#GuestPost Kirk Zurosky, author of “The Immortal Divorce Court Series”

Series Inspiration


What inspired me to create the Immortal Divorce Court series?Kirk Zurosky

The Immortal Divorce Court Series was created from my experiences as an attorney, and my going through a hellacious divorce.  It inspired the premise of what could happen if you were an immortal creature of myth, but you had a habit of making really bad relationship choices.  We have all had that one relationship (or more) where when it was over we wondered just what in the Hell were we thinking!  But, what if ending up in literal Hell was one of the consequences for those bad relationship choices?  So with that idea in mind, I created the Immortal Divorce Court universe where immortal vampire assassin, Sirius Sinister, is getting haled into Immortal Divorce Court by his femme fatales, but also meeting and making eternal friendships with an incredible cast of mythical characters along the way.

What do I want readers to take away from the Immortal Divorce Court series?

cover3Immortal Divorce Court is at its core a book about Sirius Sinister’s relationships with his family, friends, and paramours.  Sometimes when Sirius meets someone in the book there is an instant connection and a lifelong (in this case a really lifelong!) friendship that develops.  The people we meet and love, and sometimes those that we meet that really aren’t good for us, are ultimately the people that help us to grow and change to be the best people we can be.  The Immortal Divorce Court world is not that much different from our own in that we need other people to be at our very best because without love and friendship life can be pretty hard and lonely.  So, the take away for the readers is that to be your best self you have to put yourself out there and experience the wonderful diversity that is humanity.

Do I have a favorite Immortal Divorce Court character?Kirk and Daisy

I enjoyed creating and writing dialogue for all of the Immortal Divorce Court characters, but I especially liked the challenge of portraying Garlic, the vampire Maltese, as the real person she is without any actual spoken dialogue.  Garlic is based on our wanna be vampire Maltese, Daisy, who can absolutely communicate when she is irritated, that you Kirk and Daisy2shouldn’t be ignoring her, and most importantly in getting more than her fair share of dog treats and belly rubs.  There is no doubt that she has mastered teaching old humans some new tricks.  As a lawyer, I have taken great joy in writing dialogue for Maximillian Justice, Sirius’ divorce attorney.  It was such an absolute blast to push the envelope with what he says and does in the Immortal Divorce Court courtroom.


What was your inspiration for writing such steamy sex scenes?

Though he doesn’t realize it at first, Sirius Sinister is on a quest to find his true love, and I just thank the heavens every day that I found mine.  I didn’t know what love was until I met my wife, Susie.  When you are in a relationship that doesn’t mesh everything about it seems difficult, and forced.  However, if you are ever so lucky to meet your true match in life, everything is effortless and natural, and every instinct is the correct one.  So, in effect with the Immortal Divorce Court Series, I wrote a seven volume love story to my wife, and she has graciously allowed me through my writing to share some of the most inspirational and intimate parts of our life.  And, as the saying goes – you write what you know!

Have I been to all of the places in the book that Sirius Sinister travels to?

One of my favorite things to do in life is to travel the world with Susie.  I have been fortunate to visit many of the places where Volume One is set and the locales of the next six volumes as well.  But, because the book is set over several centuries, I had to do a lot of research as to what was happening at the time in history that I was setting the story there.  Of course, I haven’t been to Hell (though my first marriage certainly felt like it might qualify…)


About Kirk Zurosky

Kirk and Daisy3For the last twenty-plus years, Kirk Zurosky has practiced plaintiffs’ personal injury and workers’ compensation law with his firm, Tippens & Zurosky.

He started writing about the adventures of Sirius Sinister as a means of personal therapy to cope with a contentious divorce that felt endless, having no idea at first that it would turn into the seven-book Immortal Divorce Court series. Incorporating his own legal experiences into the books, Kirk puts a playful and racy spin on the worst-case scenarios that can possibly crop up in divorce court.

Kirk lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife, Susie, and their wannabe-vampire Maltese, Daisy.

Visit Kirk’s website at kirkzurosky.com where you can get Sirius Sinister™ Gear!

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Immortal Divorce Court Volume 1:

My Ex-Wife Said Go to Hell


Sirius Sinister keeps sleeping with the wrong women. And this time, it’s led to his imprisonment in Hell. Literal Hell.

Immortal vampire assassin Sirius Sinister has a healthy libido that constantly results in bad relationship decisions. But when he’s served divorce papers by Bloodsucker Number One—a shady woman from his past—he realizes there’s a major problem: he was never even married to her, or so he thought. Regardless of the truth, Sirius is put under the jurisdiction of Immortal Divorce Court.

You would think by now he’d know having sex can lead to horrific consequences like marriage, children, and ex-wives—but some habits just won’t die. Leaving his faithful vampire Maltese, Garlic, behind, Sirius travels to court to defend himself with the help of his demon attorney, Maximillian Justice. Unfortunately, the trial quickly spirals out of control, and Sirius is banished to hell for a hundred years.

When Sirius finally escapes, he ends up in the Caribbean where he meets his next paramour: the Howler. After a wild romp with his new werewolf lover under the lure of a full blood moon, he finds himself becoming the father of a litter of pups—but, the Howler and her Pack want to put the dead in deadbeat dad. Luckily, Sirius is saved by the Queen of the Merfolk, who comes with a hidden agenda even as they fall in love. Can he make it work with the Queen, or will he have to head to Immortal Divorce Court once again as yet another relationship flounders?

For all those who have nursed a broken heart—or a vengeful one—Immortal Divorce Court Volume 1 is a sexy, exciting debut and the start of a hellishly fun new series about the flawed antihero Sirius Sinister.







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