#BookReview “Unwitting Accomplice” by Sid Meltzer

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4.5/5 Stars

A sharp, smart thriller, this read not only pulled me in but also made me feel I was part of the story.

When reporter Kim Barbieri receives an anonymous note, she’s not sure if she’s being pranked or if there is something to it.  Even after brainstorming over who would send such a note with work partner, Pete Delaney, Kim has no idea of the journey—or risks—she will take before she comes to face to face with a killer.

This read is told from two points of view, Kim’s and the crazy person’s. LOL!

Okay, I call him the crazy person because he declares himself sane, yet continues to question his sanity. He rejects all comparisons to psychopaths or sociopaths, considering himself normal.  I was amused he was more worried about upsetting his wife than taking a life.

Barbieri is a well-written, strong character who I wasn’t able to connect with. I didn’t always agree with her choices but gave her the benefit of the doubt. However, TO ME, she did not feel genuine, but more like a character portraying a character.

But my issue with Kim doesn’t take away from the story or dull the suspense. She had to deal with some nasty characters on BOTH sides of the law and make compromising decisions that had her second-guessing herself, and me wondering how I would have handled it.

With the quirky plot twists and open ending (NOT a cliffhanger), I’d read another Kim Barbieri Thriller.





How can a homicide be prevented when it’s still only in some stranger’s head?

Kim Barbieri, a tough, street-smart New York City crime reporter unfazed by male egos and mangled bodies, is sent an anonymous note with a sinister message:

I intend to commit a murder

She doesn’t know who the killer is.

She doesn’t know who his victim will be.

She doesn’t know where, when and how he will strike.

But there is one thing she does know: If she doesn’t learn to think like a killer, someone’s going to get away with murder.

Kudos for Unwitting Accomplice:

“The tension builds page after page, chapter after chapter, between the psycho driven to kill and the reporter determined to stop him—ending with a surprise twist I just didn’t see coming. And I’m a thriller writer!” ~ Steven Pressfield, bestselling author of Gates of Fire and A Man at Arms

Book Details:

Genre: Thriller
Published by: Rogue Phoenix Press
Publication Date: December 7, 2020
Number of Pages: 313
ISBN: 978-1-62420-579-8
Series: A Kim Barbieri Thriller
Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads


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