#BlogTour “Pink and Country” by Emmanuelle Snow


A cabin in the mountains.

A chance for a fresh start.

A dropped towel that seals their fate.

Lost and confused, April Simmons has no clue how to turn her life around. When her best friend sends her to a cabin in the mountains for a month, alone, to work on herself, April has no idea that her handsome, yet broody and enigmatic neighbor is country music superstar Carter Hills.

Carter has everything other people would kill for: money, success, and fame. And yet, being at the top has never felt so lonely.

The moment April and Carter meet, sparks fly, but neither is ready to give in to temptation.

Been there. Done that.

But soon, Carter decides April, the colorful and sassy woman living next door, is worth breaking every rule he set for himself years ago, and nothing she’ll do or say will keep him away. The more April resists, the more Carter pulls her in.

Can April trust Carter with her heart, knowing he has the power to shatter it into a million pieces?

Loving Carter Hills is like riding a roller coaster. It’s breathtaking. It’s fast. It’s scary. And it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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He touched my forearm, and I snapped out of my daze. I shook my head, blinking, rebooting my confused brain.


        “Sorry. Got lost for a moment. What did you say?” I straightened my back, projecting fake confidence. My insides had dissolved a long time ago.

        “I said I’m going into town this afternoon. You need something? Groceries? A pair of boots? Anything?”

        He fixed me with a heavy stare. My organs failed. My breath caught in my lungs.

        I opened my mouth and closed it a second later.

        “Did you hear me? Pixie?” Warmth stirred low in my belly at the sound of his deep, husky voice. He narrowed the distance between us, his body grazing mine now. When he spoke close to my ear, I stopped breathing for a full minute. “So, do you need anything?”

        “I—I’ll go by myself,” I said, my voice shaky and low.

        “No offense, but the roads are icy, and your car will never make it up here on the way back. We’ll take my truck.”

        “Excuse me, are you making fun of Miss Dolly?”

        “Miss who—? Oh, crap, did you give your car a name?” He raked his fingers through his already tousled hair sprinkled with snowflakes.

        “Don’t look so surprised. Lots of people do.” I folded my arms over my chest and tipped my chin up. “Anyway, I bet your dick has a name, too. Not judging.” Why was I fixated on his penis? Damn it. Keep your thoughts to yourself, April.

        “I—Never mind,” He said before his eyes drifted down my body. His voice lowered. “What if my dick has a name? You—”

        My tongue swept over my lips, and my heart pounded faster. I had no oxygen left in my brain to argue. Carter’s palm brushed my shoulder, and I shut my eyes, breathing in his manly scent, the addictive mix of pine and cedarwood. Everything inside me screamed to kiss him again. His warmth reached my core. I leaned into his touch, bunting his hand the same way Bernice always did when I petted her.


        Carter sucked in a breath. My body sizzled.

        I squeezed my legs tight, my composure slipping away.

        My neighbor, without doubt, the most handsome male specimen I’d ever laid eyes on—according to my sex-crazed hormones—clamped onto my forearms with both hands and flashed me a grin. My chest rose and fell in quick succession. I was panting like I just ran a marathon, even as my feet were glued to the snowy ground. I stepped forward, the gap between us shrinking. My breasts swelled. My lips tingled. My lungs idled.

        Carter pivoted on his heels and walked away.

        “See you later, Pixie.” His long strides brought him inside his cabin in no time, leaving me speechless and spellbound.

        Aching and needy.The heat radiating from me could melt the freshly fallen coat of snow all over town.


Smart, Sexy, and Sassy Love Stories

Emmanuelle Snow is a contemporary author of mature YA and New Adult love stories, who likes to give life to strong characters who’ll fight with all they have to reach their life goals and find their own happiness.

Emmanuelle is in love with love. Especially those complicated, deep, and passionate feelings that make a relationship extraordinary and complex, all at the same time.

In her spare time, when she’s not writing or reading, Emmanuelle likes to go on road trips—with her four kids and her own soulmate—watch movies, paint, or do some DIY, always with a cup of green tea in her hand and listening to country music.

She splits her time between beautiful Canada and the small US towns she adores.  

Find all of Emmanuelle’s books here:  http://www.emmanuellesnow.com/books

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#BookTour “Good Lookin’ (A Joe Turner Mystery)” by T.L. Bequette


Good Lookin

Mystery, Legal Thriller

Date Published: May 24, 2021

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

From the gang-ravaged streets of inner-city Oakland to the rolling hills of Berkeley, California, attorney Joe Turner defends the most hardened criminals. Confronted with an unlikely murderer in a modern-day whodunnit, Turner’s latest case seems impossible to unravel. At its heart is a decade-old murder and a tangled web of family, loyalty, and devotion that has the trial hanging in the balance. Viewed through the prism of the unique bond of twins, Good Lookin’ asks how far each of us will go to protect the ones we love.


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#ReleaseBlitz “The Palace (When Darkness Falls Trilogy Book I)” by Allie McCormack


When Darkness Falls Trilogy – Book I

Paranormal Romance

Date Published: June 3, 2021

Ruled by a gracious, wise Sultana, the humans of the great desert city of Al Khair dwell in uneasy peace with the vampires and demons who claim the lands as their ancestral homelands under the leadership of an ancient, powerful vampire. Their shaky truce becomes strained when a young human woman arrives from distant lands.

Orphaned since childhood and outcast, Alyssa joins a caravan to the fabled Al Khair where she seeks only to make a new life for herself. A life that quickly becomes complicated when she draws the attention of the Dark Lord himself.

A thousand years ago, Lord Damien permitted the humans to build their city. When he senses a new, immensely powerful magical being in the land, Damien suspects the humans of plotting to overthrow him. Furious, he searches for the source of this power, but he cannot stop thinking of the young woman in the tower who had seen through his glamour spell that cloaks him from humans.

When he discovers that Alyssa is the mysterious being he has been seeking, his determination to have her for his own threatens to pit the two races, human and vampire, against each other in all-out war.

*Please Note, this is a trilogy! Books 1 & 2 have cliffhangers and are not meant to be read out of order.




About the Author

A former career medical transcriptionist and disabled Veteran, Allie McCormack is now writing from home full-time. Allie has traveled quite a bit and lived many places all over the U.S., and also a year in Cairo, Egypt as an exchange student, and a year in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia under contract to a hospital there, plus a short stint with NATO while she was in the Army. Allie now lives in the beautiful southern California with her family and her two rescue cats.

Allie says: “A writer is who and what I am… a romance writer. I write what I know, and what I know is romance. Dozens of story lines and literally hundreds of characters live and breathe within the not-so-narrow confines of my imagination, and it is my joy and privilege to bring them to life, to share them with others by writing their stories.”


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#BookSale “Savannah’s Secrets: A Sexy Workplace Romance (The Bourbon Brothers Book 1)” by Reese Ryan


Falling for the boss has big consequences in this story that launched The Bourbon Brothers series by Reese Ryan.

Savannah Carlisle has the perfect plan. By infiltrating the Abbott family’s Tennessee bourbon empire as their events manager, she’d be one step closer to claiming half of the business they stole from her grandfather. Now, she’s not so sure. Because sexy Blake Abbott, heir to it all, is simply intoxicating. He’s supposed to be the enemy. But after one long, stormy weekend trapped with him, her defenses fail her and she gives into temptation.

Now she’s pregnant with his child….

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.

Don’t miss a single story in The Bourbon Brothers series from Reese Ryan:
Book 1 — Savannah’s Secrets
Book 2 — The Billionaire’s Legacy
Book 3 — Engaging the Enemy
Book 4 — A Reunion of Rivals


$1.99 June 1st – 30th!


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