#AudioTour “Kingdom of Honor” by Tricia Copeland

Author: Tricia Copeland

Narrator: Dan Delgado

Length: 9 hours 11 minutes

Series: Kingdom Journals, Book 3

Publisher: Tricia Copeland

Released: Aug. 29, 2020

Genre: Fantasy; YA

He set himself free. To defeat the darkness, he must return.Seventeen-year-old Jude would do anything to save Camille. But when he springs his daring escape plan, it backfires, and he’s the only one who makes it out. Now his last hope of rescuing her from the evil coven is to find the other two prophesied witches of the trinity.With Camille held in an impenetrable fortress, finding the help Jude seeks may not be enough to break her out. And as long as the wicked coven has both Camille and the fabled lance, all witchkind is doomed to a fate worse than death. Can Jude unlock his true destiny and bring the saviors together?Can Jude unlock his true destiny and bring the saviors together?Kingdom of Honor is the third book in the riveting Kingdom Journals YA urban fantasy series. If you like pulse-pounding adventures, heroic underdogs, and pause-resisting tension, then you’ll love Tricia Copeland’s gripping story.Buy Kingdom of Honor to meet a true hero!


Tricia Copeland grew up in a hot, sticky, rural south Georgia town where pine trees and alligators ruled the landscape. Since then she’s moved west to the purple mountain majesties of Colorado. Her books span from the dystopian, paranormal, and fantasy, to coming-of-age and new adult romance genres. You can find more about her and all her books at triciacopeland.com. Sign up for her audiobook newsletter here: https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/wsbKeeX/audiobooksplease


English teacher by day, after narrating before live audiences for over 20 years Dan took his storytelling to the booth. His voice has been described as rich, soothing, commanding, and sultry. He narrates science-fiction, horror, thrillers, and romance.

Q&A with Narrator Dan Delgado
  • What made you decide to become an audiobook narrator?
    • Back when I was a kid, sometimes in elementary school we had books on tape in classes. I will never forget that there was a, “Beep, turn the page” prompt in some of them. Then I heard some other books on tape when I was a bit older and thought it would be cool to one day do that. However, my biggest influence comes from my mother, and how she used to read to me every night when I was growing up. There was something wonderful and intimate about the bond we shared through her storytelling, and it inspires me to bring similar feelings of joy, and perhaps nostalgia, to listeners.
  • Many narrators have a background in theater. Is that something you think is essential to a successful narration career?
    • While I did take an acting class in college, I have never done anything else related to theater. In fact, I took the course because I thought it might be helpful in my pursuit of a teaching career. There is one major difference between narrating and performing on stage or screen, and that is remembering the lines. Actors need to know their lines, while narrators have the lines in front of them. Don’t get me wrong, narrating is a form of voice “acting,” and the ability to perform is crucial. Having formal training as an actor is indeed helpful, but not mandatory. More important is the ability to be a good storyteller, to be able to see the story occurring in your head as you share the author’s words and convey those images effectively to the listener.
  • Have there been any characters you personally connected with?
    • Absolutely! In the second book I ever narrated, Guest Bed by Luke P. Narlee, the main character is a man named Ron. He is a husband who is a good guy, but the spark in his marriage to Kate has dimmed. He knows they still love one another, but he knows he is not being quite the husband he once was. As the story develops he recognizes his flaws and gets back to the basics of why he fell in love with Kate in the first place. While my own situation wasn’t quite like Ron’s, just reading the story made me hold a mirror to myself. Performing it allowed me to feel and confront Ron’s issues, which in turn made me a better husband. Even now, two years later, I sometimes reflect on the lessons I learned while working on that project.
  • Do you read the reviews of your audiobooks? If so, what do you take from them?
    • I always read the reviews, which sometimes can be difficult. After seeing a few of the more critical ones I went and looked at the negative reviews for some of my own favorite narrators, like Ray Porter and R.C. Bray. What I found is that they too, some of the greats in the industry, get 1 star reviews and comments that are harsh. I learned that listening is very subjective. Think about it, there are bands or singers that I can’t stand to listen to, and immediately change the station when they come on. However, I am often in the minority, as sometimes those same people win all kinds of music awards. It is the same with narrating. Some people love my work in a particular audiobook because the characters were distinct sounding and the narration was clear, while another person reviewing the same title will say the voices all sounded the same. Instead of taking every word to heart, in both positive and negative reviews, I search for what listeners said I did well or poorly, in their opinions, and use those notes to improve my craft. You can’t always please everyone, but you can always find ways to improve.
  • What would you say to those who view listening to audiobooks as “cheating” or as inferior to “real reading”?
    • One thing I have learned as an English teacher is that kids can comprehend audiobooks that are two grade levels higher than their actual reading level. There is something about hearing the words performed from someone else, with proper pronunciation and inflection, that enables people to grasp concepts and envision events more clearly when they hear rather than simply read. I have been narrating short stories and portions of novels for my students for over 20 years, and they always say that they understand (and enjoy the story) more when I read aloud with them than they do on their own. As a teacher, it is more important that my students learn the most they can, in whatever is the most effective way for them, than that they do everything on their own. Hearing literature performed well also provides them with a model for when they are reading on their own.
  • Bonus: Are there any funny anecdotes from inside the recording studio?
    • Thank goodness for editing! While time consuming, there are times when I have had to read the same line four or five times because I just couldn’t get it right. What I have learned from other narrators is this is normal. I dare not share some of the things I have said to myself during those, ahem, difficult moments. Suffice it to say that therapists would have a field day listening to some of my outtakes. Sometimes I’m so mean to myself, lol.
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#ReleaseBlitz “Shelter for Tanna” by Deanndra Hall

Title: Shelter For Tanna (Police and Fire: Operation Alpha) (Bluegrass Bravery Book 7) Author: Deanndra Hall Genre: Romantic Suspense Cover Designer: Buoni Amici Press, LLC Release Date: October 6, 2020 Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Everyone else might give up, but he never will. Not until his last breath.

It was a simple accident cleanup, but when the tow truck driver turns to face him, firefighter Braden Nichols is lost in the greenest eyes he’s ever seen. His home is waiting for a family, and he realizes quickly that he’s found one in Tanna and her kids.

Being a tow truck driver isn’t easy for the widow. It’s only made harder by being in a man’s world, but it’s all Tanna’s found to feed her boys, teenager Daniel and eight-year-old Max, who’s special needs. The gorgeous firefighter who commits to her and her two kids is a love she never thought she’d find.

Then a simple tow from the side of the interstate puts her in the crosshairs of the wrong people. When the threats start, she keeps it all from Braden. He’s been too good to her and the kids, and he doesn’t deserve to be dragged into her problems.

But suddenly, she’s gone, and Braden’s world rapidly unravels. Knowing his lack of legal ties to the boys may mean he’ll never see them again, he knows he has to find their mother. They suffered enough when they lost their dad, and losing Tanna isn’t an option.

To Braden’s heart, it’s unthinkable. Unbearable. And unacceptable.

Just when they think their big break has come, the trail goes cold. The rain pours, the thunder rolls, and Braden’s heart breaks. He’s out of options and running out of time, and he fears the worst. But as dark as the night is, there’s something darker.

And it just might be their salvation.

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Deanndra Hall is a working author living in the far western end of the beautiful Bluegrass State with her husband of over 35 years and small menagerie of weird little dogs. When she’s not writing, she’s editing. When she’s doing neither of those two things, she’s having dinner with friends, spending time with family, kayaking, eating chocolate, drinking beer or moonshine, or looking for something that she put in the wrong place and can’t seem to find (which is pretty much everything she owns).

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#BlogTour “Hiding Cracked Glass (Perceptions of Glass Book 2)” by James J. Cudney

main cover



Series Name: Perceptions of Glass

Book #1 Name: Watching Glass Shatter

Book #2 Name: Hiding Cracked Glass

Publication for Book #2:

Next Chapter, October 8th, 2020





About the Book

An ominous blackmail letter appears at an inopportune moment. The recipient’s name is accidentally blurred out upon arrival. Which member of the Glass family is the ruthless missive meant for?

In the powerful sequel to Watching Glass Shatter, Olivia is the first to read the nasty threat and assumes it’s meant for her. When the mysterious letter falls into the wrong hands and is read aloud, it throws the entire Glass family into an inescapable trajectory of self-question. Across the span of eight hours, Olivia and her sons contemplate whether to confess their hidden secrets or find a way to bury them forever. Some failed to learn an important lesson last time. Will they determine how to save themselves before it’s too late?

Each chapter’s focus alternates between the various family members and introduces several new and familiar faces with a vested interest in the outcome. As each hour ticks by, the remaining siblings and their mother gradually reveal what’s happened to them in the preceding months, and when the blackmailer makes an appearance at Olivia’s birthday party, the truth brilliantly comes to light.

Although everyone seemed to embrace the healing process at the end of Watching Glass Shatter, there were hidden cracks in the Glass family that couldn’t be mended. Their lives are about to shatter into pieces once again, but this time, the stakes are even higher. Someone wants to teach them a permanent lesson and refuses to stop until success is achieved.


Q and A banner

… with author James J. Cudney

I’m happy to welcome author James J. Cudney aka “Jay” to Nesie’s Place today. Jay is an active blogger and book reviewer on his blog, This is My Truth Now, as well as a busy author who’s latest release, Hiding Cracked Glass, goes live in two days.

Welcome, Jay!

Thank you so much for this opportunity. You’ve been a wonderful friend over the last several years and I’m grateful to know you.

Right back at you, my friend. Team work makes the dream work! 🙂

Hiding Cracked Glass is a continuation of Watching Glass Shatter. What inspired the story? Did you know it would be more than one book?

 Truthfully, I didn’t know it would be more than one book when I began writing it in late 2016. I first surmised it had potential to be a series when the reviews began arriving. Others felt an immediate connection with the members of the Glass family, and I knew I’d created a compelling cast of characters. During the blog tour for Watching Glass Shatter, I committed to writing short stories about each of the brothers and a future sequel. I’d targeted them from 2018 and 2019; unfortunately, I became focused on my Braxton Campus Mysteries and never published the short stories. All five brothers have an outline written, and I do plan to finish it off at some point.

 Luckily, the sequel was easy to outline and write. I knew it needed to match the same style and tone as Watching Glass Shatter, e.g. switching POV by chapter for each main family member and ending with a bit of a cliffhanger or shocking moments before forcing readers to wait 5 chapters until revisiting that character again. It’s kind of the way the Glass family works. That said, I also knew the secret had to be about a letter just like the first book, only it couldn’t be about which brother it revolved around… instead, it had to be who was the blackmailer and what exactly did they know! I’m more interested in mystery and suspense these days, so I amped up the plot to be more of a thriller / suspense in terms of family drama as opposed to the emotional kind. It’s still very heartfelt and painful, but it’s also a way to show growth in several of the family members.

 Do you have a favorite character in the story?

In Watching Glass Shatter, it was a toss up between Olivia and Ethan. In Hiding Cracked Glass, I think it falls to Teddy and Caleb. Teddy is such a strong personality to deal with, but at the same time, he’s been defined by a series of emotions that were more cardboard and black-and-white. He’s got a wider spectrum, and when I explored those elements, he began to grow on me. People change, and he’s the perfect candidate for a blank slate in the future. Caleb has always been an extension of me, in lots of ways. He does things I wish I had done years ago, and so I can live through him… in Watching Glass Shatter, he was an innocent boy, for the most part. Now, a cloud hovers above something he’s done in the last few months. Like Teddy, he also has many facets to explore.

What is your work schedule like when writing a book?

I have a full-time job, which pretty much keeps me busy until 5:30 pm each day. Thankfully, I finished writing the full draft of this book the day before I started this new job. Editing was the big piece from March through July. It wasn’t easy, and I have two full-time jobs because I edited this at the same time as I wrote my next book, a co-written drama with Didi Oviatt entitled Weathering Old Souls. Between marketing my existing books, editing Hiding Cracked Glass, and writing Weathering Old Souls, I spent 40 hours per week on top of 40 hours of technology project management. Add in a personal life, daily blogging, and reading… I do nothing except work! Since we were quarantined during the last 6 months, I hardly saw anyone else… we had several Zoom calls with friends, but for the most part, any non-sleeping moment was fully booked with my literary life!

When did you write your first book?

2016. I finished working my previous job that summer and began writing an outline and my blog. Watching Glass Shatter, my debut novel and the first book in the Perceptions of Glass series, took about 6 months to write, then 6 months to edit. Watching Glass Shatter was published on October 8th, 2017, and Hiding Cracked Glass will be published on October 8th, 2020, the three year anniversary of my debut novel being published.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

As of this latest one, I have nine books published: Father Figure, two books in Perceptions of Glass, and six books in the Braxton Campus Mysteries. I’ve also co-written my tenth book, Weathering Old Souls, which will release in 2021. Didi and I are networking with a few publishers and possibly an agent or two, but we do plan to launch this amazing novel soon. It’s a story about a woman’s past lives… very metaphysical, emotional, suspenseful. It has a serial killer, genealogical mystery, twisting of elements, and a bunch of heartbreaking moments. I love the story so much, and it might be my favorite of all ten so far. Of the published one, Father Figure would be my top choice. It’s my second book, and I learned so much in terms of writing style by the time I drafted it. Also, the dual timeline and the way in which one chapter finishes and connects to the next chapter is truly astonishing. I still struggle to believe what I was able to accomplish with that one, but at the same time, I see several things I would do differently to make it stronger, if I could. But I can’t! 😊

Are you self-published, traditional, or hybrid?

I’d say it’s a hybrid. Next Chapter calls themselves a rapid release publisher, which essentially means they work with you to release quickly, and they split some responsibilities… but they function much more like a traditional publisher. They handle all the formatting, setting up and marketing on Amazon, and partnering with audio narrators, foreign language translators, and merchandisers. I handle editing and social media. They are amazing to work with, and after 3 years and 9 books, there are ~50 formats available: hard cover, book store print, large print paperback, pocket book paperback, regular paperback, audio, and German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian translations.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

Cook, Garden, Read, Blog, Watch TV. I’m a homebody. Even before quarantine, I only liked going out to see friends once a week… not because I don’t adore them, but I am not a social creature by nature. I like hiding behind the Internet wall for a reason most people don’t realize. I am a major multi-tasker… so, when I can text and email to keep up with friends and family at the same time as I’m writing or editing or reading or any of these other activities, I get so much more done. But I still treasure all the in-person time with those I’m close to… quality not quantity is more of my approach. Usually visit my parents every other Sunday, friends for dinner on Fridays or Saturdays, and calls with long-distance friends and family every month or so.

Do you have pets who “help” or inspire you?Baxter

Baxter is a two-and-a-half-year-old Shiba Inu dog. He’s black-and tan and was born in Kansas. He and I often discuss whether he should visit there again, mostly when he’s stealing socks, eating plants, biting his leash, or growling at me when he wants to be left alone. He’s kinda like me in that respect! He is a character in the Braxton Campus Mysteries, so I suppose he inspires me too!

As a child, What did you want to do when you grew up? 

Architect. I built houses with Legos all the time. I also liked to trace my roots, so I wanted to be a genealogist but I didn’t understand enough at the time. I wish I could go back to change that career…

Totally addicted to social media or could you live without it?

Personally, I could 100% live without it. As an author, I must make it a natural part of my day. I can’t stand all the venting and ranting, especially about politics, news and religion. I’ve unfollowed so many friends because of it. To me, social media is an escape from reality. I like connecting with people around the world to talk about books. I don’t need to see what Trump said yesterday, listen to Democrats and Republicans pick one stupid line out of hundreds and make it seem like that was the entire intent of a message, or hear people screaming about protests and whether COVID is a hoax. I get that it’s an outlet for some people… but for me, it just makes me shake my head and say “Find something to make you happy. Stop complaining about others and exacerbating the problem.” I know this might offend some… and I’m not against the valuable messages in some of social media’s content… but I don’t need to get into fights about it. I will always help those who are suffering injustice. I donate money and time to causes that help better people’s chances and promote goodness. Social media is not the method I choose to share about it though, which is why I don’t say a lot on my blog or social media to publicly support certain things. I include diverse characters in my book, where they shine and are amazing examples of wonderful people. They might also be one of the villains too, as it’s about balance. But in general, I stay away from the controversial stuff because I’m not one to engage in conflict 99% of the time.

Here’s a sample from Weathering Old Souls, my collaboration with author Didi Oviatt.

Together, the two girls open their boxes, revealing beautifully shining quartz stones. Each one is a perfect match to the other. The stones are slightly smaller than the ones in Abigail’s dreams, and the chains they hang from are skinnier, more elegant. As Abigail retrieves her gift from the box, she sighs and rolls it around in her fingertips. The same feeling of peace that comforted her while staring at Boris’s bowtie this morning returns, filling her all the way from her legs to her armpits.

At first, it’s just a minor change, but as Abigail holds the quartz necklace longer, an inexplicable explosion begins to ignite inside her body. The quartz burns against her skin, making Abigail feel as if a flame is about to burst from within her chest. She wants to pull the necklace away from her flesh, but within seconds a waterfall of coolness flushes over her. In its wake, her throat feels as though it fills to the point she cannot breathe. Her persistent cough flares up and steals her remaining breath. Just as she’s about to grab Margaret’s hand to beg for help, a blast of wintery air wafts through the front yard and kicks up several clouds of dirt around them. When it finishes, Margaret and Abigail fiercely cling to one another.

“Did you feel that too?” Abigail inquires, releasing her grip on Margaret’s forearm. Suddenly, everything seems calmer than it’s ever been before.

“Yes, it was certainly strange, huh?” Margaret clips the chain’s lock behind Abigail’s neck and places her own on just the same. “Must’ve been some static charge in the atmosphere. All better now!” 

“Yep. Much better. Ready to go inside?”

Together, hand in hand, they skip into Margaret’s home, ready to face the future of Mr. and Mrs. Staunton’s relocation as a team, as a family. It’s all Margaret can think of doing to protect her little friend. Margaret decides not to share her concerns with Abigail that something about the necklace is going to be a powerful game-changer. She had the same feeling the day Oliver and Nadia moved in, when the darkness had begun to creep closer. “At least I hope it’s all better now.”


My thanks to Jay for stopping by the blog today. Remember to scroll up and order your copy of Hiding Crack Glass! Release day is only two days away! 🙂



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Author BioJay_suit

Writing has been a part of my life as much as my heart, my mind and my body. At some points, it was just a few poems or short stories; at others, it was full length novels and stories. My current focus is family drama fiction, cozy mystery novels and suspense thrillers. I think of characters and plots that I feel must be unwound. I think of situations people find themselves in and feel compelled to tell the story. It’s usually a convoluted plot with many surprise twists and turns. I feel it necessary to take that ride all over the course. My character is easily pictured in my head. I know what he is going to encounter or what she will feel. But I need to use the right words to make it clear.

Reader & Reviewer

Reading has also never left my side. Whether it was children’s books, young adult novels, college textbooks, biographies or my ultimate love, fiction, it’s ever present in my day. I read 2 books per week and I’m on a quest to update every book I’ve ever read on Goodreads, write up a review and post it on all my sites and platforms.

Blogger & Thinker

I have combined my passions into a single platform where I share reviews, write a blog and publish tons of content: TRUTH. I started my 365 Daily Challenge, where I post about a word that has some meaning to me and converse with everyone about life. There is humor, tears, love, friendship, advice and bloopers. Lots of bloopers where I poke fun at myself all the time. Even my dogs have had weekly segments called “Ryder’s Rants” or “Baxter’s Barks” where they complain about me. All these things make up who I am; none of them are very fancy or magnanimous, but they are real. And that’s why they are me.

Genealogist & Researcher

I love history and research, finding myself often reaching back into the past to understand why someone made the choice he or she did and what were the subsequent consequences. I enjoy studying the activities and culture from hundreds of years ago to trace the roots and find the puzzle of my own history. I wish I could watch my ancestors from a secret place to learn how they interacted with others; and maybe I’ll comprehend why I do things the way I do.

Websites & Blog

Website   |    Blog   |    Amazon   |   Next Chapter

Social Media Links

Facebook       Twitter

Facebook      Facebook

Pinterest      Instagram

Goodreads      LinkedIn

Genres, Formats & Languages

I write in the family drama and mystery genres. My first two books are Watching Glass Shatter (2017) and Father Figure (2018). Both are contemporary fiction and focus on the dynamics between parents and children and between siblings. I’m currently writing the sequel to Watching Glass Shatter. I also have a light mystery series called the Braxton Campus Mysteries with six books available.

All my books come in multiple formats (Kindle, physical print, large print paperback, and audiobook) and some are also translated into foreign languages such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and German.



Watching Glass Shatter (October 2017)

Father Figure (April 2018)

Braxton Campus Mysteries

 Academic Curveball – #1 (October 2018)

      Broken Heart Attack – #2 (November 2018)

Flower Power Trip – #3 (March 2019)

    Mistaken Identity Crisis – #4 (June 2019)

    Haunted House Ghost – #5 (October 2019)

  Frozen Stiff Drink – #6 (March 2020)



#ReleaseBlitz “Gatekeeper: Book One in the Daemon Collecting Series” by Alison Levy

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Book One in the Daemon Collecting Series

Date Published: October 6, 2020

Publisher: Spark Press

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Rachel Wilde comes from a dimension that exists adjacent to ours. The people there have structured their society around daemon collecting: they locate, catch, and repair malfunctioning daemons (creatures out of phase with our world that tempt people to do good or evil). Now Rachel has been given two unusual assignments: 1) find a person who has been trying to break down dimensional barriers, and 2) track down a missing line of gatekeepers, human placeholders for a daemon that was too badly damaged to repair.

Authorities of Rachel’s world believe the missing gatekeepers are descended from a girl who went missing from West Africa hundreds of years ago, likely sold into slavery. With no leads to go on, Rachel seeks help from Bach, a raving homeless man who happens to be an oracle. Bach does put her in the path of both of her targets―but he also lands her in a life-threatening situation. Somehow, Rachel has to stop the criminal, reunite a gatekeeper with her stolen past, and, above all, survive.

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About the Author

Alison LevyAlison Levy lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with her husband, son, and variety of pets. When she’s not writing or doing mom things, she crochets, gardens, walks her collies, and works on home improvement projects.

Alison’s Social Media