#99c “36 Questions” by Sarah Wynde



Can answering thirty-six questions really make you fall in love?

Charlotte isn’t convinced that speed-dating using the New York Times’ 36 Questions for Intimacy is going to be any better than any other form of modern dating. But she’s willing to give it a try.

Discover the unexpected results in this short story (2400 words) that one reader described as “feel good” and another called “seriously fun.”








#Spotlight “Notes on Love” by K.L. Shandwick



Notes On Love


What if, for one brief moment, life gives you one special connection?

A connection that has the potential to last a lifetime but, due to circumstances beyond your control, inevitably comes with an expiration date.

When Gray Dennison and Hettie Lawson had an exclusive, mind-blowing relationship during Gray’s final weeks as an international student in Miami, he had thought Hettie was perfect in mind, body, and soul. But when he headed home to the UK their affair ended as abruptly as it started. This left a distressed Hettie without closure.

Years later, life was more complicated, Gray was successful, and when found himself back in Miami, his thoughts returned to his carefree days in college, and the girl he had never really forgotten.

˃˃ Standalone,
˃˃˃ Genre: Romance, Rockstar Romance, New Adult and College, Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction

This story contains sexually explicit material, mature subject matter, and is intended for individuals over the age of eighteen.

You can download your copy here @ mybook.to/notesonlove


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#KindleUnlimited “Love’s Recipe: A Small Town Restaurant Romance” by Mila Nicks



Can two strangers down on their luck discover the flavor of love?

Rosalie Underwood is a broke, recently divorced single mother. After she’s forced to return to her hometown St. Aster, Louisiana, she lands a waitressing job at Ady’s Creole Café. Life’s not done giving her lemons just yet, though. Ady’s Creole Café is on the brink of going out of business. If Rosalie hopes to recover from her disastrous marriage and keep her job, she must figure out a way to save the restaurant. But the only question is how?

When Nicholas Fontaine hires Rosalie Underwood, he doesn’t expect his newest waitress to stir the pot. He was hoping to keep up the charade he’s created since his mother’s passing. Soon he realizes that Rosalie refuses to let Ady’s fail. She cooks up a plan to salvage the business—including the part where she enters the restaurant in a food competition to generate town-wide buzz.

There’s no time for butting heads. The clock is ticking and the business is tanking. Nick’s stuck teaching Rosalie how to cook the one-of-a-kind menu. Rosalie’s trying her best to learn the delicious recipes. In order to succeed, they must come together and work as a team, but brewing feelings between them only complicates matters. Is this a recipe for disaster or a recipe for love?







#99c “The Naughty List” by L.A. Kelley



This is not a typical Yuletide tale.

Murder, mystical artifacts, an invisible demon with anger management issues, and an overbearing cupid—not what Rosalie Thatcher wished for on her Christmas list.

The holidays had always been a magical time for Rosalie, but not this year. Her new manager at Penrose’s Department Store is determined to make this season the most profitable in the store’s history, even if it sucks the life out of every employee. Introducing arbitrary rules and stealing the affections of the cute temp Santa were bad enough, but forcing Rosalie into the stupid elf hat was the worst. The worst, that is, until she meets a real E.L.F. (Elemental Life Form) named David and gets lassoed into a desperate hunt for the stolen Naughty and Nice List. Now all Rosalie and David must do is dodge a murderous invisible demon and recover the missing artifact before hellhounds track them down. The couple race against time for without the magical guidance of the Naughty and Nice List, the world will tumble toward eternal chaos.

The Naughty List is an updated version of the Santa legend. Spiked with humor, action, and romance, the story will banish the bah humbug from anyone’s holiday spirit.








Song Lyric Sunday | “The End of the Innocence” – Don Henley

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Song Lyric Sunday was created by Helen Vahdati from This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time and author Jim Adams from A Unique Title For Me is our current guest host. For complete rules or to join in the fun, click here.

This week’s theme is  Different/Same.


 The lead single and title track from Don Henley’s third solo studio album of the same name, The End of the Innocence was released in 1989. Henley co-wrote and co-produced the song with Bruce Hornsby, who also performed piano; both artists perform the song live in their respective concerts. Henley’s version peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming his fifth solo top ten hit on the chart. The End of the Innocence also became his fourth number-one single on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and peaked at number two on the Hot Adult Contemporary chart.

Henley waxes poetic near the end of the song when he sings no matter how far we go or how fast we get there, we all have somewhere back there in the dust that same small town in each of us.

The official black and white music video for the song was directed by future film director David Fincher (Alien 3, Seven, Fight Club, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and earned Henley an MTV Video Music Award for Best Male Video in 1990.


  • In the song lyrics, “this tired old man that we elected king” is a reference to US president Ronald Reagan. There are a lot of political overtones in the song, as Henley strongly opposed Reagan’s agenda. “Armchair warriors often fail” is a reference to former U.S. Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North during the Iran-Contra Affair.
  • Co-writer Bruce Hornsby had a US #1 hit with The Way It Is in 1986.
  • When the Eagles broke up in 1980, Joe Walsh and Glenn Frey also launched solo careers. They all did fairly well, but Henley was the most successful. The Eagles re-formed in 1994 for their Hell Freezes Over tour.

Don Henley turned 73-years-old last week and currently lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, Sharon, and their three children.

Everyone knows how the Eagles felt about YouTube, especially Henley, and their videos are far and few between, but I did find a live Henley performance of The End of the Innocence.


See my Song Lyric Sunday selection for FeliciaDenise.com.


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The End of the Innocence

Compiled from Genius Lyrics, Google, Wikipedia, Songfacts.com, and YouTube.
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