#Featured “The Good Deacon: A Psychological Thriller (Good Series Book 1)” by Autumn Crum



For Piper Jackson, she once had it all. A charming husband, two beautiful children, and a happy life. But the life she deemed as perfect was all yanked from her the day her husband died. Forced to move back to her small hometown, Piper must somehow start over and find solace in the wreckage of her life.

Charles Brewer appears to be a friendly neighborhood handyman, Deacon, and faithful pillar of the community. But underneath his kind smile there is a dark energy lurking.

When Piper meets Charlie, she deems him as a godsend at first. The overly helpful Deacon appears to be eager to help the single mother through her rough patch. Soon, a spike of tension wedges itself between Piper and Charlie when boundaries are crossed and Charlie’s true intentions are exposed. In this heart-stopping psycho-thriller, Piper finds herself in the fight of her life as a predator is on the hunt and has Piper in his sights. With twist and turns this novella will leave readers on the edge of madness until the very end.







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