#Featured “The One: A romantic comedy (A Holiday With Love Romance)” by Janice Croom



Can a man who values beauty above all fall in love with an ugly duckling?

In a family filled with happily ever afters, ugly duckling Addie has been jilted for the last time. There is no one for her, so why keep looking?

The Love Doctor orchestrates love twenty-two weeks a year on cable. Sure, happily ever afters are a crock, but the fantasy played out in slow motion with breathless declarations from beautiful people generates huge ratings and profits.

Pulling off his latest venture, The Ugly Duckling and The Frog Prince, will establish him as the undisputed king of reality shows. Instead of the usual beauty queens, he’ll show a “real” woman finding love live on TV. Addie would be the perfect contestant. Only one problem, and it’s a big one, she won’t have anything to do with the show or him.

Desperate to convince Addie to do the show, the Love Doctor hides his identity and joins her on a Caribbean cruise. Through his pursuit of the perfect contestant, will he discover that what Addie’s really perfect for is him?

Take a holiday with love

The One is the third Holiday With Love Romance, stand alone stories where a couple finds love on holiday whether an actual holiday like Christmas or Valentines Day, being on holiday in the European sense, or both. You’ll be immersed in the characters’ world as they find true love and a happily ever after you could see lasting forever. With heroes ranging from businessmen to aliens, they share one thing in common. They never expected to find true love until it happened to them. If you like a good old fashioned romance where the characters fall in love, not lust, why not take a holiday with love?







Other books in the Holiday With Love Series

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Hearts Landing (inspirational romance) Keziah left the Lord in her past. Ric’s past threatens his future. Can their hearts land in a love only God can give?


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