#BookBlitz “Cannabis for Seniors” by Beverly A. Potter, Ph.D.



Publisher: Ronin Publishing

Cannabis is much more than a plant. Its chemical composition and the way those chemical interact with special receptors throughout the body enables cannabis to be used therapeutically in many beneficial ways. Cannabinoids– chemical in cannabis — interact with the endocannabinoid (EC) system in the body, working synergistically to regulate pain, reduce inflammation, decrease stress, and speed recovery time, as well as elevating mood and optimism. From pain management to improved demeanor, form individual well-being to interpersonal relationships, cannabis’s therapeutic value can be a great tool to help Seniors maintain positive healthy quality of life.

CANNABIS FOR SENIORS is an essential reference for Seniors, both those new to cannabis as well as those who are experienced users. Caretakers and family will find the information invaluable in evaluating the potential benefits of cannabis for Seniors.

About the Author

Beverly A. Potter, PhD (Docpotter) earned her doctorate in counseling psychology from Stanford University and her masters in vocational rehabilitation counseling from San Francisco State University. She is a corporate trainer, public speaker and has authored a number of books on health and workplace issues like overcoming job burnout, managing yourself for excellence, high performance goal setting, mediating conflict, drug testing, self healing, cannabis for seniors, and more. Her website—docpotter.com—is pack with useful information.

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