#CoverReveal “The Heir – Part One (The Kings & Queens of St Augustus #3)” by Gemma Weir

The Heir – Part One

(The Kings & Queens of St Augustus #3)

by Gemma Weir

Genre – Contemporary high school romance with a twist

Release Date – 30th September 2020.


Money makes the world go round, but it destroys lives just as easily.

A family shattered.

Twins torn apart by greed and jealousy.

But now the game has changed and every action has its consequences.

A dead man’s wishes shouldn’t have had the power to ruin both of our lives, I’ve picked a side and now it’s time to fight back.

#TheHeir #GemmaWeir #CoverReveal #TheKings&Queensof StAugustus #BareNakedWords

Pre-order: Hyperurl.co/theheir1


Buy The Spare: Part 1: books2read.com/thesparepartone

Buy The Spare: Part 2: http://hyperurl.co/thespare2

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