#BookBlitz “Beyond the Moon” by Velda Brotherton

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Women’s Fiction
Publisher: Oghma Creative Media
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Katie agrees to teach art techniques at the vet’s hospital to deal with the painful loss of her husband. She discovers her own buried strengths when Glen’s lost soul reaches out to her and they become close friends. Dealing with a damaged warrior is more difficult than she thought. But love makes no room for defeat, and their battles though hard won promise a life together if only they can persevere.

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About the Author

Velda Brotherton has written for 35 years and turned out that many novels plus 15 published short stories and six nonfiction books.

She lives in the Arkansas Ozarks where she continues to write every day while enjoying wildlife and the surrounding mountains.
She has three children, three grandchildren, and two great grandsons.
At 84 she has no plans to retire and is currently working on several books. When I quit,” she says, “it will be with my still fingers resting on the keyboard.”

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#CoverReveal “The Spare – Part Two” by Gemma Weir




The Spare (part 2) by Gemma Weir

Releases 25th August

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Genre – Contemporary high school romance with a twist

Series – The Kings & Queens of St Augustus #2


A Boy chosen for my sister and never intended to be mine, forced his way into my life and shattered everything.

His lies have become my consequences.

But now the game has changed.

No more pretending, no more hiding in plain sight.

Revenge is sweet and with billions of dollars at stake, may the best twin win.

Meet the Author

Gemma Weir is a half crazed stay at home mom to three kids, one man child and a hell hound. She has lived in the midlands, in the UK her whole life and has wanted to write a book since she was a child. Gemma has a ridiculously dirty mind and loves her book boyfriends to be big, tattooed alpha males. She’s a reader first and foremost and she loves her romance to come with a happy ending and lots of sexy sex.

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#Excerpt “Power of One” by Devpal Gupta

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Motivation Book/Self Help

Date Published: July 1st 2020


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 Author Devpal Gupta believes in living life according to those core values to which we we all have access: respect, positivity, and passion. In his debut inspirational book, Power of One, Devpal extracts lessons from his life’s journey which began in Tanzania and London and transplanted him to a successful life as an Arizona-based commercial real estate executive and applies them to real-life principles. With no holds barred, Devpal tells it like it is — he offers no excuse and takes no excuses when it comes to living a purposeful life. With eight hard-hitting, short-and-sweet chapters like “Get Over It” and “Why is the Brown Guy Better Than Us”, Devpal straight shoots advice on how to remain genuine, honest and real.

Devpal also introduces his own theory, the Power of One. He imparts upon readers that in order to be truly prosperous, the only one you can rely on, is yourself.

The Power of One is a fantastically quick read and a dynamic demonstration of what it takes to be resourceful and resilient in a world that rewards people for gratuitous likes rather than the efforts and principles behind hard work.

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Chapter 5:

  • When 9/11 happened, Sikhs were one of the most targeted communities because we wear turbans and we don’t shave our beards. People thought we were responsible for the terrorist attacks. Balbir Singh Sodhi, a Sikh and a local gas station owner in Phoenix, was shot and killed on September 15, 2001, because someone believed he was Muslim due to his turban and beard. No one should be killed for how they worship or don’t. Balbir’s gas station is fifteen minutes from where I live now with my family. Numerous incidents such as these happened to Sikhs across the United States because people could not differentiate between turbans.
  • When I went on interviews after graduating from Arizona State University in 2005, there were companies who loved my personality and my resume but couldn’t accept the turban. I’d walk into an interview and I’d see smiles disappear as they stared at what represented my faith, my culture and me. I have since cut my hair and stopped wearing the dastār. I often regret doing so.  That was my identity; it fit me perfectly. It was a part of me, just like a leg or hand, but I let others tell me it didn’t fit in their world. I allowed strangers to dictate how I should appear in their life. I let their relevancy make mine irrelevant.
  • Why do we let others tell us what’s right or wrong? We’re already questioning ourselves; we don’t need their help to do it. We let irrelevant people into our lives to preach and tell us what makes us relevant, and yet these people hold zero significance to our personal wellbeing and growth. Shockingly, we let them tell us what makes us relevant in this world. We need to protect that right and use it for ourselves.
  • Until you respect yourself, until you place a value on yourself that is intrinsically high because it’s what you believe in, no one else is going to place the same value on you. If you think you are only worth ten dollars an hour, how and why would you expect anyone to pay you twenty? How can you expect people to think you are relevant if you are content with being normal? How can you remain authentic to yourself if you don’t respect yourself?


 About the Author

Devpal Gupta is an Executive Director at one of the top commercial real estate firms in the greater Phoenix area. Specializing exclusively in Tenant Representation, he is responsible for servicing local clients and national
accounts. Dev started in the industry in 1997 and has always worked exclusively as a Tenant advocate. Since that time, he has completed over 200 transactions ranging in size and scope from 5,000 square feet to 500,000
square feet and involving services from conventional lease analysis, strategic planning, unique build-to-suit projects, building acquisitions and dispositions. Dev’s specialties include office and industrial leasing, relocations, renewals and acquisitions.

Dev possesses extensive experience with managing and implementing
transactions for diverse national portfolios, or large one-off deals.
In addition he has numerous companies with large sale-leaseback
transactions. His particular knowledge of real estate financial issues
enables him to proactively manage all types of transactions, minimizing
risk, increasing flexibility, and reducing overall occupancy costs. Dev won
Costar’s Power Broker of the year award in 2011, 2014, 2016 and 2018.

His dedication to his career and his craft carries over into how he lives
his life: with passion, honesty and attention to detail. Dev works hard,
plays hard and finds time to motivate people to living a meaningful life by
reminding them to return to their core values. The Power of One is his first

Dev lives in Arizona with his wife and life partner, Suprit and their two
lovely children. He has recently persuaded his parents to move from Tanzania
and into his home; Dev considers this some of his best work yet.


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#PreOrder “When I Know Your Name” by Gemma M. Lawrence

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Romantic Suspense

Release – 26th August

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Elena Dumont is being watched. No one believes her, but she knows. She feels it.

A kidnap, a betrayal and a choice soon alter her life forever.

Will she make that choice? Will she give up everything she knows to be with a man

who should be her enemy?

And will she find the person who wants her dead before they strike again?



#PreOrder “Meet Me In The Sunflowers” by Sophie Blue

Double cover


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Contemporary Romance

Release – 24th August


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Isabelle is at a crossroads in her life. Mourning the loss of her beloved grandfather, she feels like she’s drowning, constantly being pulled under by never-ending waves of sadness and despair.

On his birthday, she takes a trip to a sunflower field, honouring his last whispered words to her, ‘meet me in the sunflowers.’

While she doesn’t meet her grandfather, she does meet Tyler. Surrounded by the beautiful flowers, they plan a sunflower road trip across Europe.

From England to France. Spain to Italy. Isabelle embarks on a trip to honour her grandfather, the trip he’d always wanted to take.

Along the way, she begins to find herself again. But when Tyler’s past makes an appearance, can she stand tall like a sunflower? Or will she wilt without her newfound light?