#PreOrder “The Colors Of Time: A Collection Of Poems” by Maya and Jello


The Colors Of Time is a timeless masterpiece of Poetry that takes you on an epic journey through Time to our modern-day crisis. The US Review Of Books says, Eye opening and revealing, each piece offers the reader food for thought….. A read that is briskly paced and perfect for taking a break from the rest of the day for a moment of reflection…These poems are written for every reader… Readers of any age or background will be able to see themselves in some poems…. this is a thoroughly modern, relevant and necessary collection of experiences and artistic opinions that will offer the mind plenty of space to roam, discover, and play. Read the full review at:

Even if you do not have a taste for history you would enjoy traveling along the corridors of Time as Maya shares her thoughts in verse as she is inspired by a particular event or Era. These poems are masterful and are written with all the intrigue and heart that we have come to expect from Maya. This is by no means a history book. But after you have read The Colors of Time by Maya And Jello, you would be hard-pressed to deny a new appreciation and sense of empathy for the struggles endured by mankind through the Ages.






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