#NewRelease “Falling For Bria (The Hero Reservist Book 2)” by Tina Martin

Bria cover


How will Atlas and Bria’s relationship develop? Or will it?

Atlas knows he’s on a mission to save Bria’s life. He has strict orders from his handler. Falling in love was not a part of the plan, but the soldier just can’t help himself. He wants to feel love this ‘one’ time with this ‘one’ woman. It’s the struggle to stick to the mission and the battle in his heart of winning Bria’s love and trust that confuses him the most. And it doesn’t help that he’s still keeping secrets about his true identity. Will he go all-in, or will he walk away for her sake?

Bria has no idea who Atlas really is. She just thinks he’s weird, but she begins to fall for him when he opens up a bit – when he allows her to see things that under normal circumstances, he’d keep hidden.

*Falling For Bria is book two of a three-book series. For the best reading experience, these books should be read in order.

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