#NewRelease “Under the Tuscan Gun” by Tess Rafferty

Tuscan cover

There are worse things than to drown in Tuscany. You could be murdered there…

Fleeing Los Angeles like fugitives (if fugitives used Amex miles to fly business class) TV writer Kat Kelly and her husband Mike are trying to escape both personal and professional conflicts when they accept their friend Sunny’s invitation to stay in a posh Tuscan villa on the sea. Only the couple and their friend soon find themselves wrapped up in a murder, with a pool of colorful, International suspects reminiscent of Agatha Christie or Knives Out. Needing a distraction from her own troubles, Kat- along with Sunny- plays amateur detective, while doing a face plant in troughs of pasta and wine, and being dressed to kill while someone around them is actually killing.

“Tess Rafferty weaves a suspenseful, intriguing tale that’s also a great escape — wonderfully atmospheric, expertly paced and very, very funny. I’d follow her characters anywhere — especially to Tuscany!”
Alison Gaylin (Edgar Award-winning and USA Today bestselling author)

“I never thought solving murders could make me want to book a Tuscan vacation but Tess’ description of the people, places, wine and, in particular- the food- is enough for the Italian tourist board to add Under the Tuscan Gun to their recommended travel guides. The humor is weaved in effortlessly & I want to spend time breaking bread & gossiping with all the characters. This book was a fun ride and an even better promotion for your next European vacation . . . without the murders.”
Retta, actress & author (Good Girls, Parks & Recreation)

“I’ve always been a fan of Tess’s ability to write strong, outspoken female characters whose pursuit of justice is always done with humor and compassion. Under the Tuscan Gun’s “Kat” and “Sunny” continue in this spirit, showing us the strength of female friendship as they navigate the conflicts all women face while allowing us to virtually escape into some delicious Italian travel, too!”
Yvette Nicole Brown, Actress/Host (Crossing Swords, The Big Fib, Community)






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