#AudioTour “The Feast” by David Vorhees

Author: David Vorhees

Narrator: Victor Warren

Length: 4 hours 18 minutes

Publisher: David C Vorhees

Released: Jun. 30, 2020

Genre: Horror

A collection of short stories that take place on different holidays over the course of the year. The collection opens with A New Year, a New Day, a New Life. Grant Curtis is arrested on New Year’s Day and charged with the murder of his wife Carla.

In Easter: The Resurrection, a resurrected Kyle Gardner seeks vengeance on Pastor Brian.

The Vengeance of Cassidy Clay is a narrative poem that takes place on Halloween. The poem tells the story of a slave-hunter who haunts the woods long after his death and many more spine chilling tales.

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Joined the U.S. Navy after graduating Lima Central Catholic. He is a veteran of the States Navy. Following his military service, he attended the University of Northwestern Ohio for Automotive business. Worked various factory jobs and attended the University of Phoenix online for a degree in arts with a focus in journalism. He recently worked for the Wapakoneta Daily News as a reporter/photographer/paginator. He is the father of five and grandfather of five. He has always been interested in the occult and the scarier side of life. He loves history and the supernatural and truly believes there is nothing better than a good story.


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A native Californian, has been acting since the age of ten. He is a graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University where he majored in Acting and Directing. After graduation, Victor worked in California for over fifteen years for Universal Studios as a director, camera operator, technical director, announcer and stunt show performer. Victor then moved to the east coast where he works successfully as a director, actor, writer and Producer. He is currently living on Cape Cod and is bi-coastal flying in where the work leads him. His is an award-winning director/writer and with the creation of his production company Glydascope, he plans to continue to expand his creative properties. Recently THE FEAST is his very first audiobook which he narrated and produced through Glydascope. He recently (2018) can be seen as the irritated police Sargent O’Connor in My Daddy’s in Heaven and as Stephen Smith in Chappaquiddick. He is currently working on his fourth book for Audible, and working on a short film that he is producing and acting in called ANOTHER LIFE.



Top 10 List

Author David Vorhees’ Top Ten Reasons to Hear The Feast

This book is a unique set of short stories. Granted several of the stories are graphically explicate and not for the faint of heart but that actually makes the listen that more intense.

1) Fully fleshed out characters

2) Each story is creatively and uniquely different.

3) If you like telling ghost stories by the campfire.

4) Really great narration.

5) If you like to be scared and grossed out.

6) It’s Holiday specific.

7) It makes you want to listen to the next one.

8) You will love to talk about it.

9) It is well engineered for easy listening.

10) It’s twisted universe will leave you wanting more.

New Year’s Day: A New Day, A New Year, A New Life

Grant Curtis- 6 ft 2,215 lbs, 32 years old, athletic build, dark Brown hair, brown eyes.

Grant is a member of the upper middle class on his way to the upper class. He is selfish and self-absorbed, he thinks he is better than everyone and that he deserves more, on the surface. Deep down he is scared and of what people think of him and fears losing everything he has worked for.

Valentine’s Day: Necrophilia- A Love Story

Jonah- 5 ft 6, 210 lbs, 29 years old, slightly overweight with bad eyesight and a bad complexion, brown hair, brown eyes. Jonah is the exact opposite of Grant. He is timid and scared of his own shadow but he has the ability to escape into another world of his own creation and ses the real world through that lens at times.

Easter: The Resurrection

Pastor Brian- 6 ft 1, 205lbs,36 years old, slight but athletic build, blonde hair, blue eyes,. Pastor Brian loves God and loves his work, he loves to help people but he has trouble with personal relationships. He seems to be attracted mostly to a specific type of woman. He wants to make them happy and take away their pain but he also wants to be loved just as much as he loves.

Fourth of July: American Hero?

George McCall- 5 ft 9, 235 lbs, 52 years old, overweight for his build, graying brown hair, hazel eyes. George survived 9/11 and that has haunted him since that fateful day. He has been getting more and more stressed due to financial concerns and has grown to hate and blame others for his circumstances. He just wants to be seen as a good husband, father, and man in the eyes of his family and not a loser he fears he truly is.

Halloween: The Vengeance of Cassidy Clay

Cassidy Clay- 6 ft 5, 265 lbs, 44 years old, imposing physical presence, long brown hair, beady brown eyes. In another time Clay would be a serial killer, He hates all people and uses the law to commit justified murder of innocents. He is pure evil on earth.

Thanksgiving: The Feast

Alvin- 6 ft 7, 275 lbs, 58 years old, gray balding hair, green eyes big broad shoulders, strong as an ox. Alvin is a family man. He loves his family past and present and he keeps them to task. He believes traditions are what keeps families close and for him the closer the better. He is not a hard man but can be when needed to be.

Christmas: Dear Santa

Unknown- Very little is known about the main character in the last story. I don’t know his name, height, weight, build only that he is extremely intelligent and lucky, he could be anybody. He is a decent looking man with a certain amount of charm but his ego is huge. He loves to hurt people especially as a way to relieve himself of whatever is causing him pain. He loves holding the power of peoples lives in his hands.

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