#AudioTour “The Demon in Business Class” by Anthony Dobranski

Author: Anthony Dobranski

Narrator: Laura Petersen

Length: 18 hours 26 minutes

Publisher: Anthony Dobranski

Released: Aug. 19, 2020

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

She can speak all languages. He can smell evil intent.They’re enemies. They crave each other.Secret magic, international settings, a conspiracy plot, star-crossed lovers, and sharp writing The Demon in Business Class is a stunning debut novel spanning continents and genres.Zarabeth travels the world for a shady executive, laying the groundwork for global war.Gabriel offers a second chance to the criminals that a visionary leader sees in dreams.One rainy night in Scotland, they meet…Now, it’s complicated.There’s also the investigator, the witch, the playboy, the gangster, the cultist, the pre-school teacher, the two angels…And, the demon.Fans of Jeff VanderMeer and David Mitchell will love this stylish cross-genre novel. Gorgeously narrated by Laura Petersen, The Demon in Business Class is an international story of fantasy, intrigue, and love, on the uneasy ground where the human meets the divine.Your next read is now boarding, listen now!


Anthony Dobranski is from and lives in Washington DC. His debut novel is The Demon in Business Class, a modern fantasy. He also designed and published Business Class Tarot, a modern Tarot deck inspired by his novel. He is finishing up his new science-fiction novel, The White Lake. He’s volunteered with many arts organizations, and now serves on the board of The Inner Loop, a Washington DC live-reading series and podcast. He loves to ski.

Narrator Bio

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Laura Petersen is the youngest from a very large family. She matured like a nice cheap wine in Southern California where her family moved when she was in high school. Honing her acting chops in college in Orange County and in the school of hard knocks in Los Angeles, she eventually settled down with a handsome young man and married. Then promptly moved to North Carolina, and then again headed West to Oregon where she now lives with her husband, and two kids. She traveled extensively before becoming a suburban mom, traveling all over Europe and North America. She has also worked in almost every manner of job, from fast food service to bartending and from retail clothing to costume department PA, actress, short order cook, barista, auto repair, ballroom dancer, and independent film producer. Now, when she is not busy narrating, she uses her BA and MBA to homeschool her kids (thanks pandemic) and enjoys hanging with her quarantine pod for occasional game nights.

Author Interview Banner
Q & A with author Anthony Dobranski

Do you believe certain types of writing translate better into audiobook format?

Not really. I’ve listened to literary and popular fiction, non-fiction, journalism, and spiritual works. They all worked well as audiobooks. I suppose an academic work with many footnotes would be challenging — if you wanted to stop reading the main text and read the footnotes — but if a history is a good read in print, I never stop to check the footnotes anyway.

Was a possible audiobook recording something you were conscious of while writing?

Yes and no. I work hard to write smooth prose and snappy dialogue, so I knew that The Demon in Business Class would be a great audiobook. What I never considered was how much work I was making for the narrator! Demon has eighty characters who have enough lines they have to sound distinctive, plus another sixty “extras” with one or two lines — in accents from a dozen countries and several regions of the US. I maybe should have considered how hard it would be. Happily, Laura Petersen did such a good job that it sounds completely natural. 

How did you select your narrator?

I chose Laura Petersen from her audition samples. She read beautifully, with real brio and confidence. My characters are businesspeople. Whatever they’re feeling, they front that everything is fine. She got that false bravado, and the stress beneath it, and ran with it! She’s also got a fantastic narrator’s voice, and her character voices were wonderful and expressive. I just knew she was the one, though I couldn’t know just how good a job she would do. It’s amazing work.

How closely did you work with your narrator before and during the recording process? Did you give them any pronunciation tips or special insight into the characters?

Laura Petersen and her producer John Warton did the research themselves, and they developed their own insights into the characters from reading and discussing the book. I had a small part in the process, as a proofer, checking for minor errors, between the initial recording and the final mastering. I also helped with some pronunciation here and there.

I was happy with my minor role, and I tried to be both useful and absent. Once I heard Laura’s audition — which blew me away! — it was her performance I wanted, not mine. She was doing the work. It’s really important to respect that.

Were there any real life inspirations behind your writing?

Absolutely! The Demon in Business Class is a fantasy novel, but it’s set in the real world of the year 2008. The characters, despite their secret magic, are business travelers. It’s a life I lived and worked. I opened international offices in Europe and Asia-Pacific for the internet company AOL, and I’ve traveled a lot in the US as well. All the places in the novel are places I’ve lived or visited. I wanted Demon to be a realistic picture both of those places and of modern business life.

My model for this was Mikhail Bulgakov’s great novel, The Master and Margarita, which is about the Devil hosting a grand party in Stalin’s Soviet Union. It’s a fantasy, but it’s also a true portrayal of life under Stalin’s brutal reign — one of the few that survived to our day. I wanted to talk about business and globalization in the same honest way, even as I also told a fantastic story. I also think the realism helps make the story believable and enjoyable.

How do you manage to avoid burn-out? What do you do to maintain your enthusiasm for writing?

I like writing! So that helps. We all get sidetracked — especially this year, with the pandemic upending everything. It’s important to remember that any one derailment is not the end of all effort. It also helps to keep a pro attitude: if I want this to be my job, do my job.

If there’s a strong negativity, it’s usually a way of not admitting, or not being clear about, a problem with what I’m working on. So, step back, and find the problem. It can require radical moves. I threw out the first 400 pages I wrote of Demon! I had a good story, but the voice of the book was smothering the voices of the characters. I started over, writing from inside their heads and not mine, and it worked.

Appreciating the big picture helps. I’m at the start of my career, but I’ve already had incredible experiences engaging other writers, creatives, and readers. If I keep going, I will have more. That’s a powerful incentive.

Are you an audiobook listener? What about the audiobook format appeals to you?

I’ve always enjoyed audiobooks, even back in the days of buying them on disc. I loved Matt Dillon’s narration of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, and the great audio-drama version of Hunter S Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. But it was a very occasional pleasure, like once a year.

After The Demon in Business Class was recorded and I stopped getting new chapters from Laura Petersen, I missed them so! She had made me a bigger fan of the medium. So now I listen to one or two a month.

Print is a way to store and transmit words, but writing is really a medium of sound. From the earliest days of poetry, words are chosen as much for their sounds as their meaning. Audiobooks are a great convenience, giving us more reading time in busy lives, but they are delightful too. They put us back in touch with the roots of story and literature.

Is there a particular part of this story that you feel is more resonating in the audiobook performance than in the book format?

There’s quite a few! I’m a big fan of Laura Petersen’s version. Here are two:

In Chapter 19, Zarabeth goes to Pittsburgh to see her mother, from whom she’s been estranged for years. It’s a sad part of the book, but Laura’s reading made me cry!

Chapter 31 is a long dark night that starts in a private jet to Las Vegas, and ends in a cult ritual that summons a supernatural being — but, the wrong one. It’s wild and freaky on the page, but Laura’s read gave me chills from the first listen, and still does.

What do you say to those who view listening to audiobooks as “cheating” or as inferior to “real reading”?

You know, I get it. The printed book has signified literacy and education for 500 years. People take pride in their personal libraries. You can still get books with leather covers and gold-leaf. A book is a powerful symbol, and a beautiful thing.

I say to those people — What do writers do, when they publish their books? They do live readings at bookstores!

Even the greatest writers still care about how it sounds. So do readers. When people read something the like, they read it aloud to other people!

Audiobooks put you in touch with that again. It’s a live reading from a gifted narrator, luxurious and powerful. It’s a leather and gold-leaf edition for your ears.

In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of writing a stand-alone novel vs. writing a series?

The Demon in Business Class and my next two books — one finishing up, one in early planning — are all stand-alones. What I like about stand-alones is that they force me to try new things. I still have my style, but I need to build from scratch each time. Of course, there’s only so much time I get with my characters, and only so far I can take them. There’s also a commercial downside, since once a reader finishes a stand-alone, that’s it, there’s no book two to sell them!

I imagine it’s fun to develop characters over several different adventures in a series, and to find out more details about a really well-crafted story world. The disadvantage is that they can get repetitive; or, that the new story has to be bigger and splashier, which makes the rest feel like leftovers. Some series stay consistent. Some jump the shark.

Have any of your characters ever appeared in your dreams?

Oh, I would love that! It hasn’t happened yet. Usually it’s the reverse. Dreams are a big artistic inspiration for me. I’ve paid close attention to my dreams since college, and I use elements from them in my work. There’s one dream scene in The Demon in Business Class that’s just as I dreamt it — it fit perfectly with the character’s anxieties at that point in the novel!

The novel I’m working on, The White Lake, began as an especially vivid dream. Despite the many changes I had to make to turn it into a plotted story, I’ve tried to respect that inspiration by making it bold and surreal whenever possible.

What’s next for you?

I’m finishing up my new novel, The White Lake. It’s an Earth-based science-fiction, set in a future Budapest destroyed in a war, where the toxic waste has become its own very valuable industry. It came to me in a dream, and it’s become a wild tale of Old World decadence, artificial intelligence, and sports media — a cross between The Grand Budapest Hotel and Rollerball. It will make for one heck of an audiobook, I promise!

I’m also very honored to have joined the board of The Inner Loop, a Washington DC literary group that’s been doing monthly live readings for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry writers for the last five years. It’s my first chance to be a literary citizen, not just a writer, and that’s inspiring. I recently did a 10-minute podcast for them, talking about writing in quarantine, with a writing prompt and a flash fiction story. Check it out at https://soundcloud.com/theinnerlooplit/inversion-with-anthony-dobranski

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#ReleaseBlitz “The Perfect Revenge: The Dragonfly Rises” by Wild

Women’s Fiction

Date Published: 10/20/2020

Publisher: Final Word Press

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Power. Lust. Betrayal. Murder. Blamed for the deaths of both her parents, Zoey Tirado is raised under the cruel control of her wealthy Uncle Max—an obsessive narcissist whose vicious deeds scar Zoey’s future forever. Zoey manages to escape, but feeling powerless and alone, lets her life spiral out of control. Finally ready for help, Zoey is taken under the wing of a champion female fighter who guides her on a journey of transformation and empowerment by helping her strengthen both her body and her mind. Rising above her past, Zoey focuses on her ultimate goal: exacting the perfect revenge.

This first installment of The Perfect Revenge series sets the stage for a sexy and thrilling saga, packed with romance, espionage, street justice, and more. In The Dragonfly Rises, Zoey’s emotion-filled metamorphosis from a guilt-ridden child into an inspirational success is a page-turner every woman can relate to.

About the Author

WilD is a storyteller and longtime philanthropist who’s dedicated generous amounts of time and money to organizations that aid women with troubled pasts. The drastic transformations he’s witnessed have proven to him what is possible when people are given the right support system. Today, he’s an ardent champion of female empowerment, driven to create a lasting legacy by furthering the cause even more.

However, WilD realized early on he was not the ideal “face” of the women’s movement. And so, with the goal of keeping the attention on Zoey and her message, WilD has chosen to remain anonymous. But the impetus for his commitment to this project need not be a mystery.

Like Zoey, WilD overcame heartbreaking adversity; in fact, many story scenes are based directly on his and his mother’s distressing experiences. But after being told he would never amount to anything, he became the first in his family to attend college, went on to earn a graduate degree, and most importantly, found personal fulfillment.

Crafting Zoey’s story is WilD’s first step toward inspiring women to reach their highest goals, even when faced with the steepest odds. He hopes that exposing the plight of girls like Zoey will help more women find their own voices and will encourage others to join the mission.


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#ReleaseBlitz “Descent (Steel Brothers Saga #15)” by Helen Hardt

Descent (Steel Brothers Saga #15) by Helen Hardt


Amazon: https://amzn.to/33asQ64 Print: https://amzn.to/30FSxuN Nook: http://bit.ly/337LDz4 Apple Books: https://apple.co/2JFJOSh Kobo: http://bit.ly/2N4hk6J Google Play: http://bit.ly/32bNeml

Genre: Contemporary Romance

#Descent #SteelBrothers #HelenHardt #NewRelease #contemporaryromance #barenakedwords


The end to his story has already been written…

Brad Steel made a promise to his wife and children—to create a legacy born from his love for them and his desire to protect them from harm. It was a worthy ambition…

But along the way, something went terribly wrong.

Daphne Steel loves her husband beyond measure and will stand by him no matter what, even when it’s more than she can deal with. She escapes when she must, still always putting Brad and their children first.

Mysteries deepen, secrets are unveiled, and Brad vows to continue to protect his family at all costs. But is the price too high? The lies and misdeeds get easier and easier, until he descends to a place he swore he’d never go.

There’s no turning back, though, and his actions have consequences—for those he did everything to protect.


Craving – book 1 is **FREE**

Meet the Author

#1 New York Times, #1 USA Today, and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Helen Hardt’s passion for the written word began with the books her mother read to her at bedtime. She wrote her first story at age six and hasn’t stopped since. In addition to being an award winning author of contemporary and historical romance and erotica, she’s a mother, a black belt in Taekwondo, a grammar geek, an appreciator of fine red wine, and a lover of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. She writes from her home in Colorado, where she lives with her family. Helen loves to hear from readers.
Buy Links for all Helen’s Books: http://www.helenhardt.com/book/

#ReleaseWeek “The Injection” by DL Jones, Devante Cresh


Thriller (Medical thriller, Action thriller, suspense)

Date Published: Oct 20 2020

Publisher: 43Ten Press

The only thing to save two old friends from death may also be what kills them.

Mr. Peters is a successful business owner. Other than dealing with a recent rash of break-ins, he lives a very satisfying life. That was until a childhood friend and brilliant scientist paid him a visit.

While the two friends had a troubled past, not speaking for ten years, the reunion was a happy one. That happiness quickly took a wrong turn as their lives are threatened.

Now held captive, the use of an experimental drug was the only option. A top-secret drug that enhanced a person’s will and physicality is the only thing giving them a fighting chance.

However, there are deadly side effects. Along with enhanced abilities comes a decrease in mental stability. Moreover, there is more to the kidnappings than first thought.

Will the two childhood friends maintain their sanity long enough to survive?



Excerpt from Chapter  2

The lab environment was huge. There were tables and equipment everywhere; it was a spotless room with a lot of testing and sample stations in different areas. Michael and Trey got off the elevator and walked over to two large tables at the back of the lab. Each of those tables had a maze set-up that spread the length of them. Next to the tables were cages. One cage held about twenty little white mice. Trey stood by the table looking at the mazes.
“I don’t get this new set-up,” Trey said.
He pointed to one table and commented on how that maze wasn’t really a maze, but just a straight line to the end. Then he looked at the maze on the other table and pointed out how there were a lot of branching paths going in all different directions.
“Yes, sir! That is exactly what you are looking at. The table with all the branching paths circles around the cheese. If you notice, there is no access to the cheese in that maze,” Michael explained.
Michael reached in and grabbed a mouse from the cage. He held it dangling it by his tail. With his other hand, he held a piece of cheese in front of the mouse, almost teasing it. The mouse reached out while swinging back and forth, trying to grab at the cheese. He then put the piece of cheese in the middle of the maze. He put the mouse at the beginning of the maze and let it go.
The mouse sniffed around for a moment. Once it got a whiff of the cheese, it ran into the maze. It kept running through all the branching paths of the maze and ended up running around the path that circled the cheese. The mouse could smell the cheese but had no path to get to it.
“So, the mouse knows the cheese is there, and he just keeps circling it. Seems like typical behavior,” Trey said.
“It is indeed typical behavior. That’s the control, the mouse acts as it is expected. This maze here with the straight line to the finish is the test,” Michael said, pointing to the table as if he was displaying a prized showcase.
“Okay, that’s a single hall to the cheese. But it’s still blocked—”
“Yes, the cheese is blocked off,” Michael interrupted.
Michael reached down and picked up the little wooden block that ended the straight line on the table. He handed it to Trey, and Trey examined it. He noticed that the block was slightly heavier than what these mice could physically move. Michael then walked back over to the cage of mice and grabbed a different mouse. He took a syringe from the table and injected the mouse.
“Well, mice have been known to gnaw off their own limbs to escape mousetraps,” Tracy said. “Is that the idea here?”
Trey watched as Michael dangled the mouse in the air. He then took another piece of cheese and held it in front of the mouse. The mouse seemed to get excited trying to get at the cheese. The mouse viciously grabbed at the cheese, trying to bite it while dangling. It even bit Michael a few times.
“Damn, that mouse seems a lot more aggressive than before,” Trey said
“Take a look at this…Oh, just so you know, this is the thirty-seventh time we have done this today,” Michael said.
Michael took the weighted block from Trey and placed it back in its spot at the end of the maze. He then took the piece of cheese and put it behind the block. Trey examined the maze, which was just a straight line to the weighted block with the piece of cheese hiding behind it. Michael walked to the front of the maze and placed the mouse at the starting point.
The mouse immediately ran toward the maze’s finish at a speed beyond that of the fastest mice they’d seen in the lab. The mouse ran to the end of the maze and slammed head-first into the weighted block. The block moved, just a fraction of an inch. The mouse then viciously clawed and bit at the block.
“Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before. That mouse seems to be really determined, to the point where it completely ignored the pain from slamming into the block at that speed,” Trey said.
The mouse then ran in the opposite direction, back towards the beginning of the maze. It turned and sprinted back to the block at an even faster speed than before, slamming its head on the block once again.
“The mouse isn’t ignoring the pain. The brain stopped registering it,” Michael said.
The mouse repeated this act several times, moving the block just a fraction each time. After a few minutes of this display, the block had moved just enough for the mouse to slide through the opening. The mouse did so and ate the cheese.
“My research stated that this would happen, but I didn’t think we could achieve it this soon,” Trey said.
“Well, the last set of changes you proposed to the formula seem to put us at the almost there state. As you can see by the speed of the mouse, the brain is able to tell the body’s muscles to perform at levels above normal. The mouse’s skin seems to go into a protective mode and harden, just a tad, to brace for impact,” Michael explained.
Michael reached into the maze and removed the weighted block. The mouse continued to eat the cheese.
“So, we have created a near invincible mouse,” said Trey.
“No, the mouse is still completely vulnerable, but it will be the toughest mouse you have ever seen…for a short period of time.”
“How long?”
“Well, it’s hard to say with other specimens, but with the mice we have, and the dosage we have been giving them, it lasts about five minutes. The other problems we have had are still there with prolonged use, so we have been using a new mouse each time,” Michael said. “There is one problem…”
Trey looked at the maze and noticed the mouse was lying limp on the floor beside the cheese. The lab tech walked over and picked up the mouse as if it was dead, and put it in a second cage filled with a different set of mice.
“Did the mouse die?” Trey asked.
“No, it didn’t die. All the benefits of the formula are fueled by a goal, which in this case is getting to the piece of cheese. Once the goal is accomplished, the hypothalamus realizes it has delegated functions beyond the body’s safe capabilities. Tries to normalize the brain functions in a hurry. Thus, the mouse passes out,” Michael explains.
“Hmm…new problem,” Trey said.
“Yep, new problem. The passing out seems to have no effects on the mouse. Just looks like it’s a way of the brain returning to normal in a hurry. But it’s something you must be mindful of. Nothing we can do about it now.”
Trey looked over at the mouse cage to see the once-limp mouse running on the pinwheel like nothing had happened.
“That was fast. The mouse is back to normal again.”
“Yeah, they seem to be resilient… but it’s a mouse, and it is a very small dose that they receive.”
“I don’t remember sleeping that long,” Trey said.
“You slept for two days, Tracy. We almost took you to the hospital,” said Michael.
“Okay, yeah, you are right, it was a long time. Was some good sleep,” Trey said. “But this is a different formula. Improvements have been made, as you said.”
“Yes, that’s true. But even though you passed out, that never happened with the mice until the new improvements.”
“Something to think about,” Trey said.
“Something to think about indeed,” Michael echoed.

About the Author

DL Jones is a Writer, IT Professional and Tech Enthusiast.

DL Jones was born in Brooklyn NY, grew up in Newport News VA and has spent the last 8 years in Charlotte NC. He has served time in the US Army and works as an IT Professional. His first love has always been tech, well computers and the web specifically, which has led to a lot of writing.

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#NewRelease “Soul’s Day Boxset: Horror and Paranormal Halloween Anthology”

Old Hallows Eve, when things go bump in the night,
Children come to play, and the witches provide the fright.
For 19 authors, USA Today and international bestselling,
The Halloween tales become more than this foretelling.
In the Soul’s Day Boxset, a mansion feeds on souls,
A gargoyle captures them, and a demon dungeon master makes the calls,
Campers gets picked off one by one,
The Karnaval’s corn dogs are less than fun,
Ghosts lurking around every bend,
‘I do’ at the wedding is the very end.
A boxset of chills and thrills to keep you up at night,
One-click pre-order to snap your copy filled with fright.
On old Hallow’s eve when creatures come to play,
With this spine chilling pages, it’s where you’ll want to stay.


Kristin Ping w/a Judith Holstrom – USA TODAY BESTSELLING
Kayla Krantz
Yvette Bostic
Brandy Nacole
Jennifer Fish-Ferguson
Azaaa Davis
Lea Cherry
Scarlet Le Clair