#Featured “Black Girls Must Die Exhausted: A Novel for Grown Ups” by Jayne Allen



A compelling reader-celebrated debut novel by contemporary fiction author Jayne Allen. This conversation-starting story is perfect for reading alone, with friends, or along with one of the many “Black Girls Must Die Exhausted” online reading groups.
From the Author:
“I wrote ‘Black Girls Must Die Exhausted’ because, as a black woman, I wanted to see a recognizable version of myself reflected in accessible and relatable contemporary fiction.  My goal was a story that could make us feel, make us laugh, make us think, and make us proud.”
– Jayne Allen

From Black Girls Must Die Exhausted:

At 30, I just knew it was the end of the dress rehearsal. I was officially grown.

And to me, that meant a checklist…

But then, at some point, once you get into it, the 30’s throws some major curveball your way and you realize that life…is what happens between the lines of that checklist.

You learn that life isn’t really about checklist-type problems.

And that’s when you have to find out who you really are, because one minute you had all the answers, and the next, you’ve got none at all.


“Black girls must die exhausted” is something that 33-year-old Tabitha “Tabby” Walker has heard her grandmother say before.  Of course, her grandmother (who happens to be white) was referring to the 1950’s and what she observed in the nascent times of civil rights.  With a coveted position as a local news reporter, a “paper-perfect” boyfriend, and a standing Saturday morning appointment with a reliable hairstylist, Tabby never imagined how this phrase could apply to her as a black girl in contemporary times – until everything changed.

A sudden doctor’s diagnosis awakens Tabby to an unperceived culprit, threatening the one thing that has always mattered most – having a family of her own.  With the help of her best friends, the irreverent and headstrong Laila and Alexis, the mom jeans-wearing former “Sexy Lexi,” she must explore the reaches of modern medicine and test the limits of her relationships if she’ll ever reach her goal.

Set in Los Angeles, Tabby’s journey entertains readers with an intimate view of the experience and effects of race, complicated romance, and contemporary womanhood.  Will she be able to leverage the power of laughter, love, and courageous self-care before the phrase “black girls must die exhausted” takes on new meaning?

What Readers Are Saying:

“Black Girl Magic is everywhere in this book!”

“I absolutely loved this book! The characters seemed to jump off of the page…they were so real.”

“…finishing up the last few pages of this book ~ I realized how much I will miss my little moments that I steal away in my day to read….every character became family and most relationships reminded me of my life.”

“I loved this story with every part of my soul, humanity, and womanhood!”

“You’re not going to want to put this book down!”

“If you want a glimpse of some of the complex issues facing women of color, read this book.”

“Everything is said without being overwhelming. Loved it! A must read!”

“This was part of our book club read. I really enjoyed it and will be reading the next book.”

“Great and fun read!”



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