#NewRelease “Bull (Desert Rebels MC Book 5)” by Tory Richards

Bull cover


Bull plays as hard as he works in the MC, and he likes his life just the way it is. No commitments and a different woman in his bed every night. But a sweet little nurse catches his attention and before he knows it he’s dealing with more than just trouble in the club.

I found his crooked grin a turn-on, and I scolded myself for letting my libido get out of hand. The waitress showed up with our beers, and I noticed that a couple more buttons had been undone on her uniform. I watched Bull to see if he noticed, and just as I’d expected, his eyes dropped from her smiling face to the deep cleavage she had on display. When she bent over to set his beer down her boobs practically popped out of her top.

I rolled my eyes internally and brushed off the mild unexpected jealousy I felt. The man was not even my type, but then my type hadn’t been working out for me so well lately. The waitress moved to set my beer down, all the while keeping her eyes on Bull.

“Thanks for the beer,” I said, because I’d been taught to be polite. “And the view.”

Bull had just taken a drink and practically snorted out his first mouthful. The woman’s smile dropped and her head snapped my way. Our eyes met as she straightened up. I kept the friendly smile on my face, undaunted by the sharpness turning her eyes to stone. What, did she think she wasn’t being obvious?

“I’ll be right back with your meals.” She spun around and left.

I caught the humor in Bull’s eyes. “She doesn’t know that we’re not together. What gives her the right to come on to you like that?” I laughed softly, reaching for my beer. “She’ll probably spit in my food now.”

His deep chuckle caused goose bumps to run down my spine. “Hate to burst your bubble, Sprite, but she knows we’re not together.”

My smile disappeared. “Why? Is she your girlfriend?”

He shook his head. “She knows my type.”

“And what’s your type?”

“Not you.”

*Recommend series be read in order: Cole, Demon, LD, Sax, and Bull

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