Allies and Spies Released

Book 2 in Diana’s dark fantasy, Unraveling the Veil Trilogy – Allies and Spies – is now available! 🙂

Myths of the Mirror

Allies and Spies, Book 2 of the Unraveling the Veil Trilogy is now available on Kindle.

No major fanfare, no 30-day tour. Phew!

Oh, all right… a little celebration.

Some autumn dahlias…

Tasty cocktails…

And low-cal dessert!

(How I wish we could celebrate in person.)

If you missed Book 1, Liars and Thieves, it’s available here.

Allies and Spies

Trust is as thin as a blade’s edge. Secrets abound. And no one is who they seem. Kalann il Drakk, the First of Chaos, makes a bargain with his brethren, in which the future of civilization hangs in the balance.

Thrust together by a sacred oath, a halfbreed goblin, a misfit elf, and a changeling spy unite in an uneasy alliance. But their mission to learn the truth of the strange disappearances must wait—for they owe a blood debt to the changeling queen.

In the Raveen Mountains, the cornerstones…

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#AudioReview “The Girl That Vanished: The Emma Griffin FBI Mysteries Book 2” by A.J. Rivers

Author: A.J. Rivers

Narrator: Claire Duncan

Length: 5 hours and 48 minutes

Series: Emma Griffin FBI, Book 2

Publisher: Altered Path

Released: Sep. 16, 2020

Genre: Thriller

Ring…Ring…One call from her past was all it took to change everything.A ten-year-old girl has vanished on her way home from camp.And things took a turn for the worse when another child, a child that Emma knows, goes missing.Disappearances, death, and tragedies has followed Emma Griffin throughout her childhood.Her obsession with finding out the truth behind her past was what led her to join the FBI.It’s been months since the horror of Feather Nest.After the shocking revelation of the last case, FBI agent Emma Griffin decides to take a much-needed vacation.But a phone call from Sheriff Sam Johnson, a man from her past, completely derails her plans.A young girl has disappeared, and another child has gone missing.With the number count slowly climbing.Emma must now put her plans on hold, go back to her hometown and face some ghosts from her past.When a mysterious package appears on her birthday.Emma can’t shake the feeling that someone is monitoring her every movement.Someone is getting too close for comfort.The question is who?In the close-knit town of Sherwood, the truth is never as it seems.

A.J. Rivers loves all things mystery and thriller. Growing up in a sleepy small town, A.J. spent her days enthralled in crime solving novels and movies. She started creating stories at a young age to escape and create adventures for herself. As a child she dreamed of solving crimes and becoming a crime fighter. She dreamed of being as great as her favorite crime solving character Sherlock Holmes. While in college she realized that leading a crime fighting life might be more gruesome than she could stomach. She decided that the best course of action would be to fuse her love of writing with her love of thrilling mysteries together. She finds inspiration from researching true crimes and is passionate about writing suspenseful novels with crazy twists. Twists that you’ll never see coming. The inspiration for her first novel came when she read a news article about a missing young woman in a small town that was never found. Her question on who, what, and why brought her to her journal to discovering the dark twisted story behind the disappearance and to seek justice for the victim through her writing. Her thriller novels have elements of mystery, suspense, and romance. When she’s not absorbed in a novel or working on her next thriller mystery, her favorite past time is spent with her husky. She finds great inspiration while going on hikes with her dog.

Narrator Bio

Claire Duncan is a multi-award winning actress living in NYC. She has performed Off-Broadway, regionally, and in national tours, and appeared in the Drama Desk nominated revival of The Threepenny Opera. She has played the lead in a dozen films, and received a Best Actress Award for her work as Rosetta in the dark comedy Rosetta’s Blues, which debuted at Cannes. As a singer, she had the honor of performing at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, and toured the country as a travel host with Visit The USA. Claire’s broad career has shaped her into an exceptional and flexible voice artist. You can hear her on Nickelodeon and Comedy Central, in hundreds of national commercials, and in over thirty audiobooks. “Claire Duncan was a dynamo” – New York Stage Review “Simply side-splitting… a terrific comedic actress” – Show Business Weekly Proud member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA.


The horrors of Feathered Nest, Virginia left Emma Griffin with a feather in her cap for a job well done… and in department-ordered counseling.

Jake’s deception and betrayal have only added to the inner trauma Emma carries from her past. She’d probably be farther along in counseling… and recovery if she’d stopped trying to slam doors her therapist opens. But that’s Emma.

Vacation plans made to avoid her birthday get waylaid first by a party planned by Bellamy and Eric, then by a call from her past. Emma tries not to think about the young girl missing from summer camp in Sherwood, the closest thing to a hometown she has.  But when a second child goes missing, she can’t refuse a personal request for help from Sherwood’s sheriff. Emma just wished he wasn’t also the man she walked away from years ago, Sam Johnson.

There’s no shortage of suspects in Sherwood and Emma and Sam race to identify a kidnapper who becomes a killer when the body of the first child taken is found… and another child disappears.

As the case intensifies, so does Emma’s anxiety. Just being back in her hometown is unsettling and distracting. Staying in the family home where her mother was murdered, and which was the last place she saw her father brings back memories that clash with her recent assignment in Feathered Nest. A mysterious birthday gift and anonymous calls from Feathered Nest prove someone is watching her, but who and why?

While not at the top of her game, Emma Griffin is still a sharp investigator. I give her credit for knowing she is her own worst enemy and forgive her for the self-indulgent pity party and repeated flashes of arrogance because she rises to the occasion and faces down old fears to unmask a killer motivated by arrogance and selfishness.

Though wonky in a few places that left me with questions, I enjoyed The Girl That Vanished. AJ Rivers delivers another well-written, fast-paced work of suspense with excellent narration.


I volunteered to review this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by A.J. Rivers. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.


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#AudioTour “The Winter of Enchantment (Sebastian and Melissa Book 1)” by Victoria Walker

Author: Victoria Walker

Narrator: Kim Bretton

Length: 4 hours and 13 minutes

Publisher: Victoria Clayton Limited

Series: Sebastian and Melissa, Book 1

Released: Jun. 15, 2020

Genre: Fantasy; Children’s

A magic mirror enables Sebastian to travel from his Victorian world of winter snow and Mrs Parkin to a magic world of Melissa, Mantari, and wicked Enchanter and many other exciting people.This wonderful audiobook follows in the great tradition of the E. Nesbit magic books. Since its first publication in 1969 it has proved its appeal to children of every age.Long out of print until republished by Fidra Books in the UK and Purple House Press in the USA, it received praise from respected children’s authors.The sequel to this book is called The House Called Hadlows.

Victoria Walker was twenty-one when she wrote The Winter of Enchantment in 1968. A second story about Sebastian and Melissa, The House Called Hadlows, was published in 1972. In 1973 she went to Cambridge University to read English and married immediately after finishing her degree. Two children followed and two decades passed before she began to write under her married name of Victoria Clayton. She lives with her husband in Northamptonshire.

Narrator Bio

Kim is an accomplished and award winning actress and director with West End/Broadway theatre credits. Kim has narrated over 35 audiobooks and counting. She is also an in demand voice over talent in the commercial and corporate arena and owns her own class A recording studio in Nashville. Kim is from the UK but has lived in NYC, L.A. and now Nashville TN. She continues to work in Theatre, Film and TV as an actress and a director alongside narrating audiobooks and commercial voice overs.

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#BookSale “Queen of Barrakesch (Royal Brides Book 3)” by Delaney Diamond

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* Interracial romance (Arab hero, Black heroine)

* Friends to lovers, marriage of convenience

* Contemporary romance


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#NewRelease “Xandra (Enders Book 2)” by Kiru Taye


Xandra is trained for one purpose—to execute her boss’s orders.
Emotions have no place in her life, and she never questions the rights or wrongs of the decisions that send her to terminate lives again and again. Until one assignment draws unfamiliar emotions, and she is made to evaluate her loyalties.

Ebuka lives a quiet life, taking care of family and running his ranch. But when a stranger arrives in search of a job, his peaceful life takes an unexpected turn, and he is thrust into the world of corrupt lawmakers and deadly cartels.
In a world where loyalties shift at the speed of a bullet and betrayal abounds, falling in love is just a death wish.

Content warning: This book contains depictions of violence.





#ReleaseBlitz “Silver Dollar (Silver Fox Resort)” by Lyz Kelley


Silver Dollar by Lyz Kelley

Series: Silver Fox Resort (Over 40’s Romance)

If you love sexy CEOs and fun-filled adventure, grab the next small-town book in the Silver Fox Resort series today:


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An inherited resort. A fresh start. Love unexpected.

Samantha’s dream is to build a fitness center for paraplegic athletes. Her goal is within reach, so why doesn’t she feel satisfied? Maybe it’s because her teenage daughter has stopped talking to her, her estranged mom has reappeared in her life, and a sexy know-it-all shows up to “test” her for a unit to help her walk again. How dare he tell her what she needs? Blake, the CEO of 3D Robotics, has come to the Silver Fox Resort to evaluate an exoskeleton candidate. He’s immediately attracted to the stubborn woman, and assumes she will love the robotic suit. He even makes plans to spend the rest of the week vacationing at her resort. But Sam rejects his state-of-the-art unit and him, bruising his ego but also intriguing him. What Sam doesn’t realize is that Blake never gives up, and she has become very important to him. If you love sexy CEOs and fun-filled adventure, grab the next small-town book in the Silver Fox Resort series today.♥

Meet Lyz Kelley

Award-winning author Lyz Kelley mixes a little bit of heart, healing, humanity, happiness, hope and honor in all her books that are written especially for you. She’s is a total disaster in the kitchen, a compulsive neat freak, a tea snob, and adores writing about and falling in love with everyday heroes.


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