#BookTour “Ulrik” by Wendy L. Anderson


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Publication Date: February 24th, 2021

Genre: Fantasy/ Time-Travel Romance

Publisher: Infinity Publishing

Death was the beginning of their adventure.

Drowning when his ship went down in a vicious storm, Ulrik the Viking thought it was the end. Instead, he awakens on a new and brutal Earth. Believing he was banished to this strange land by the gods as punishment, he faces the mountainous wilderness alone.

Tessa, a lonely and broken-hearted woman, dies in her sleep on her 85th birthday. She too awakens surrounded by the frightful and the unknown. Both are mysteriously thrown into new bodies facing new lives, new hopes, new dangers, and new desires.

Cast through time and other dimensions, fate has given Ulrik and Tessa a second chance at life and love. They must survive on a ruthless new world against a brutal warrior race determined to use them to conquer extinction and enter into the age of metal.  All that stands against them is ULRIK!

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Ulrik sat on the bank of a cool stream that ran down the mountain where he usually hunted. He watched as the water trickled over smooth rocks and sprayed the moss-lined bank. Down the mountainside, the stream narrowed and was eventually joined by another river, widening to become a rushing, roaring froth of cold, crystal blue water flowing swiftly over rapids. His gaze followed the stream as it meandered off into the distance and gently widened into a deep slow-moving river. He listened to the different sounds the water made. The roar, as it cascaded down the waterfall further uphill, to the trickle of the stream over moss-covered rocks, and finally the faint pounding of distant rapids. The forest was raucous with sound and full of breath-taking sights.

The forest’s majesty was lost on him today. Ulrik was bored. He reached for a stone and tossed it into the stream then stood, grabbed his spear, and walked up the hill toward the lake at the bottom of the waterfall. He decided he had better find something for his supper and thought fish sounded as good as anything else.

Memories swamped him as he recalled all the times he had fished with his brothers as a young man. Those thoughts led him to contemplate, for the hundred thousandth time, his current solitary situation. By his count, it had been around two years that he lived alone in these mountains in this strange place. Being banished by the Gods he knew, enraged him and his loneliness made him feel like less of a man. Two years without speaking to another soul or without seeing another human’s face made him angry. He cursed, kicking at a stone in his path. The stone shot forward, struck a tree, and fell uselessly to the ground.

“By Odin and all the gods! I wish I had a woman!”

He cursed out loud and continued stomping up the path until he came to his usual fishing spot at the lakeside. He hefted his spear and waded into the lake, not even bothering to remove his boots.

The warm spring wind blew across his face. As he had a hundred times before, Ulrik stood still, slowed his breathing, and searched the deep emerald depths for the flicker of a silvery tail. Quick as lightning he stabbed down and, wrenching his arm back, pulled an impaled fish out of the water. He grasped the wriggling tail, pulled it from the spear blade, and threw it to the bank of the lake where it flopped, struggling to breathe as its life leached away.

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About the Author


Wendy L. Anderson is a Colorado native and mother of two boys. She has an English Degree from Regis University and writes books, short stories and poetry. Wendy is a devout reader of the classics, fantasy, sci-fi and historical fiction. She has decided it is time to write down the fantasies from her own mind. Writing about everything from fantastical worlds to the stuff of her dreams she takes her stories along interesting paths while portraying characters and worlds she sees in her mind’s eye. Her goal is to deviate from common themes, write in original directions and transport her reader to the worlds of her creation.

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#BookBlitz “The Masquerade Seduction: (A Love for All Seasons Tale)” by Tiye Love

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She was only supposed to be a game…

With his pretty-boy looks, engaging smile, mad skills, and a rep for playing just as hard on and off the stage, award-winning jazz musician, Tristan Locke doesn’t believe in love or exclusivity. Bored with the ease in which he gets women, he accepts a bet. Tristan Locke doesn’t believe in love or exclusivity. Bored with the ease in which he gets women, he accepts a bet. Tristan must bed Phoenix Avery – who proclaimed on her Instagram that she is a virgin waiting for love and marriage – before the annual Mardi Gras Masquerade Party. Confident he will win, Tristan relentlessly pursues Phoenix until he is struck by the most unlikely sensation of all…love.

Perfect for fans of naughty NEW ADULT romance!





“My granddaddy warned me about men like you.”

I eased off the desk, crossed my arms, and leaned against the wall next to her, determined to remain physically close. “Did he? What did he say about men like me?”

“That you only want one thing from women, and you’ll do anything to get it. Once you do, you’re gone.”

I tilted my head, my gaze focused on her plump lips. “What’s the one thing?”

She had the nerve to blush and looked away as she mumbled. “You know.”

“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.” I stood in front of her, placing my hands on the wall on either side of her chest. “Tell me the one thing I want from you.”

Phoenix scowled. “Can you move?”

“Am I bothering you?”

She huffed. “Yes, you are. You shouldn’t be this close. Now, please move.”

Chuckling, I removed my hands but remained in place. “Yeah, you still a little girl.”

Phoenix objected. “Little girl? I’m a grown woman.”

“You’re not if you can’t have an open and honest conversation about sex with me.”

“I can talk about sex. I don’t want to talk about it with you.”

“Oh, you can say the word. Good for you.”

“Can you leave me alone, Tristan?” she asked and only held herself more protectively. I was getting to her as much as she hated it.

“Well, then be honest with yourself that you can’t talk sex with me because you’re attracted.”

She stomped her foot. “I’m not.”

I smirked. “Yes, you are. Why are you here right now?”

Phoenix said sarcastically, “I work here.”

“Your shift is not until seven. You knew I would be here early today, and you hoped I would talk to you just like I am.”

She poked my forehead. “These thirsty birds in here got your head big. I had to come in to meet with Scarlet.”

“Then why are you talking to me instead of her?”

“Did you forget you walked in here? I wasn’t looking for you or hoping to see you.” She tried to move around me, and when she did, I blocked her path. “You do know this is sexual harassment?”

I curved my hand around her waist and focused on her mouth. “You really do have nice lips, all soft and dying for my kiss.” I lowered my head, and she seemed transfixed by my actions. When her lips slightly parted, I smiled triumphantly. “Harassment is unwanted attention.”


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I want my readers to escape their realities and embark on a journey of self-exploration and love when they delve into my books. I have loved reading fiction, thrillers, and romance for years. Although my original (and still) writing interest was YA and self-help books, I received a surprise text, one Valentine’s Day, and wrote the very first chapter of a romance novel that day. And I became forever inspired to write spicy love stories – with a twist.

Please take a ride with me, Tiye Love, and hold on to your hearts! I invite you to check out my website and join my newsletter at http://www.tiyelovebooks.com, and follow me on FB @Tiye Love Books, and/or on my IG @tiye28always…




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#BookBlitz “Jenny on the Street” by David Haldane

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And Other Tales of Reverence and Revolution by a Very Young Man

Literary Fiction, Short Stories

Published: January 2021

Publisher: Black Rose Writing


“Dark and twisted a bit like Stephen King,” is how one reader recently described “Jenny on the Street: And Other Tales of Reverence and Revolution by a Very Young Man.”

A desperate young woman lost on the drug-infested streets of London, an insane revolutionary holding the devil in a jar, an indifferent truck driver forced to run over cats and a reverent grandmother looking for God in a rock. All of them are among the unforgettable characters inhabiting these 13 short stories set amidst the magic, majesty, mystery, and mayhem of the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was a surreal era of extreme idealism, exaggerated exuberance, ferocious fearlessness, and foolish folly. A period in which the scent of change permeated every tree, town, and tent. A time, in other words, much like our own.





Mornings you could see him from the boardwalk. See him, that is, if you happened to be up that early. A tiny, upright silhouette bathed by the endless orange of the sunrise over the sea. You couldn’t tell what he was doing all alone on the beach at that hour. Probably nothing, you’d think. Perhaps he was just walking. It’d make a nice photo; wish I had my camera, you’d think. And then you’d hurry on your way because it had been a wicked all-nighter and you were eager to get home for some much-needed sleep.

But long after you had gone, long after you lay dreaming comfortably in the mahogany bed next to your wife, the sad silhouette remained on the beach. Remained, outlined by the increasingly brilliant sunrise, like a stubborn matchstick in the corner of a fireplace refusing to be consumed by the fire it had kindled.

The first time Sean ever saw the gleaming trumpet, it had been sitting in the window of George’s Loan & Music Co. on King Street. The boy’s eyes had lit up, but he said nothing. Sean seldom did say anything. But it was enough to catch the attention of his grandfather, who stayed finely attuned to virtually any emotion that clawed its way to the surface of the young boy’s face. “Do you like that trumpet?” the old man asked. “Would you like to take it home?” As usual, nothing erupted from the boy’s mouth. But the light in his eyes seemed to flare for an instant, just long enough to spark a decision on his grandfather’s part. “Let’s go in,” he said. “Let’s take a look.” And that was the beginning of Sean’s obsession with the ancient trumpet someone had hawked, and his grandfather had bought.


About The Author

David Haldane, a former Los Angeles Times staff writer, authored the award-winning 2015 memoir “Nazis & Nudists.” In addition to his journalism, essays and short fiction, Haldane has written and produced radio features for which he was awarded a Golden Mike by the Radio & Television News Assn. of Southern California. He currently divides his time– with his wife and two children–between homes in Joshua Tree, California, and Northern Mindanao, Philippines, where he writes a weekly newspaper column called “Expat Eye.”

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