#TeaserTuesday “History Village: Break It Up” by Jo Elliott




Ally, Josh and Brendan are part of a modern family living in suburban Melbourne, Australia. To escape problems at school and at home, the children embark on a trip with a difference… travelling back in time to c.1210 BC where they come face to face with Biblical figures! Nothing is what they expect when the children meet the spies sent to investigate the military strength of Jericho, witness the siege and falling of this impenetrable city, and meet a real life heroine, Rahab. Through this epic adventure, Ally and Josh discover that God can be trusted with the big problems of life and He is always ready to give people a second chance when they “mess up”. This book is the second installment in the “History Village” series and is crammed with adventure, conspiracy, romance and humour. It is so addictive it will have you hunting out the next adventure for these lovable characters!


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