#Excerpt “Inferno of Silence” by Tolu’ Akinyemi

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Literary Fiction

Date Published: 08 May 2020

Publisher: The Roaring Lion Newcastle Ltd

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 The first collection of short stories by this multi-talented author entwines everyday events that are articulated in excellent storytelling. The title
story Inferno of Silence portrays men’s societal challenges and the unspoken truths and burdens that men bear. While Black Lives Matter shows the firsthand trauma of a man facing racism as a footballer plying his trade in Europe.Stories range from Return Journey where we encounter a techpreneur/ Poet/Serial Womanizer confronting consequences of his past actions to Blinded by Silence where a couple united by love must face a political upheaval changing their fortune. Completed with stories of relationships: Trouble in Umudike – family wealth and marriage, Everybody don Kolomental where the main character deals with mental health issues, and In the Trap of Seers when one’s life is on auto-reverse and with the death of her confidante, her mother as she takes us through her ordeal and journey to redemption. This is a broad and very inclusive collection.

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Excerpt from the Story “Black Lives Matter”

“This is not the end,” I consoled myself.

The picture was starting to become clear to me. Each time I looked myself in the mirror, my reflection yelled the answer to the questioning stares and unfair treatment I received in the city and on the field. I never knew I was black until I arrived in Europe. The only thing I knew was that I was a few shades darker than the usual dark. My friends called me charcoal or baba dudu but only on few occasions and as a praise remark rather than a taunt. It never crossed my mind that racial debates will hang loosely like a mist over sound judgement. The bearded Indian was right. I cut out a cardboard sheet and wrote on it with a marker pen, I AM NOT INFERIOR. And on another, I wrote BLACK IS NOT A SYNONYM FOR INFERIOR, and hung them on my wall in my apartment. I had to come up with a mantra that could guide a newcomer like me until I was able to find my feet.


 About the Author

Tolu’ A. Akinyemi hails from Nigeria and lives in the UK where he has been endorsed by the Arts Council England as a writer with “exceptional talent”. Tolu is the author of seven outstanding books, one of which is a collection of ‘short essays’ encouraging you to “Unravel Your Hidden Gems”. The five other books form the basis of his poetry collection, ripe for future growth, and which includes Dead Lions Don’t Roar, Dead Dogs Don’t Bark, Dead Cats Don’t Meow, Never Play Games with the Devil and his latest release, A Booktiful Love. He has also authored a widely acclaimed stellar collection of Short stories titled “Inferno of Silence”.

A former headline act at Great Northern Slam, Crossing The Tyne Festival,
Feltonbury Arts and Music Festival, and featured in various Poetry
Festivals, Open Slam, Poetry Slam, Spoken Word and Open Mic events in and
outside the United Kingdom. His poems have been published in The Writers
Cafe Magazine Issue 18 and 57th issue (Volume 15, no 1) of the Wilderness
House Literary Review and many other literary outlets.

His books are based on a deep reality and often reflect relationships, life
and features people he has met in his journey as a writer. His books have
instilled many people to improve their performance and/or their
circumstances. Tolu’ has taken his poetry to the stage, performing his
written word at many events. Through his writing and these performances, he
supports business leaders, other aspiring authors and people of all ages
interested in reading and writing. Sales of the books have allowed
Tolu’ donate to charity, allowing him to make a difference where he
feels important, showing that he lives by the words he puts to page.


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#BookTour “Roux the Dae” & “Soca Soul Food Cookbook” by Dahlia Rose

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Roux the Dae cover



Add a dash of cinnamon for that perfect love… That can’t be right. 

Summer cook-off time! Dae Shaw was going to enter this year and she would be bringing the fire with her Granny Fran’s super-secret cookbook recipes. Grannie Fran didn’t mention that the cookbook passed down through the family was charmed. At the cook off, everyone wanted a taste, and the consequences, started with flowers, then cards and unwanted advances rolling in. The drop-dead sexy Councilman, Shawn Kingsley was one of the judges at the cookout and he’s one of her suitors. Dae isn’t to upset about that at all.

But when her nemesis Jane Moore, whose food reflected her personality… nasty, accuses her of cheating for one and stealing the man of her dream in the councilman, Dae was over it all and was ready to give everyone that damn antidote. But what if all of Shawn’s sweet kisses and caresses were all because of a spell and not because of her? Dae needed to see the truth even if it meant the heart between them would fizzle. She only hoped the cookbook had a recipe for curing a broken heart.

Soca Soul Food cover








          “Nothing at all,” Grannie Fran’s voice raised an octave. “Tell me darling, how much of my cinnamon did you use?”

         “Why?” Dae questioned

         Grannie Fran set a teabag in her cup and got out the pure cane sugar jug. “Just curious.”

         “I used the recommended amount…”

         “Oh good,” Grannie Fran sighed.

         “It tasted wonderfully, and I added three more dashes,” Dae finished.

         Grannie Fran squeaked and dropped her spoon. “What!”

         “Yeah I loved how the cinnamon evened out the curry and the spices with bite,” Dae explained. “It worked everyone loved it.”

         “I’m sure they did,” Grannie Fran said weakly. “Oh boy, oh boy, I need to sit down.”

         “Do I need to call Dr. Ridgemont?” Dae rushed around the counter and got Grannie to the breakfast nook seat that looked out to the back garden and ocean. She went back and finished her grandmother’s tea before bringing it to the table.

         “No, no dear,” Grannie Fran took the tea. “Sir down dear we need to talk.”

         “About?” Dae asked warily. “The conversation had taken a turn, to where she was unsure.

         “Oh Dae, always follow the recipe,” Grannie Fran bemoaned. ‘I should have had this talk with you sooner, like my mother did with me. But your parents passed, and I was so focused on being both mother and father to you.”

         Dae’s heart beat faster. “Okay you are scaring me.”

         “Dae, that cookbook is charmed, and that cinnamon is one of my secret love spells,” Grannie Fran said. “I’m a caster, a green witch so to speak, I used herbs and plants, well earth elements for healing and other things.”

         Dae stared at her grandmother and then started laughing. It bubbled out of her until she was weeping and wiping the tears of mirth away. Grannie Fran watched her calmly and sipped her tea while Dae tried to stifle her giggles.

         “Grannie Fran, you are so strange sometimes,” Dae sighed.

         “Dae have you ever read the back of the cookbook?” Gran asked calmly.

         “I’ve never really gone through the whole thing, just a few recipes,” She answered.

         “Well you really should today, this cookbook came from my great great grandmother,” Grannie Fran explained. ‘That’s why it’s so old, passed down from mother to daughter and now to you. In those days when the slave shacks and plantation houses was our home, there was very little food and the women had to make sure the families was fed. The back of that book is the oldest recipes, and us Renette women had the gifts.”

         Grannie Fran took a sip and set her cup gently on the table before meeting Dae’s eyes. “Within us was the power to make that dry soil they gave us to toil for our own families fertile. We made the foods taste so damn good we didn’t have to face the whips. Those of us who could use that magic to be in the owner’s ears and make life easier for all of us who weren’t free men and women. Not everyone could run, so we had to make sure we survived. The old magic was the best way.”

         “You are trying to make me believe that your recipes are magical?” Dae asked skeptically. How could she believe this? But Grannie Fran looked dead serious.

         “Not the recipes themselves but some of the ingredients,” her grandmother explained. “Like the cinnamon, that’s my own creation for love.”

         “And you think that’s why all these guys are chasing me down now,” Dae assumed. Because of Frangelica’s cinnamon.”

         Gran sighed and touched her fingers to the soil of the succulent that sat in the middle of the breakfast nook table. As she whispered words that Dae could barely hear, she watched in amazement as the succulent began to bloom.

         “Holy shit,” Dae looked from Gran to the plant. “You have magic fingers.”

         “While some of my lovers may agree with you,” she laughed. “I am just a conduit, the words, the intent is the power and its within you too.”

         “Oh my god, if they are all coming after my honey pot because of that recipe how the hell do I fix it?” Dae got up and started pacing. “And Sean asked me out after eating the braised beef. Grannie Fran that means he really doesn’t want to date me is your damn juju.”

         “Oh, I doubt that very much,” she said mildly still sipping her tea. “Sean Kingsley has always had a thing for you since high school. Heard how he used to sniff around you.”

         “Gran, I have been back here for four years and he has not made a move in my direction until that cook off,” Dae pointed out. “How can I trust anything about this at all except to think it’s the recipe. And how do we get these guys to go back to normal?”

         “Usually I would say it would wear off, but you double dosed the recipe, my love,” Grannie Fran said.

         “Ummm,” Dae raised a tentative hand. “I kinda did it three times and just dashed it in there.”

         “Dae that is not how you cook!” His grandmother exclaimed.

         Dae pointed at her and shook a long finger. “You taught me to cook with heart and you said, trust your instinct when it comes to spices. Let the ancestors whisper to you, is what I was told.”

         “I’m sure that the Renette women that have gone by did not say overdose the men in town with charmed cinnamon,” her grandmother stood up. “I’m going to have to create an antidote.”

         “How long will that take?” Dae asked.

         “About two weeks I can’t harvest the herbs I need until a waning moon so it can take away the effects,” she replied.

“A waning moon?” Dae questioned.

“After the full moon, and its going to the end of its cycle,” Grannie Fran stood and put the cup in the sink. “I’ll go up right now and sort out a recipe for the antidote.”

“How am I supposed to avoid these people for fourteen days?” Dae demanded to know.

Grannie Fran smiled. ‘With finesse my darling.”


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Dahlia Rose is the USA Today best-selling multi genre author from Urban fantasy to Romance. She was born and raised on the Caribbean island of Barbados and now currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her life revolves around her kids, who she affectionately nicknamed “The Children of the Corn and her husband who is also a honorable retired Army veteran. She has a love of dark fantasy, sci-fi, and the things that go bump in the night. With over seven dozen books published her books feature strong heroines with a Caribbean or African American culture, that is showcased in the vibrancy of her words. Books and writing are her biggest passions, and she hopes to open your imagination to the unknown between the pages of her books.




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#BookBlitz “Eating the Forbidden Fruit” by Roland Sato Page

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coverCrime Fiction / Family Drama / Women’s Fiction
Date Published: March 30, 2020
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Eating the Forbidden Fruit is a gritty fiction novel loosely based on true events in author Roland Sato Page’s life. The newcomer author delivers a personal journey into his rise and demise as a St. Louis City Police Officer. He takes the readers on a roller coaster ride of good ole family memories to the nightmarish reality of being a police officer indicted on federal drug charges. During his trial, he wrote memoirs as a testimonial of redemption. Roland’s case stems from the conflict of his childhood affiliation and his oath to uphold the law. What is certain is one can’t run from sin for karma is much faster. The author actually wrote the novel years ago however after battling Lupus he lost his motivation to complete it.Promising his mother, Fumi Karasawa, who recently passed that he would finish what he started. Roland opened his computer to complete telling his story. He also would like to encourage others with determination they too can reestablish position as a productive citizen.

Roland was a popular tattoo artist in the St. Louis area however once diagnosed with Lupus he lost his hand and eye coordination bringing the body art career to a halt. No other choice he had to reinvent himself transforming visual art into literary art. Writing is quite therapeutic for the newly ordained writer. The silver lining is his family support kept him going. “With tragedy comes blessings”.

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About the Author

Roland Sato Page was born in Brooklyn New York in a military household with a mother from Osaka Japan and a combat trainer father with three war tours under his belt. He grew up in a well-disciplined home with five other siblings. As he got older his family relocated to St. Louis where the author planted his roots and also pursued a military life in the Army Reserves.

Roland married his high school sweetheart and started a family of four. Roland joined the St. Louis police department where his career was cut short when he was convicted of federal crimes due to his childhood affiliation.
After enduring his career’s demise, he rebounded, becoming a famed a tattoo artist opening Pearl Gallery Tattoos in downtown St. Louis Mo. The company grew into a family business, yet another unfortunate incident tested his fate. He was diagnosed with Lupus which halted his body art career. However, with tragedy comes blessings. Roland’s sons took over the business and propelled the shop to a higher level. Roland consumed with depression began writing to occupy the time. With a newfound passion, he traded visual art for literary art. 
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Re-release #Promo “The Mr. Write Trilogy” by Cassandra P Lewis


New & Improved for 2020 – Released 20-08-20

The Mr. Write Trilogy

by Cassandra P Lewis

#TheWriteTrilogy #CassandraPLewis #LIVENOW #Contemporary Romance #BareNakedWords

Meeting Mr. Write Blurb

𝙍𝙤𝙨𝙞𝙚 𝘼𝙡𝙫𝙚𝙯 is a romance writer with writer’s block… Well, she was just dumped on her wedding day!

𝙅𝙖𝙘𝙠𝙨𝙤𝙣 𝙅𝙖𝙢𝙚𝙨 is a travel writer, and the perpetual bachelor. He has absolutely no intention of ever settling down. Why would he? He’s living a life he’d never even dreamed of. A different beautiful woman in his bed every night, a different incredible destination each week. He didn’t even realise there was anything missing. 𝘜𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘭 𝘩𝘦 𝘮𝘦𝘵 𝘙𝘰𝘴𝘪𝘦.

After a chance meeting, Jackson sets his sights on Rosie and much to his annoyance, whilst she’s obviously attracted to him, she clearly can’t stand him. While the two both search for their inspiration in Thailand, romance blossoms, but it’s a rocky road.

Rosie craves love but doesn’t trust it and Jackson wants to give in, but is terrified of his strong feelings for the fiery redhead.

Buy Meeting Mr. Write: https://books2read.com/Meetingmrwrite

Me & Mr. Write Blurb

After a whirlwind romance, 𝙍𝙤𝙨𝙞𝙚 & 𝙅𝙖𝙘𝙠𝙨𝙤𝙣 are madly in love, engaged and ready to create a life together… Or are they?

Rosie still has trust issues, and now Jackson has to return to Thailand, alone. Is she willing to fight her own insecurities for the sake of their future?

Jackson has his own fighting to do, when he’s faced with an 𝘰𝘭𝘥 𝘧𝘭𝘢𝘮𝘦, who has her sights set firmly on rekindling their fire.

The rocky road to happiness continues as Jackson tries to learn how to be in a relationship, and Rosie tries to learn to trust her feelings, and the man she loves.

Buy Me & Mr. Write: https://books2read.com/Meandmrwrite

Marrying Mr. Write Blurb:

After a rocky few months of trying to save her relationship, 𝙍𝙤𝙨𝙞𝙚 𝘼𝙡𝙫𝙚𝙯 lies unconscious in a hospital bed, fighting for her life. Meanwhile, her fiancé, 𝙅𝙖𝙘𝙠𝙨𝙤𝙣, prepares to fight for her.

The ups and downs of their short relationship have taken their toll on the young couple, but the trials are far from over.

With deadlines, insecurities, and past conquests hanging over the two like a dark cloud, they wonder if they’ll be able to weather the storms that are looming, or whether it’s 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘳𝘶𝘯 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘤𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘳.

Buy Marrying Mr. Write: https://books2read.com/Marryingmrwrite