#BookReview “Murder, Forgotten” by Deb Richardson-Moore

on Tour October 1-16, 2020



5/5 Stars!

When a man is murdered in his home late one evening, there is no shortage of suspects, including his loving wife.

Celebrated novelist Julianna Burke is devastated over the death of her husband, Connor. When she can remember it. Struggling for several months with memory loss and blackouts, it’s believed she was sinking into dementia. Her late husband and her assistant, Margot, were her social buffers, reminding her of dates, places… and names.

When Margot takes Julianna to Scotland to “rest,” her daughter, Logan, dog sits her beloved Annabelle. When her mother returns early, unannounced, and more alert than she’s been in months, Logan decides to stay with her mom to learn more about her condition. Mother and daughter are not estranged, but Logan and her older brother, Harrison, have always felt like outsiders since their mom married Connor twenty-two years ago, even though Connor Burke never excluded them and treated them better than their own father had.

Proximity not only gives Logan time with Julianna, but also allows her to follow the police investigation more closely. She learns the day before Connor’s murder, he and Julianna hosted a happy hour for their close-knit group of neighbors and the police are questioning all of them. Logan has known the group—and most of the residents of the tiny South Carolina island—for most of her life. However, whispered words and shared confidences lead her to wonder if she ever knew any of the neighbors she considered family.

Reading the manuscript of her mother’s latest book, Murder, Forgotten, also makes Logan suspicious… and guilty. How well did she know her mother? Could she be a killer?

Tragedy rocks Logan’s family again but brings with it an explanation for Julianna’s constant confusion and potential links to the past, Julianna’s manuscript, and Connor’s murder.

This slow-burner deftly uses misdirection and distraction to keep you guessing. Before story’s end, Logan will suspect everyone including her brother, her best friend’s father, and her mother’s assistant. As both she and the police investigation get closer to the truth, a killer shows killing again to keep a secret is not a problem.

This was an excellent read! The characters are well-sketched personalities that will invoke a myriad of emotions. Harrison is an entitled jerk. There, I said it. Logan is steadfast and searches not only for justice but also for confirmation Julianna and Connor were the loving, devoted couple she knew them to be.

Murder, Forgotten is a definite page-turner for readers of suspense and crime fiction.




Book Details:

Genre: Murder Mystery, Southern Mystery, Thriller
Published by: Lion Fiction
Publication Date: September 18th 2020
Number of Pages: 304
ISBN: 1782643117 (ISBN13: 9781782643111)
Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads


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