South America with Jimmy and a university-sponsored team, including two treacherous companions. What about little Monta?

Secora’s parents are away traveling teaching, the babysitter can’t handle an extra child for an entire week, and she can’t leave the baby with a stranger. They must embark on another dangerous journey together.

Can Secora survive?

Will her baby be safe? Her circle of family and friends is critically important to her, yet they’ve all seemingly disappeared in a matter of days. Will she survive personal tests, assassins, and terror birds? Can she manage the loss of those closest to her?

Thrilling events cause bonds to strengthen throughout her spiritually and culturally diverse extended family.


Other Book in the Rising Wind Series:

Rising Wind: The Thunder Beings

Rising Wind Series, Book One

Published: April 2021

When impassioned paleontologist Secora James is summoned to South America to confirm or dispel rumors of a creature long-thought extinct, she lands herself in more trouble than she had ever imagined.

Secora knows that the Mapinguari, a giant ground sloth that rivals King Kong for size, is probably just a local myth dreamed up by the indigenous tribes. Or is it? Gideon Yellow Thunder is Montana’s top real estate broker and is perfectly content with his modern life, choosing to leave behind his Lakota heritage in order to lead a life of wealth and success. But when he starts having visions of bison on the open prairie, he feels compelled to act… Now two separate lives are on a collision course as Gideon sets off for the jungles of Brazil to find a woman he’s never met and protect the sacred beings he’d long given up believing in— the Thunderbirds. Could they be real after all? Or are they just a myth? Gideon’s about to find out in the adventure of a lifetime, where everything he’d pushed aside is determined to leave its mark on his life. Hoka hey! It’s a good day to die.



About the Author

Diane Olsen is the prolific writer and award-winning author of her debut book titled; “Ancient Ways: The Roots of Religion,” a Bronze Medal Winner awarded by Christian Illuminations Book Awards.”

Diane’s debut release of “Ancient Ways” is thought-provoking and an informative look at the development and evolution of religion throughout time and a well-considered concept – the idea of a connective thread of monotheistic faith throughout history from the birth of human creation. Now comes her new release and book series titled; Rising Wind: The Thunder Beings” and Book Two of Rising Wind: Ice and Bone (Books 1 & 2Series.)

Adapted from an original screenplay she had several years ago, she has now written it in book form for her readers to enjoy as an amazing Multicultural Fiction, Action-Adventure Mystery with the essence of ‘God’s Hope for all of Humanity’ woven throughout this series.

Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, she now lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Washington state. She was an undergrad at Colorado State University Ft. Collins: Pre-vet med, Anthropology, then attended and received her BA and MA at the University of Montana, Missoula: Anthropology, Archaeology, and Paleontology. She was a Graduate Teaching Assistant for two years.

Diane has raised two sons Andrew and Gavin, has four grandsons Dylan, Brayden, AJ, and Asher. She is an animal lover and enjoys living in Washington State with her two girls (doggies), “Ladybug and Charlie,” along with two ancient “retired” Zebra, finches, one African Black-footed Cat. She has raised sheep and goats and about 40 other species of critter over the decades.

Diane enjoys writing, reading good books, spending time with her grandkids, and cooking. A few of her favorite books are ‘The Book of Certitude (Kitab-i-Iqan), The Upanishads, and The Great Initiates.’

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