#BookReview “The Widow Catcher” by Jonette Blake


February 1-28, 2021 Tour


4/5 Stars!

Delia Frost always does the right thing.

From perfect daughter and student to good wife and mother, she always does what’s expected of her, seldom pushing back.

Years of long hours and overwork lead Delia’s husband, Richard, to a heart attack. As he convalesces, Delia is torn… filled with resentment from once again having to be the caregiver, but also terrified from almost losing the love of her life.

However, when Richard buys their two children plane tickets to anywhere they want to go and announces he wants to take their gifted motorhome on the road… for a year, Delia’s resentment grows. She likes her life just the way it is and doesn’t want to traipse around Australia for a year in a tin can on wheels. But putting herself last again, Delia agrees to go.

Leaving her head teller position is harder than Delia imagined, so when a coworker invites her to his monthly book club meeting, she accepts. It’s one last chance to do something solely for herself before she and Richard hit the road.

Delia imagined a book club led by an aging film star would be more glamorous and exciting, but she feels out of place with the quirky group of elderly women. After one visit with the group though, Delia wonders if the recent deaths were not accidents or random turns of fate, but something more sinister? And what does she have to do with this deadly game she’s being pulled in to?

With a nod to the movie, Gaslight, Delia soon loses control of her life. Though she knows she’s being targeted, she too wonders if she’s losing her mind.

A character to root for, I didn’t always like Delia. I can’t fault her for being true to her character, but there were so many times I wished she said what she was thinking. I can’t say people took advantage of her, but she was extremely predictable… which is what gives the serial killer the advantage.

Sociopaths are smart, which is why The Widow Catcher goes undetected for so long, but they’re also nuts, and getting away with so much for so long brings out the crazy in this twisty read.

This read has a great cast of characters who could be an awesome support network for Delia. But, she has to first see them as support and allow them to be there for her. It just may save her life in more ways than one.





Delia Frost loves her job at the bank. She loves her customers, most of whom are elderly. She doesn’t love the idea of quitting her job to travel around Australia in a motor home with her husband who is recovering from a heart attack. And she can’t bring herself to tell him that she doesn’t want to go.

Days before she quits her job, she is invited to a book club meeting, run by a local celebrity. This seems like a beacon of hope, one last chance to do something for herself before she leaves it all behind.

But this isn’t a random invitation.

Delia has been carefully selected by a serial killer to play her part in the murders of elderly widows.

​Finding herself caught in a web of blackmail and murder, Delia is now keen to leave this town behind. But the killer doesn’t want to let her go.

Book Details:

Genre: Thriller

Published by: Jonette Blake

Publication Date: August 27th 2020

Number of Pages: 260

ISBN: 9798675198726

Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads


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