#BookSale “So Says the Ratcatcher: A Rice Channon Paranormal Mystery” by Dennis Anthony

It was a murder so casually brutal that no one believes it actually happened.

Not the police. Not the editor of the local newspaper.

The paperboy who saw the crime tells the only person he trusts: Reporter Rice Channon, known to the police as the Ratcatcher.

The cops and Channon’s boss think the boy’s claim is nothing but a case of simple hero worship. Rice isn’t so sure. His intuition and his faith in the boy’s story convince him something happened. That and his visions of spirits and angelic beings that follow the boy’s claim.

The time is 1972 and society is in turmoil. Gender roles are in flux. The hippie culture is winding down. Madness may be creeping into Rice Channon’s life. Close friends are betrayed. Others die. Now an innocent woman and her son are at risk.

And the Ratcatcher, tricked and sidelined, is unable to save them.


99c for a limited time!


What say you?

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