#NewRelease “You’ve Got A Hole On Me (Darling Donuts Book 1)” by Shyla Colt


Darling Donuts is the job of my heart. I invested in the company to make life better in the long run. As a single mom of a pre-teen, it doesn’t pay all the bills. So, I work at a nightclub on the weekends to make up the difference. I have one rule, never give out personal information. Then a handsome co-worker saves me and changes my mind. Now I’m struggling with my heart’s desires and the responsibilities that take up all my time and energy. Having both isn’t an option… right?

I came from nothing. Growing up hungry with a single mom who worked so hard, she was barely there to raise my brother and me, I had one goal— making money. The get rich quick attitude landed me in jail after a robbery went sideways. I left my cell focused on becoming a self-made man. I hit it big with crypto coin, and I’ve been living the life I could only dream of ever since. No one told me how lonely it could be on top or how empty things can become. One dark night a run-in with Athena changes everything. I realized what I wanted to be was her hero.







What say you?

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