Featured “Leslie’s Curl & Dye (Potter Lake Book 1)” by DL White



Leslie Baker, owner of Potter Lake’s hometown beauty shop, has a muscular, handsome, 6’4″ problem.

Her college sweetheart, former basketball superstar Kade “KC” Cavanaugh, is back in Potter Lake after his NBA retirement and the slick and shiny co-ed salon he’s recently opened directly competes with the Curl & Dye.

Before they can pick up where they left off fifteen years ago, Leslie and KC find themselves at the center of a power struggle between a corrupt Mayor and a town that wants to grow.

With their livelihoods and the future of the close-knit, lakeside community at stake, they have no choice but to join forces to save the town of Potter Lake… and fan the flames of a love that’s been smoldering for more than a decade.



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