#NewRelease “Blank Page to Final Draft” by Bryn Donovan

New from writing guru Bryn Donovan!

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As an executive editor, I often talk to writers who say they haven’t finished a novel yet because they “don’t have the discipline.”

I hate hearing that, because often, it’s just not true.

They have the discipline. They just need the structure. While there’s plenty of advice about writing fast, it’s harder to find help about planning a novel with publication in mind…or help with taking a rough draft to a final version.

Even experienced authors sometimes struggle to fit writing into their hectic lives. Planning out a schedule to write a novel is a big task in and of itself! And when people are returning to writing after a long period away from it, they can use a little encouragement and help.

That’s why I wrote Blank Page to Final Draft.

Do one step a week for a polished novel in exactly one year from now. (Or go as fast as you like!)

Blank Page to Final Draft is specifically geared to writers who want a successful publishing career—through traditional publishing, self-publishing, or both. It’s appropriate for young and mature writers alike. Buy the book—or just learn more about it—at the links below! I wrote this book in hopes of helping writers get to a whole new level!

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What say you?

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