#NewRelease “The Stars Choose Our Lovers” by Charlena E. Jackson



I was 5 years old when I met Mia. I knew I loved her from the day I met her. We did everything together, and we were inseparable. People judged us. All eyes were on us because she is black and I am white. We didn’t mind because we were each other’s light during the darkness of their stares. I never understood why it is so easy for people to hate, as opposed to love. Kindness is contagious, and we all should pass it along. I fell in love with Mia. Her flaws were perfect in my eyes, and I knew she would always be my Mia. I love her just as much as the bees love honey. I love her so much to the point her love is the only unconditional love I ever knew. Sad, but dreadfully true, when I look in Mia’s eyes, I wonder, does she feel the same way about me. Am I her light? Does she accept my flaws, and are they perfect in her eyes? Am I the sun to her desert? Am I her rainbow after a rainy day? I hope she loves me just as much as I love her. My biggest concern is—after all the years we’ve been best friends, will our parents accept us? I’m scared. I’m afraid that if I tell Mia how I feel, I will lose everything we have built. I keep asking myself, should I express my feelings, or should I keep them to myself? I deserve to be loved, right? I will never know unless I take a chance. Will I have the courage, or will I let my true love slip away? I’ve always believed that the stars choose our lovers. I wonder did the stars choose Mia for me?



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