Munchausen by Proxy: A Disturbing Psychiatric Disorder

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Munchausen by Proxy: A Disturbing Psychiatric Disorder

Hollywood portrays Baron Munchausen as a comedic character but the medical syndromes that bear his name aren’t very funny. 

People fake illnesses all the time. To get out of work, to avoid going to some event, to miss a test they haven’t studied for, or just because they want to lay around and take a day doing nothing. Everyone has called in sick. But then there are others who fake illnesses in order to undergo medical testing and procedures and perhaps to garner the attention that being perceived as ill will bring their way. Munchausen syndrome is where someone fakes illnesses in order to visit with physicians and hospitals and undergo testing and sometimes very dangerous treatment, even surgery. After all, doctors listen to the patient and then evaluate them for the possible illness, or illnesses, that could be underlying their complaints…

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