#PreOrder “Generation 1: An Interracial Post-Apocalyptic SciFi Romance (Population Book 3)” by Elizabeth Stephens

Abel should have let me die. Jack should have killed me.

Tormented by ghosts of monsters, including the one I’ve become, Abel – the human queen – had no business doing what she did. Bringing me back from the dead. I’m alive now, but can you call it that? Trudging through hell alongside aliens with this band of survivors that thinks they’ll rebuild civilization. We pick up stragglers along the way and I’m expected to fight to keep them alive, keep them safe. I don’t know what that instinct even looks like, until I crash into her. Pia.

She fights her own battles – to keep her father alive – and to keep one worse than a scavenger, worse than a gang member, from taking her. But I’ve been through Population. I’ve seen its demons and swallowed them whole.

She looks at me like I’m her savior, like she doesn’t see the scars on my face, hear the hiccup to my speech, or care about the things I’ve done. Even if she doesn’t know better, I keep my distance. As we fight our way through Population, hoping to reach a safe place for us humans that are left, I don’t need to be near to kill for her when ghosts from her past — and mine — come.

Generation 1 is book 3 in the Population series! An interracial, post-apocalyptic, SciFi romance, complete with HEA, this book can be read as a standalone, but may be better appreciated after reading Population and Saltlands. Trigger warnings for dark themes, moderately steamy sex and more than moderate violence. There is NO cheating, menage or love triangles and no degrading or demeaning forms of intimacy. Only savage warrior men worshipping their warrior queens.






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#Featured “The Secret: A Prequel to the Gripping Steve Regan Undercover Cop Thrillers” by Stephen Bentley

What is the secret capable of destroying a glorious achievement and a source of national pride?

A secret so enormous it could not be told for many years, until now.

British undercover cop Steve Regan experiences a baptism of fire when he investigates ‘THE SECRET.’

New and old Steve Regan fans can now discover him at the beginning of his crime-busting career in this gripping thriller.

Join Regan in this prequel to the Steve Regan Undercover Cop Thriller series by tagging along with Steven Hanrahan as a young C.I.D. detective in 1970’s Liverpool until his world is shattered by a tragic event involving a fatal car crash.

The young detective is hand-picked for a dangerous undercover assignment. On accepting the role, he moves to London – the ‘Smoke,’ adopting a new identity.

The legend of Steve Regan is born with a foolproof backstory so he can infiltrate the international crime gang behind England’s biggest sporting secret. A secret so shocking it could taint the image of British sport irreversibly if it were ever divulged.

What is that secret? Is it worth dying for?

A page-turning thriller of a novella packed with suspense. Discover Stephen Bentley’s undercover cop series today.

Get it now to find out what happens when Regan sets off on his first undercover adventure.

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#1DayBlogBlitz “One Hundred Views of NW3” by Pat Jourdan

Arriving in London with £5, Stella rapidly begins hopping from one disastrous job, bedsit and boyfriend to another. All the time she is trying to paint pictures and write poetry. At last she gets a place in Hampstead, but various men distract her from reaching the goal of holding an exhibition. An ever-changing group of friends moves her along from place to place. After each drawback Stela moves on, disaster after disaster, while the tally of of pictures shrinks to 36. Set in the heady days of 1960s Swinging London, this vividly charts one girl’s track through the untidy years at its height.

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Pat Jourdan trained as a painter at Liverpool College of Art -some of her paintings can be seen on Saatchi.com. Always balancing writing with painting, she has won the Molly Keane Short Story Award, second in the Michael McLaverty Short Story Award, and various other prizes. One Hundred Views of NW3 is her fourth novel.

“I am used to producing a painting from start to finish and self-publishing gives the same creative possibility. It has the same excitement, the change from private to public.”

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