#BookReview “A Prescription for Madness” by Linda Fawke



4/5 Stars!

A Prescription for Madness touches on several timely themes to deliver a well-written, emotional read.

The fact I couldn’t stand the lead character is neither here nor there. HA!

The revenge hook-up with Jonathan, the guy who broke her heart, backfires when Kate finds herself pregnant three months after attending a class reunion. This is not good, not good at all because Kate is married, her husband, Neil, has a low sperm count, Jonathan wants her back, oh, and she’s 51 years old.

As she reaches out to friends and family for advice, it becomes obvious Kate isn’t close to anyone and doesn’t keep in touch. Not even with her own mum. Hard to have sympathy for someone so self-absorbed.

While Kate contemplates her options, the true narcissist in her comes out. She considers herself confident and independent when she’s actually arrogant and rude. For someone who considers herself intelligent, her thought processes and decisions were skewed… and self-serving, and her madness is of her own making.

I had sympathy for Neil and her mum for the way she treated them, but finding out he was no choirboy and hearing Kate’s mum call her behavior “sluttish” made me cackle and realize everyone in this story had a date with Karma.

The story has great balance on the topic of late-in-life pregnancies and has several great teaching moments on Down’s Syndrome. Kudos to the author on her research!

Great characters dealing with real-world issues help this read to prove one can never escape the consequences of their actions.



When successful business-owner Kate Shaw realises she is pregnant, after a fling with a previous lover, she has life-changing decisions to make. She needs to be in control of her life. Pregnancy in her fifties was never part of the plan. It becomes her secret.

The risks of having a baby at her age are clear but she struggles with the idea of an abortion. No-one understands her increasingly erratic behaviour as the preoccupation takes over her life.

Her marriage is precarious; the relationship with her former lover uncertain.
Is this the way to madness?

This is a gripping story about dark choices, gnawing discontent and the uncertainties of love.

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