#BookBlitz “Passengers” by Elizabeth Collums


Congratulations to author Elizabeth Collums on the release of her epic family drama, Passengers! Read on for an excerpt and more book details!

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Passengers Publication Date: November 12, 2020 Genre: Historical Fiction A mysterious letter arrives from America to the village of Highland Way, where Annie, the oldest daughter in the Ewing Family was left to care for her mother and younger sister after her father left to find work in Dublin. Soon, Annie, Lily, and Katy find themselves on a harrowing journey. The hand-written note not only will expose deep secrets, it will also challenge the strength and fortitude of the Ewing women, leading each member into their own soul searching voyage. Follow this extraordinary passage that begins in Ireland and leads each woman to uncover their own courage and truths in this new world. Add to Goodreads


“For the first time since they left the farm, Annie was sure she wouldn’t be confused for either a farmer’s daughter or a servant. Mrs. Molly was so remorseful for her ill treatment that she made her three new outfits while they were there and she cried and kissed each of the Ewing girls as they loaded up that morning. Today she had on a pink and white gingham short sleeve top with pearl buttons down the front and a crisp new pink matching long skirt. She had pulled her hair up in a soft bun that she and Mrs. Molly had worked on for days trying to copy her Grandma Lizzie’s hairdo. Her feet had grown enough so that she and Katy could share the several pairs of shoes from Liz.

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About the Author


Ann C. Purvis, chose to publish her first novel under her birth name, Elizabeth Collums; this is her true roots and where she has drawn from many of the experiences she wrote about. She lives in Denham Springs, Louisiana and enjoys DIY projects. She has two daughters, a step daughter, son-in-law, two amazing granddaughters, and her dog Daisy. Rope Swing Publishing Book Blitz Organized By:

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